The benefits of water for digestion are endless.

Still Water #blackandwhite I am a Proud Food Snob. via www.agutsygirl.comI used to lie about water and my consumption of it.

Each time I would go to my GI doctor, he would say,

Well are you eating enough fiber?

My reply was always, “Yes, for sure.” 

(I really wanted to respond, “Look, I likely eat 2x’s as much fiber as you daily.“)

Then he would ask,

How about water? Are you drinking enough water?

Again, my reply was always, “Water. Yes, of course water. I drink it daily.”

(I still said it with the same confidence, but never acknowledged to myself that I was lying.)

Because I have never liked water. There, I said it.

Back then, because I didn’t understand how critical it was for my digestive system, I simply didn’t drink it. I likely drank no more than 8 ounces of straight up water per day. Yes, you read that right – 8 ounces.

Today I drink at least 1 gallon (which is 16 cups). When I’m not consistently hitting those amounts, my digestive system is not as efficient. That said, not everyone needs to drink this much. You do, however, need more than 8 ounces per day. 

And I believe this so much so that I added it to my 90-day journal, Healing Blooms from Within.


Benefits of Water for Digestion

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Benefits of Water for Digestion #digestion #water #healthyliving #guthealth

3 reasons water is critical for digestion

…and even more critical if you have gut healing to do

  1. Combats fatigue and more

    Water will help combat: fatigue, headaches, hunger and sugar cravings. All of those can lead to digestive problems and/or the stress to cause digestive problems.

  2. Digestion

    Water helps to move the digestive system along. If you are constipated, your lack of water could be the cause.

  3. Toxin elimination

    Water helps to eliminate toxins from the body via sweat, urine, feces, etc. Toxins cause irritation and inflammations, damaging the gut even more.

Benefits of Water for Digestion #digestion #water #healthyliving #guthealth 3 reasons

2 more tips on water and digestion

  1. If you can drink a cup or two of hot water + lemon/lime per day, you will be doing your body even more good. Lemons and limes are alkaline-forming, and since disease does not thrive in an alkaline environment, your gut will benefit. They also help purify the liver, liquefying bile while inhibiting excess bile flow.
  2. If you hate drinking it, try rolling with it! I learned in school about the hot water bottle technique. It is designed to apply comfortable, soothing heat therapy easily and conveniently to any part of the body for a variety of ailments. For digestion and relaxation of body and mind, place it over your abdomen. (I also sometimes use it on my back.) Simply fill it with hot water from the sink. The water bottle will stay warm for up to 2 hours. (Bonus ladies: will also ease menstrual cramps. Hallelujah!)

There you have it. The goods on water and digestion.

Spill it: How much water do you drink per day?

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3 Benefits of Water for Digestion #water #hydration #digestion #healthyliving #guthealth Benefits of Water for Digestion #ibs #water #hydration #guthealth #healthyliving

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  1. I love drinking water! I have a huge starbucks cup that I use and fill it up at least 4x a day if not more! I can totally notice when I am not drinking enough water. It helps everything “move along” and keeps me fuller longer. Thanks for posting about this. Such an important topic!

  2. Never drink your water cold because it impairs your digestion. Room temperature water is best. Tap water isn’t a good source since most cities and towns add fluoride to the water which is known to reduce IQ and increase cancer risk. If you want good water try getting real spring water. You can find it on
    I drink bottled water because I need to avoid fluoride.

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