I’m often asked about the significance of the A Gutsy Girl logo. 

Today I’ll share it.

Even though people think this little stomach icon is cute and funny, it’s definitely not my logo.


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I keep it attached to these Instagram images because it’s just fun. The circle in “30” is my actual logo.

The logo was created in 2012 by Rafal Tomal.

As a plain image, it looks like this:

A Gutsy Girl agutsygirl.com logo branding Sarah Kay Hoffman #logo #branding #agutsygirl

Significance of the A Gutsy Girl Logo

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Significance of the A Gutsy Girl Logo agutsygirl.com #agutsygirl #ibs #ibd #sibo #guthealing #community

So what does the A Gutsy Girl logo stand for and mean, anyways?

At its core, the A Gutsy Girl logo represents tiny cracks along the journey called “life,” but cracks which cannot be broken because they form a circle filled with community, hope, and light.

The circle in the middle is you and I; us.

We are whole. No matter what your circumstances were in the past, are now, or will be in the future, we are whole.

And around us, that whole circle, strings together our life’s journey – indicated by another circle.

As Pink says, “bent, not broken.” Along this circle, there are tiny spaces (cracks), but even still – the circle is made complete (because of our community).

Most women find themselves somewhere along the circle, at some point in their lives. Others see themselves “stuck” on one bridge for a very long time. 

But no matter what, you should know with certainty that you are not broken. You are whole, and throughout this journey, life can be filled with community, hope, and light…..if and when you let it.

We are all in this together – the team of YOU + a Chronic Disease Support community. It’s what I have worked so hard to build; a safe place. And it’s what I’ll continue to do forever. 

I’ve been meaning to share about the significance of the A Gutsy Girl logo for a very long time. I didn’t understand why the timing was never right…..until I did.

HERE is why the timing was supposed to be for now!


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