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Gut Health + Gut Healing Quizzes

A Gutsy Girl’s Master Resource Spreadsheet

HUNDREDS of product recommendations, discount codes, and even food products listed out by “special diet” (i.e. gluten-free, low FODMAP, etc.).

Reasonable SIBO E-Book 2.0 #sibo #fodmapdiet #lowfodmap #fodmap A Gutsy Girl

The First Three

Simple steps; no overwhelm. A three day detox plan with the intention of resetting your gut {without feeling miserable}.

Root Cause Analysis PDF

Looking for a quick and instant win?! Download these worksheets – taken from A Gutsy Girl’s course, ‘Gut Healing for Beginners’ – to get started drilling down, answering, “Why does my stomach hurt?”

Reasonable SIBO E-Book 2.0 #sibo #fodmapdiet #lowfodmap #fodmap A Gutsy Girl

Habit Tracker

This page is a daily habit tracker that lets you easily keep tabs on your goals, as well as the days in which you reach them.