No matter where you are or how you got sick, you must know that things can change.

But first, if you are self-diagnosing yourself, you must stop.

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As I was getting ready to be discharged from the ER a couple weeks back, I asked the doctor, “So what did you find to be the cause?

He replied, “We don’t know.” He then continued, “I have ordered you a couple of prescriptions to pick up.

I replied, “But you just told me you don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t understand how you can give me a prescription for something I might not even have?

He responded, “We think it’s one of a couple things, so we gave the prescription for both, just in case.”

I never went to pick up the prescriptions because when I reviewed the paperwork and what they diagnosed me with, I laughed. They just guessed.

I confirmed the denial of the prescription and diagnosis with my doctor.

Educated guesses do not suffice. Popping pills and following “plans” without accurate information is more damaging than helpful.

I know because I’ve lived it.

And every single day, I am asked,

How do I know if I have SIBO, Adrenal Fatigue, Colitis, Celiac, etc.?

My answer is now very simple, “You are diagnosed with it.

Simple to say, hard to understand. I get it.

Things can change, and you can get better but you must know these 2 things:

  1. Go get tested, immediately. Don’t wait any longer. Stop consulting with Dr. Google. Your condition likely shares symptoms with a thousand others, and the longer you dwell on them without knowing a true diagnosis, the more damage you are doing.
  2. You’re NOT insane, and don’t let anyone make you feel that way. You’re only insane if you continue to self-diagnose when you are getting no results (that’s the definition of insane – doing the same things over-and-over, but expecting a different result). I felt insane a lot because people would tell me it was in my head (even after my diagnoses) when I knew “healthy” things like avocado, apples, garlic and onion made feel horrible. But guess what? I wasn’t insane because I’m eating all those foods and all the high FODMAP foods with zero problems these days.

HOW Things Changed

I have learned more in these past few months about my health than I have in the past 10 years.

I know what happened, and I know what lead to my ultimate demise.

I am learning (and trying to now embrace) that it’s not about where we started out, but how we grow and ultimately change for the better, in order to get better.

No matter where you started or how you got sick, know that the circumstances can change, that you can get better and of course, that I am always here to listen.

Frustrated trying to heal your gut

So you are READY to make a CHANGE and heal? I’ve got just what you need to start TODAY.

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  1. One of the things I have learned from my many medical misadventures is that there is a reason they call it “Practicing Medicine”. Doctors don’t always have all the answers, and you have to be your own Best Advocate.

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