Shoulders Abs Rest…..the theme for today.

I mentioned on Thursday that shoulders and abs are my favorite body parts to work out.

I was only half telling the truth.

I don’t like abs.

I LOVE shoulders.

But I know I need to work them both.


Yesterday and today already have found me still sore in my shoulders. Not so much the abs, so I’m hoping to increase the intensity/number of sets/something with the abs.

Shoulders Abs Rest

Here was my workout (again taken from here):

  • seated DB press
  • standing DB straight arm front raise
  • standing DB side lateral raise
  • seated bent-over rear delt raise
  • regular crunch on the exercise ball
  • air bike

And then there was a rest day (yesterday). And another today. I won’t lie, I’m slightly going crazy. But I know that as the weeks go on, the workouts become harder and more frequent, so I’m trying to just “be” in this moment, and enjoy the resting time that my “run” down (pun intended) body needs.

Shoulders Abs Rest Mental vs Physical Energy. Should you push through? Is the David Goggins quote accurate or should we listen and rest? Too Tired to Workout

“Resting” yesterday had me on a walk with Ryan, Marmaduke and the little dog, too. Resting today has me going to the dentist – yuck – and then going to a movie. A true rest day. Resting, like being without someone, makes the heart grow fonder. I’m certain of that.

And on the 7th day (tomorrow)? I’ll be back at it, with a fresh outlook, ready to dive into another week.

Question: How many days do you rest per week?


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  1. Hi Sarah
    I don’t mind working on abs, but even the smallest anount of stomach fat and you can’t see the results – shame.

    I love working on delts because they really make your arm / shoulder junction look good.
    Can make your shirts a little tight though. LOL

    That is a full shedule you pack in – mine is less than that but still gets results.

    1. Yes, Keith! Abs are truly made in the kitchen. When my diet is nearly perfect, I can see them some no matter how I’m working them out! I love this workout…it seems pretty jam packed, but it’s really not. It’s the perfect amount to dive right in. Thanks for stopping by, Keith!

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