You *can* live your best life in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond

The journey starts now.

Are you ready to get rid of bloating, lose the weight, and finally feel your best without crazy gut-healing protocols and diets?

You’re in the right place because I’ve already been solving these stubborn problems for over a decade!

Sarah Kay Hoffman A Gutsy Girl
Sarah Kay Hoffman A Gutsy Girl

So you have….

  • Tried cutting calories and every diet out there….
  • Engaged with high intensity workouts, only to find yourself more bloated and gaining weight
  • “Done everything right,” but still not seeing results

It’s okay! You have come to the right place.

YOU are exactly who I help!


I offer 2 main steps to launch you into long term success for reducing bloat and losing weight by focusing on your gut.

Quick Gut Detox with A Gutsy Girl
Gut healing elevated

Don’t want any hand-holding? Just want all my resources?

Get inspired to take action today.

Master Gut Healing Resources


Master Gut Healing Resources


Looking for the extra 1-on-1 help?

Oh hey, it’s just me over here with my sloth friend, Flash! I love, love, love sloths…..and I also adore helping women get rid of bloat and weight!

There is nothing more rewarding than helping women go from WTF to ‘I’m feeling inspired’ again.

And if you want to work 1-on-1 with me, I offer both a monthly package and even a quick 30-minute drive to get your burning questions answered.

sarah Kay Hoffman A Gutsy Girl sloth

What does Gut Health Have to Do with Weight Loss and Bloating?