Chocolate. Dark chocolate. Real, raw, rich chocolate. The kind so real, raw and rich that it’s sugar free. That’s what this Sugar Free Pure Chocolate Dessert is all about.

Here’s what they say….

Chocolate is like sex. It can go from a sacred experience all the way to a criminal act.

Victoria Moran told me this during an Institute for Integrative Nutrition lecture.

I started to think about all the ways chocolate is sacred and criminal. I came up with a hot list.

Sugar Free Pure Chocolate Dessert

The chocolate recipe I’m about to give you today combines the very best ingredients with either no label or a very simple label.

Sugar Free Pure Chocolate Dessert

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Sugar Free Pure Chocolate Dessert
Recipe type: Dessert
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2-5
  1. Place the avocado, Monkfruit, raw cacao nibs, and chia seeds in a bowl.
  2. Melt the Scharffen Berger in a pan on the stove (on low).
  3. Add the Scharffen Berger and avocado mix to a blender (preferably a Kitchen Aid).
  4. Blend on low for about 2-5 minutes, or until the mixture is smooth (it will have texture still, due to the chia seeds and raw cacao nibs - that's okay).
  5. Chill and eat.
The Monkfruit is the only sweetener you'll use, but it is "sugar free." If you don't want any sweetness, leave it out.

This dessert is very rich. Ryan told me I needed to put that full disclosure here. IF you do not like real rich desserts and/or dark chocolate, then this is absolutely not for you. But like I told Ryan, most women would think he’s crazy for not liking it. Okay, maybe that’s just me.

That said, this Sugar Free Pure Chocolate Dessert….

  • has no sugar,
  • but is filled with fat and calories (all the goods!)
  • you do not need a cup full to be satisfied -> I have 3-5 bites, and I’m a choco-holic
  • the label of the avocado says: avocado, the label of the chia seeds say: chia seeds, the label of the raw cacao nibs say: raw cacao nibs and the label for the Scharffen Berger 99% cacao says: Cocoa Beans, whole vanilla beans

This is super simple and truly savory.

It’s neither sacred nor criminal.

It’s just life.

Sugar Free Pure Chocolate Dessert

Sugar Free Pure Chocolate Dessert

Sugar Free Pure Chocolate Dessert

Do you like milk chocolate or dark chocolate better?


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    1. I will for sure! And yes, ps. Marci and I are always coming up with the delights we can still eat:) She will love this one.

  1. This looks just wonderful… hope I can find that chocolate… I already know about the cacao nibs. Thanks!

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