It’s that time of year again. I’m pulling out the A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List for you today.

Some of the items on the A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List are just for fun – could be white elephant gifts, etc. In fact, many are. Seriously, we can’t always take gut health and gut healing so seriously. Giving you full permission on this one!

A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List #holiday #giftideas #guthealth #healthyliving IBD

I need to tell you right from the get-go that this holiday wish list is for gut health, not (necessarily) gut healing.

2019 was a huge year, in the sense that I made it (and am committed to making it) very clear the difference between gut health and gut healing.

To review:

  1. Gut Health vs. Gut Healing HERE.
  2. An example of it in action via my ‘Which burger would I choose to eat?” example HERE.

With that, let’s dive right in. After all, the Holiday season, like it or not, is upon us. Make those lists, check them twice.

A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List

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A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List #holiday #giftideas #guthealth #healthyliving

  1. The Leaky Gut Meal Plan

    Yes, this is my book. And yes, it’s in the number one spot on this holiday wish list. The reason is twofold. One, after all the research I did, I’m confident that no matter what kind of gut issue you might have (and remember, gut problems can manifest in other parts of the body, too!), your gut is certainly leaky. Second, it’s $13.49 (-ish) and a killer deal for everything you’re getting; information on leaky gut and 75 recipes with full shopping list. Grab your copy of the book HERE.The Leaky Gut Meal Plan Pinterest #leakygut #guthealth #leakygutdiet #book

  2. The 28-Day Leaky Gut Group Program

    Put this one on your list ASAP. For $14.99, you’re getting a 28-day program based off The Leaky Gut Meal Plan. Doing this in conjunction with having the book is going to set you up perfectly for the new year.28-Day Leaky Gut Group Program gut healing #guthealth #leakygut

  3. Authentic Jun SCOBY Starter Culture Green Tea

    You’ll love this website. It’s called, “Positively Probiotic.” She sells starter cultures for everything from yogurt to sourdough and sour cream. She even has an Authentic Jun SCOBY Starter Culture Green Tea. Check out all the possibilities HERE. A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List probiotic yogurt starter culture homemade DIY #guthealth #holidaygifts #probiotic

  4. Nevermind, I Have to Go Poop Now ©

    Coffee mugs at their finest. Even Buzzfeed featured this one! A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List funny coffee mug Etsy #guthealth #holidaygifts #etsy

  5. Shantiva Water Pitcher

    It’s not only beautiful, but according to ancient Ayurvedic health principles, water stored in a copper jug (which is known as “tamra jal”) balances the three doshas in your body (vata, kapha and pitta) by gently infusing the water with the many health benefits of copper. This is an interesting and beautiful new way for keeping hydrated. A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List #guthealth #holidaygifts #homedecor #kitchen water pitcher Shantiva

  6. Gut Power Drinks

    Check out the Gut Power Matcha my friend Kelsey created. It’s both a pre- and probiotic beverage that you might love. If you use code AGUTSYGIRL at checkout, you’ll save 15%. A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List #guthealth #holidaygifts #supplement Matcha Tea

  7. Session with Natalie.

    I’ll promise you this to begin with. You’ll never fully heal your gut until you address any outstanding emotional issues as well. If you want to work with someone who is absolutely incredible, virtually, check out Natalie Ehmka. I had two sessions with her in 2019; life changing.

  8. Toilet Paper Holder

    Those two simple words can really make one feel like she’s a princess, no matter what the circumstances might be. A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List Nice Butt bathroom decor box Etsy #guthealth #holidaygifts #etsy

  9. Beautycounter

    Gut-skin axis. If I were starting my Perioral Dermatitis journey all over again, I’d do two things from a skincare and makeup standpoint. I’d use barely anything, and what I did use would be from Beautycounter. Besides, the holiday Beautycounter collection is lovely. A Gutsy Girl's Favorites Issue 13 #favoritethings #reviews #productreviews #guthealth #lifestyle #beautycounter #holiday

  10. Poop Emoji Cookie Cutter

    I had the cake, so might as well make some cookies, too! Can you imagine leaving these out for Santa?! A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List Poop emoji cookie cutter #guthealth #holidaygifts #poopemoji

  11. Breath Work

    Remember how we discussed the Vagus Nerve this past year? Breathing is a huge part of it. I actively use the Breathe app on my Apple Watch. Additionally, I have done a couple of breath work sessions with The Healing Couple. Check them out.

  12. Sorry I’m Late, My Husband Had to Poop

    Take the eyes off of you for a minute; point fingers, and roll with it. A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List Husband Had to Poop - Black Mockup Etsy #guthealth #holidaygifts #etsy

  13. Poop Emoji Pens

    But seriously, I can’t love these enough. I was gifted them, and so I know you’d love to receive them, too.

  14. The Potty Texter

    Hands free bathroom texting. Will this one be a gag gift for you or practical? No one needs to know.

