I had the privilege of sitting down with Wellness Mama to discuss health journaling.

Wellness Mama Podcast episode 391: Using Detailed Health Journaling and Mindset Shifts to Heal With Sarah Kay Hoffman

Now, this wasn’t my first time being on Katie’s show. If you want to check out another episode we recorded together, it’s called, Beating SIBO, IBS, and Histamine Intolerance With A Gutsy Girl Sarah Kay Hoffman.

But this was an important episode for me to have the opportunity to record with Katie.

The reason is this huge passion I have for journaling your way to health.

BTW – There is a 97% chance that I’m starting my own podcast for 2021! I can’t hardly stand how excited I am for it. Anyways, if you want to weigh in on guests, topics, etc. do so with THIS form. Thanks for all the thoughts.

Your Personalized Path to Well Being 

That’s right, I believe we all have a personalized path to well being and to ultimate gut healing. 

I don’t believe it has anything to do with one thing, but instead many things.

And that’s what my resource, my tool helps you do – personalize your own path to well being.

You get to wear a tool belt every single day. 

More importantly, you get to decide what does or does not go in the pockets.

While some tool belts look similar, usually no two tool belts are the same. I would know, too, my dad was a Mason his whole life. No two crew members ever wore the same tools. And even if they did, said tools were not used at the same time.

Are you catching this all yet?!

Anyways, think of the journal as your belt. What you put in it will be 100% personalized and customized for you.

Health Journaling {mindset shifts for healing}

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Viewing healing and health in this way is a massive mindset shift. And believe me, I know this better than you can even imagine. If I was still stuck on all the tools from the beginning of my journey (and also staying complacent with diagnosis and diet only), I’d never be healed today.

It took my journal (and a year of hard work exploring) to help open my eyes to it.

Today’s tool belt holds the topics we discuss on the episode.

Topics from Wellness Mama Podcast Episode

  • Why I started a journal when trying to solve my own health issues
  • The journal system I created to record my daily habits, diet, and symptoms in a meaningful way
  • What worked and what didn’t when it came to tracking my health
  • How to use your health journal with your doctor
  • Key areas of your life to track (you may not have thought of)
  • How to become more conscious of your unconscious habits (for example, sleeping)
  • The surprising connection between mindset and gut health
  • Pros and cons of “Dr. Google”
  • Signs you’re living in fight-or-flight mode (and how to switch it off)
  • And more!

I hope you love the episode. As always, drop any questions you might have in the comment section below.

And get yourself a journal 🙂

Wellness Mama Podcast episode 391: Using Detailed Health Journaling and Mindset Shifts to Heal With Sarah Kay Hoffman

Journal quote 90-day food diary gut healing agutsygirl.com #foodjournal #fooddiary #guthealth

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