The A Gutsy Girl three day detox plan is not like your typical detox diets out there.

Most of these detox diets focus on cleansing the body of toxins through different measures. This may include things like juice cleanses, colonic cleanses, or an extremely restricted diet.

While this sounds absolutely great in theory, most of these techniques and gimmicks are not science-based and have no hard evidence proving them to be helpful. They are built on unhealthy ideals that fail to recognize how the body actually SHOULD function.

Our Gutsy “detox” is nothing more than a gut reset, helping to decrease inflammation through small lifestyle changes and promote a more healthy digestive system.

In fact, we aren’t really detoxing at all, besides trying to establish a baseline healthy BM schedule. In case BM is a new term for you, it stands for “bowel movement.”

And yet, I can still call this a 3-day detox plan because that’s what it is.

The First Three

I believe strongly in the first three – aka days – which is why I’m offering you a (free) 3-day gut reset.

This reset will be emailed to you daily for 3 days and includes gut healing information that is incredibly easy to follow along with.

The First Three what you get free 3-day detox reset gut healing

Do not miss your chance to do this FREE 3-day gut reset with ‘A Gutsy Girl

You may be asking, what’s the significance of three days?

It is actually the perfect amount of time. Three days, or 72 hours, allows most things to filter through the body.

Your microbiome has the ability to quickly recover from anything and everything thrown at it. This resilience means changes within months, weeks, or even days.

In fact, the average lifespan of a bacterium in your microbiome is 20 minutes – a very short period.

And therefore, when it comes to a detox program, even a SANE one (which is the only one I think most people should engage with), three days is the prime number to start with.

Even in three days, you will see positive effects. And on top of that it is perfectly doable!

A small commitment to get you started on your journey to feeling your best and having energy levels return.

Three Day Detox Plan {a gut reset without feeling miserable}

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** If you have any medical condition, no matter what the plan or length of plan, be sure to always talk to your healthcare provider. You never want to do something without the support from your doctor.

Three Day Detox Plan {a gut reset without feeling miserable}

What is a Traditional 3-Day Cleanse?

A traditional 3 day cleanse is meant to remove toxins from the body. While this in itself is not a harmful premise, some of the methods fail to follow a science-based approach.

These cleanses claim to help with almost any sort of health issue by removing toxins buried in the body. By “cleaning” your gut out through these methods, the detoxes claim to help re-establish healthy bacteria.

Common detox methods include:

  • juice cleanse- drinking only green juice or fruit juice for an extended period of time to cleanse the gut
  • cleaning out the colon with edemas or other methods
  • detox smoothies- similar to a juice cleanse to help “clean the gut”
  • colonic hydrotherapy
  • consistent sauna use
  • herbal use
  • dietary supplements or products
  • detox teas
  • green smoothies

While all of these methods claim to help clean you out, most actually accomplish the opposite. Most of these detox plans encourage a form of under-eating and reducing calories, which can actually be quite constipating. This prevents you from using the natural detox pathways in your body, AKA pooping, to truly get rid of waste.

Note: I am not saying the above methods cannot be done or should not be done. In fact, they can be a great way to add to The First Three. For example, add in a green smoothie and/or use of the sauna. I’m just saying as the only detox method, I do not engage in the above.

In addition, while edemas or laxatives can be useful when used occasionally, it is NOT healthy to use them for an extended period of time. Laxatives should be used only by people who truly need them and with permission from a doctor.

These methods also fail to encourage eating the proper amount of food, which can lead to later issues down the line.

They are more of a short-term weight loss method than an actual reset for your gut. This can actually end up harming you, as it keeps you from absorbing key nutrients and micronutrients.

It can also lead to a loss of electrolytes and dehydration, both things we 100% want to avoid.

In addition to some of the potential side effects, there also is just not enough scientific research to back up any of the claims that these detox methods work.

All of the studies we do have are faulty and have too small of a sample space to truly be reliable.

Sources: HERE and HERE

Body is the Ultimate Detox

In truth, your body has built in functions that are meant to detox for you.

Organs such as your kidneys, liver, and spleen are meant to filter toxins from both the bloodstream and your lymphatic system.

The liver in particular is the main organ that detoxifies the body. It detoxifies the blood that flows into it before passing it back into the bloodstream. This makes it one of the most important detox organs of the body.

In order for a “detox” to be valid it must BOOST YOUR BODY SYSTEMS.

The goal is to improve the way in which your body is operating and make it easier on these organs to do their jobs.

We can accomplish that by improving the health of our entire body and making small shifts that support it. Things such as diet changes, fluid intake, sleep patterns, movement, and other small changes can completely change the way your body is functioning.

All of these are included in our three day detox, which supports your body’s pre-existing functions.

Source: HERE

Do You Need a Detox Cleanse?

This is for you to decide, but here is a list of 10 signs you need a detox, compliments of Dr. Mariza.

  1. chronic low energy
  2. anxiety and mood swings
  3. sleep issues
  4. gas, bloating, and constipation
  5. sugar cravings
  6. headaches and migraines
  7. skin issues and acne
  8. chronic infections
  9. brain fog
  10. inability to lose weight
signs you need a detox and gut healing with A Gutsy Girl

While most of these are brushed off as “common,” they actually are signs of a more deeply rooted issue.

