This is my gut healing bird analogy.

An injured bird lands on your doorstep. His wing has been cut off half way. You decide to take the bird in, mending him to full recovery.

You have two options for the approach in healing him:

  1. Put a bandaid or bandage of some sort over the tear so the wing won’t completely fall off.
  2. Research the appropriate steps it will take to have the wing heal on its own.

If you choose option 1, you are simply masking the problem. You are covering up the boo-boo so you don’t have to look at it. The bandage is acting as a crutch. This crutch might ensure the bird doesn’t die, but since it’s just a crutch, the bird may never again be able to fly on his own. Ultimately, this leaves you caring for the bird forever.

If you choose option 2, it might be more work up front. You don’t know anything about birds and healing their wings, right? But you do your due diligence. You begin to understand the necessary steps to help the bird in the right way. And in this right way, the bird’s body/wing will ultimately heal itself if given the appropriate time and care. In the end, the bird will be set free.

Gut Healing Bird Analogy

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Yesterday I released a client from 6 months of working together.

Flying Bird

In doing so, I could not stop thinking about my bird analogy.

So many times women with IBS and IBD want the quick fix. I get it, I really do. When misery makes a home in our guts, we want it gone yesterday. The quick fix tends to find us in a doctor’s office where we are given drugs and medications.

These are our bandages. They act as our crutches. Like the bird, with them and them alone, we will forever be held captive to the crutch they provide.

When my clients come to me, they understand the difference between this crutch and true healing.

My health coaching practice is not built on the premise that you should need me forever.

Needing me forever means we are not doing something right.

The blunt, real and raw truth ladies is that with medication and drugs (vs. food and supplements), your doctor knows that you will never be able to leave. Sure, you might get fed up with what he or she is doing and jump ship to a new doctor, but the pharmaceutical industry has your dollars forever. They ensure that you won’t completely fall apart, but they also know that you will likely need them forever.

Not completely falling apart” is not the same as healing.

This ah-ha moment will make all the difference in your life.


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  1. Hiya! Thank you for all the wonderful information you have put on-line. I was diagnosed with Ulceritive Colitis in 2007 & felt like my world had come to an end! After taking the advice of doctors & taking medication that left me feeling mentally & physically exhausted & weak & frail, I went down the hollistic route (which was the best decision I’ve ever made!). After 4 years in remission, I am now having to deal with another flare up, which has left me devastated & quite depressed, although reading your blogs has given me hope that I can beat this! I thank you so much for your advice & would welcome any further advice & ideas you might have! It would be lovely to speak to you xxx

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