Last night I held an Emoji Poop Cake Party.

The attendees included: Mom, Mother and Father-in-Law, Ryan, Samarah, Amiya, Isaiah, and Isaiah’s puppet friend ‘Morris the Monkey’ from school. 

Emoji Poop Cake Party Amiya, Samarah, Isaiah #emojis #poop #leakygut #bookrelease

Yes, we were all there to celebrate the release of my book, The Leaky Gut Meal Plan.

Right now you’re sitting there wondering a couple things:

  1. Has she gone completely nuts? Who even does that?
  2. ….but was the cake gluten free?

So I’ll answer both in a short-and-sweet manner.

Emoji Poop Cake Party

You know, life is far too short not to celebrate.

Eat the cake.

Yes, always choose family, friends, laughing……and cake – over everything.

I didn’t have this little gathering to celebrate me. Instead, when I saw this cake on Facebook, I knew I had to have it just because, mostly. 

Also, I’m celebrating a book – that I wrote – which highlights a topic people don’t want to talk about.

Emoji Poop Cake Party #emojis #poop #leakygut #bookrelease #leakygutdiet 4 week detox meal plan

Yeah, you know the topic: gut, gut health and gut healing.

There is another book that should be sold as a bundle with mine. It’s called, Everyone PoopsIt’s a children’s book, but that’s what I think is so important about all of this. We need to know and understand, from the start, that everyone poops – yes, even women and children. 

The more we know, understand, and talk about it, the healthier we can become.

The gut rules over everything. I’ve been saying it for years. If your gut is off and “leaky,” anything and everything in the body can go wrong. 

So okay, we celebrated! Now, you must stop here for the next 59 seconds to peek inside our Emoji Poop Cake Party.

The Cake

Ashlie from Urban Nomad Bakery made this cake. 

How talented is she?

Emoji Poop Cake Party #emojis #poop #leakygut #bookrelease gluten free cake Urban Nomad Bakery Ashley Baker

Mine was a gluten-free, triple chocolate cake with Italian Buttercream frosting. She used some of the best ingredients, too: organic cocoa, and fair trade dark chocolate and coffee. 

The detail was lovely – she matched the little “beads” around the cake to my book colors. 

I realize that only if you’re in Southern Minnesota are you likely to take advantage of her amazing creations, but if you are – buy a cake (or one of the many other baked goods she creates) from her. You’re going to love it!

You can find Ashley on Facebook HERE.

Thank you.

If you were here today, I’d ask if you wanted to share some of the cake with me. I have so much leftover because it was massive. I’m not actually worried about the cake going uneaten – I mean, you’ll find me digging in again later today. 

I’d just love to have you over, for emoji poop cake and conversation. We could talk about leaky gut…..or not. 

Regardless, I would thank you for being part of the A Gutsy Girl community. And, of course, for grabbing your very own copy of The Leaky Gut Meal Plan.

p.s. Okay, off to publish this post, drink The Lavender Bee from TRIO (my girl Sam always knows what’s up!), and create more helpful resources for you my darling.

If this is your first time here and you’d like to join the community, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter HERE and/or come hang out on Instagram HERE.

Emoji Poop Cake Party #emojis #poop #leakygut #bookrelease latte art coffee TRIO


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