All the YES! I have something so special, meaningful, and highly important to share with you today. These are 11 ways to change your life.

Yesterday I wrote about Dysbiocide. In 2019 I wrote The Leaky Gut Meal Plan. Just recently I published A Gutsy Girl’s Master Resource, which contains 367 pages of gut health and gut-healing information.

I have produced hundreds of thousands of words about how to heal the gut with diet protocols, supplements, and even medications.

If you want it, you’ll find it – all of it.

But if you stay stuck on diet protocols, supplements, and even medications forever, you’ll never fully heal.

And remember,

Heal your gut. Heal your life.

But also, reverse the statements, and it’s still true,

Heal your life. Heal your gut.

Sometimes I think I need to change my tagline with healing your life as the primary statement. 

Because it’s true. I will, without-a-doubt, live the rest of my days on this Earth teaching and preaching that healing your gut requires healing your life.

Be a Rebel

So yesterday, when I opened up my podcast faves, I noticed a new episode from the Delighted By Life and Business Podcast.

The title is, “Be a Rebel + 9 Non-Rules I Abide By No Matter What.”

It was a solo-cast featuring the one and only Makenzie Marzluff.

I was on a nice walking stroll at the gym (so number 7 had me rethinking!) when I stumbled upon the new episode. 

As I started listening, a fire was lit. 

Yes, yes, all the yes! I found myself saying this, and then also thinking,

She’s speaking about things I’ve been saying in other ways to the Gutsy community. The way she’s saying them, needs to be shared.

So here we are.

11 Ways to Change Your Life

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11 Ways to Change Your Life #guthealth #healthyliving #inspire

Note: I am not sharing the context for each number listed below (except numbers 10 and 11). This is because the podcast episode is so short that anyone and everyone can and should listen to it. You must listen to it for full context and inspiration. Trust me, you’re not going to regret it.

  1. Live where you want to live.
  2. Do work that you love.
  3. Be of service.
  4. Create your own money story.
  5. Practice minimalism. 
  6. Do exercise that you actually like.
  7. Get outside everyday, even during the middle of the day.
  8. Break all diet rules and create your own food routine.
  9. Say what you mean and radically speak your truths in all relationships.

Listen to the Podcast

But wait, I thought you said there were 11 ways to change your life? Makenzie mentioned 9. So here are the bonus 2 I must add to her list:

10. Create your own story.

Makenzie actually mentions this many times, but didn’t feature it as a stand alone way to be a rebel. For the Gutsy women, this is extremely important.

If you joined the 28-Day Leaky Gut Program, you know just how important mind set is; also, how much I believe in it for gut healing. 

We have been doing an exercise these past few days around things we believe and tell ourselves, and then changing those thoughts and beliefs. 

I’m telling you, Makenzie is 1,000% correct.

Life does happen to you, but you need to change your thinking and say, “Life is happening for me.”

There’s a story about your gut and health in general that you’ve been telling yourself for a very long time now. 

You have the power to redirect the thoughts and create your own, new story.

I literally could talk about this for days.

11. Find a friend like Makenzie.

The short of my relationship with Makenzie goes like this: business, friends, fall-out, truths, friends, heart-connected-sisters.

And that’s the truth.

I met Makenzie purely by chance some years back. She liked my work; I enjoyed her vibe. While we have been through the Rocky Mountains together and then back again, what I know for certain is that everyone needs to find a friend like Makenzie.

The qualities Makenzie embodies:

  • kindness
  • openness
  • honesty
  • forgiveness
  • bad-ass-ness (<- not a word, I know)
  • intuition
  • integrity

And the best part of saying all of this is that I’m not trying to get a raise; I no longer work for her 🙂 Even better than that, is why I no longer work for her. 

Makenzie, like my husband Ryan, celebrates and elevates my wings to fly. She was always one of my number one A Gutsy Girl fans, wanting to see me succeed by spreading the gut health and healing messages, writing, connecting, and sharing. 

She taught me the value of integrity and being in the highest alignment with my true self. 

And she taught me about DELIGHT.

I find myself constantly paying-it-forward; all the things she taught me. 

If you have a friend like Makenzie, the journey will be so much sweeter.

Tell me your favorite number way to change your life: 1 – 11. I’d love to know!

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