Most of these symptoms can be traced back to an unhealthy gut, as it is truly the base for overall wellness. This can be some sort of gut dysbiosis, or an infection from pathogens or yeast.

Although it can be tempting to just ignore these symptoms, you truly deserve more.

Take this time to actually acknowledge your symptoms for what they are.

It is not normal to run on caffeine, have constant sugar cravings, or have bloating after every meal. By making a commitment to our detox, you are taking control of your body and working towards your healthiest self.

You also might start to uncover a health condition that has been there for years that’s only starting to surface now.

A Gutsy Girl’s 3-Day Detox Diet Plan

So, if I’m not interested in a juice cleanse, massive reduction in calorie intake, and buying into items like “detox water,” then what exactly is this?

The number one goal for these three days is to have your digestive system working better; have the digestive tract running more efficiently.

Did I say “perfect” or “cured?”

I did not.

But in just three days, as research shows, huge changes can start taking place and the microbiome will be repairing. You will already be setting the stage for further gut healing (if you so choose) or just establishing habits that are good to do on the daily.

And this is how I’ll teach you to do it:

  1. Food, and eating in a healthy way. You will receive, complimentary, the “Yes To” + “No To” PDF’s from A Gutsy Girl’s Bible: a 21-day approach to healing the gut
  2. Healthy habits, general
  3. Water and proper hydration
  4. Exercise advice and quality of movement
  5. Mindset. Each day comes with a daily healing message
  6. Special creations and graphics from my books
  7. Action steps for each day to follow along and optimize your gut healing
  8. Supplement recommendations (from my supplement line or in general)
  9. A sample journaling page from Ahara Dinacharya so that you can TRACK your days and what you are seeing as a result.
Three Day Detox Plan {a gut reset without feeling miserable} #micronutrients #detox

So what will you gain from this?

Not only will you FEEL better after this 3 day detox, but you will also come to know your body better.

Every day includes tons of gut-healing information that is presented in an easy to understand way. This focuses on foundational ideas of healing that are crucial for everyone going on their gut-healing journey to know.

In order to heal, it is CRUCIAL to know how your body operates and what shifts are positive for your gut.

As they say, knowledge is power.

What to Eat for a {sane} Detox?

This detox plan also teaches you what foods are best for anyone struggling with Gutsy issues. It does this in a way that still emphasizes eating enough while placing the focus on the TYPE of food you are eating.

These food plans concentrate on reducing overall inflammation in the intestines, a foundational step for feeling better.

It also places the emphasis on whole foods that support the gut. The YES and NO food lists make it easy to adjust your diet to make it less inflammatory. This helps boost the digestive function as a whole as well as promote faster healing.

There is ZERO encouragement for any type of under-eating or cleanses here. This is NOT intended to be a period of drastic calorie reduction.

Because THOSE things DO NOT WORK in the long run.

Eating enough and getting those essential nutrients are a key cornerstone of this detox plan.

With easy information and handouts, we also show you how to incorporate micronutrients back into your diet via fresh fruit, veggies, and healthy fats.

Small Lifestyle Changes

Another key benefit to this detox is that it emphasizes small lifestyle changes that you can incorporate over time. While we do suggest some changes to do every day, we recognize that it is not perfectly doable to fully change your diet and habits all in one.

However, with the information presented we give you both the flexibility and grace to slowly incorporate these changes into your life as you see fit.

This 3 day detox emphasizes things such as:

  • getting plenty of rest
  • drinking lots of water
  • finding movement that makes YOU feel good

Supplement Recommendations

One of the most valuable parts of the detox, in my opinion, are the supplement recommendations.

It can be so hard trying to navigate which supplements to incorporate into your healing journey, so we simplified it for you.

Each day includes one supplement recommendation from my personal product line, which is meant for people with Gutsy issues.

We also included a list of common supplements and their benefits. Talk about breaking it down!

This makes it easy to know what your body actually needs and can use to heal.

So the question is… why wouldn’t you do it?

With so many free resources and easy-to-digest information I think its a bit of a given. All it takes is a commitment towards healing and a positive mindset. From there all you have to do is follow along and see just how much better you feel.

Whether or not you do this for the new year is up to you.

I believe there is so much more than the next New Year’s fad filled with some sort of juice diet, fewer calories than should ever be consumed and one more detox product that’s not doing anything for your actual health.

These are three days where your overall health will thank you.

Quick Gut Detox

And by the way, if you want to skip all of this and dig in deeper immediately, I’m inviting you to join the Quick Gut Detox.

Reduce bloat and normalize weight by getting out of the start-and-stop “gut healing” cycle.

In just 21 short days, you’ll be light years ahead of where you’re at today.

It’s my decade+ – long journey wrapped in one package with everything I learned, how I healed, and the SYSTEM that got me from there to here.

me before bloated, gassy, sick, gut

This was me THEN: bloated, gassy, sick

This is me TODAY: no bloat, healthy, thriving

me today no bloat, healthy, thriving gut healing

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