  15. Heating pad

    When you’re not feeling well, you know how nice and comforting it is to have a heating pad? No shame. Just add one to your list. HERE are a ton to choose from. THIS one is great.

  16. Journals

    Whether it’s journaling from an emotional standpoint or to keep track of your healing journey through symptoms, I believe everyone should have a journal. You might enjoy THESE.{Updated in 2020 to add: For the all-in-one emotional meets symptom tracking journal, put Healing Blooms from Within on your list.}Self Care During Massive Grief #grief #selfcare #healthyliving #journal journal book

  17. Essential Oil Diffuser

    I’ve expressed my love for diffusing essential oils all over the house. You must jump in this wagon with me.Swapping Out Candles and Wallflowers #essentialoils #oils #diffuser #healthyliving #gifts Clean the Air NOW Foods essential oil

  18. It’s all shits and giggles till someone giggles and shits sign

    This is just hilarious! I also think it’s cute. A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List It's all shits and giggles till someone giggles and shits sign Etsy #guthealth #holidaygifts #ets

  19. The Poop Co. Box

    It’s not just trendy with the rustic farmhouse look, but also practical. A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List The Poop Co. bathroom decor box Etsy #guthealth #holidaygifts #etsy

  20. Probiotic

    Everywhere you turn, someone, somewhere is recommending a probiotic. And yes, even traditional doctors. But don’t just ask for any old probiotic. The right one, a high-quality one, will matter. I’m obsessed with Just Thrive Health. (Remember when you enter in code AGUTSYGIRL at checkout, you’ll always save 15% with them.)

  21. School!

    Oh my gosh – seriously? You’re wondering why I’d ever put school on a gut-health holiday list. I’ll tell you why. Because it’s about this time of year when people start thinking of all the ways to “better” themselves and their health for the new year. Going to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (where I went) or the like, could change your health drastically. The more you know, the more empowered you’re likely to become. Also, they now have a specialized Gut Health Program that you will be eligible for once enrolled.

  22. Perfect Supplements

    Hundreds of cool things to check out, but I wanted to point out the Matchinga (moringa meets matcha!) and the liver detox support. A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List #guthealth #holidaygifts #supplement Perfect Supplements liver matchinga

  23. Chocolate

    There is plenty of chocolate to be had this holiday season. Check out the Lakanto chocolate HERE. I’ve had it all, and love it all. If you put in code AGUTSYGIRL at checkout, you’ll also save 15%.

  24. Testing galore. Candida? Celiac? DUTCH? All of that and more HERE. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. Put them on the old holiday list. Remember, once you know what’s truly wrong, you can actually start healing! Read about it HERE.
  25. 23andMe DNA Test

    Our entire family did this last year, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service – includes 125+ reports on Health, Wellness, Ancestry & More.

  26. Anatomical Stomach, Liver and Intestines cookie cutter biscuit cutters

    Stomach, liver, and intestines cookie cutters. Think of all the creations you could make! A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List Anatomical Stomach Liver and Intestines cookie cutters Etsy #guthealth #holidaygifts #etsy

  27. FODY Foods

    Have SIBO, watching the FODMAPs, but still want flavor? Add FODY Foods to your list. There are so many things to choose from ketchup to salad dressing and even bars. A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List #guthealth #holidaygifts #FODMAP FODY Foods

  28. The Original Toilet Mug

    Now this is good! And if you want to take it a notch up, they make a Golden one HERE as well.

  29. The Buggies in Bella’s Belly

    This book is adorable. Great gut health starts when they are little, which is why I have a whole section devoted to Gutsy Children

  30. Your Gut Knows What’s Up, Trust That Bitch ~ Engraved Rock

    Stones are very significant for many. If you know someone who loves rocks and stones, this is a great gift for them. I need one, too! A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List gut instinct rock stone gifts Etsy #guthealth #holidaygifts #ets

  31. MINI Happy Unicorn Poo Reminder Tracker Cute Kawaii Personal Planner Stickers

    Super, duper cute. I’m looking forward to sharing the new planner I got for 2020. These would come in so handy – mostly just for fun and delight. A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List mini sticker planner poop emoji rainbow Etsy #guthealth #holidaygifts #ets

  32. Christmas Toilet Paper

    Everyone will be wanting this gift when you bring it to the Secret Santa party! 

  33. Toilet Golf

    Who do you know that needs extra (like extra-special extra) golf practice time? This is for them!

  34. Thrive Market Membership

    If I haven’t made it clear already, having a yearly Thrive Market Membership is awesome! Ask for this and enjoy it all year long. 

  35. Bathroom Sign Collection

    In case you need even more bathroom signs. Take your pick.

A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List #holiday #giftideas #guthealth #gifts

And More

And in case this holiday list wasn’t enough for you, peruse these:

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Well that was mammoth.

I’m sure there is nothing to add, but just in case….let me know in the comments below.

A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2019 Gut Wish List #holiday #giftideas #guthealth #healthyliving IBS


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