These 34 gut health and healing habits to track in your bullet journal will inspire you to start today.

What is a Habit Tracker?

What is a Habit Tracker #guthealing #foodjournal #eliminationdiet #healthlog

The basic habit tracker allows you to track habits, whether good or not-so-good, in order to identify patterns and/or create change.

Most habit trackers are not solely focused on gut health and gut healing, but instead things such as:

  • general productivity
  • financial
  • general health and fitness

A gut health and healing habits tracker is the exact same. The only difference is that every single line and column will be devoted to your gut journey.

Why Use a Habit Tracker for Gut Health and Healing?

It was very intentional that I added in three habit trackers for the Healing Blooms from Within journal. There is one for each of the 3 months. 


While it might seem like merely a “nice-to-have” addition, it’s actually a critical element to your gut health and healing journal.


Because small, consistent steps lead to big results.

Keeping track of what you are doing (or intentionally not doing) can help identify patterns. It can also help keep you accountable to the mission at hand: creating your best gut-health life forever.

How to Use the Gut Health Habit Tracker in Healing Blooms from Within

Here is what the page looks like (blank).

34 gut health and healing habits to track in your bullet journal #guthealing #foodjournal #eliminationdiet #healthlog 90-day journal

And here is what the page looks like filled out.

34 gut health and healing habits to track in your bullet journal #guthealing #foodjournal #eliminationdiet #healthlog #newyear

This habit tracker is conducive for you to 100% customize.

  1. Place the month on top.
  2. Then, in the first column on the left-hand side write the day (ex. F for Friday).
  3. In the second column on the left-hand side write the date (ex. 1 for the 1st)
  4. On top, write out each of the habits you’re hoping to track. Healing Blooms from Within gives you 23 columns for tracking 23 different gut health and healing habits. This is ample amount. In fact, it might be way too much for some of you. That’s okay. You don’t have to use all columns.
  5. Finally, each day you complete a habit, either fill in the box, mark it with an “X,” or use any other signifier desired to show that you completed the habit.

For example, some habits are a clear “yes I did” or “no I did not” do this (i.e. taking a medication). But others are a little more open, so you might want to fill in the box with context (i.e. total hours of sleep).

Okay, let’s get you ready for your own habit tracking.

34 gut health and healing habits to track in your bullet journal #guthealing #foodjournal #eliminationdiet #healthlog food journal

Here are 34 gut health and healing habits to track in your bullet journal.

34 Gut Health and Healing Habits {to Track in Your Bullet Journal}

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34 gut health and healing habits to track in your bullet journal #guthealing #foodjournal #eliminationdiet #healthlog

  1. 8+ cups water intake
  2. 10k+ daily steps
  3. green vegetable consumption
  4. 8+ hours of sleep
  5. RAK: Random Act of Kindness (BTW – did you know that helping is healing?!)
  6. meditation
  7. yoga
  8. medications, a column/line for each one
  9. supplements, a column/line for each
  10. seed cycling
  11. 12+ hour nightly fast
  12. 90-120+ minutes plus meal spacing each meal
  13. workout
  14. no alcohol
  15. deep breathing
  16. no gluten
  17. track any specific healing diet you’re working with (need ideas? HERE are 26 common diets for gut healing)
  18. no dairy
  19. complete today’s full daily page
  20. 15+ minutes of total self care (bath, massage, stretching, resting, etc.)
  21. got natural vitamin D via the sun for 20+ minutes
  22. gut healing mantra 5+ times
  23. one-liner of gratitude
  24. no sugar
  25. symptom-free day
  26. 4-5 energy level
  27. no caffeine
  28. any and all BM’s at 3/4
  29. happy mood
  30. successfully added in a new food
  31. no bloat
  32. no diarrhea
  33. water with lemon
  34. say, “I love you” to yourself (even if nothing about the day was seemingly well and good)

34 Gut Health and Healing Habits to Track in Your Bullet Journal #foodjournal #bulletjournal #habitstracker

Gut Health Habits to Track Bullet Journal Notes

Many of you will easily fill your habit tracker with gut health and healing items. If you don’t, feel free to add in anything else you might be interested in tracking for the month. For example, I always had “devotional/Bible” on mine.

Also, many of the above habits to track will be easy because you’ll already be doing it on your daily page if you have my 90-day gut healing journal.

So, what do you think? Any gut health and/or healing habits you think might be good to track?

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34 gut health and healing habits to track in your bullet journal #guthealing #foodjournal #eliminationdiet #healthlog ideas


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