Here are 5 reasons to heal your gut. So clear your mind of “can’t,” and let’s go.

Anyone and everyone could benefit from this post. That’s right, millions of people have gut issues; IBS and/or IBD.

Many of them don’t even know it.

And why do they not know it?

Because, as a collective society, we have forgotten what it feels like to FEEL GOOD.

Everyday problems quickly become the norm, which is the sad reality.

But here’s the truth. 

I’m not talking to everyone. 

I am talking to you

You are a woman between the ages of 20-ish to 60-ish, and you perhaps have already been diagnosed with IBS and/or IBD.

If you have not yet been diagnosed –> stop playing a guessing game.

Get tested.

Regardless, if you’re outside these parameters, my reasons might not make sense or matter to you. In that case, you’ll have to dig deep and understand your own reasoning.

For the rest of you, let’s be honest and dive right in.

5 Reasons to Heal Your Gut

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5 Reasons to heal your gut

1. You’re young

You’re young and vibrant, or at least you’re young and should be vibrant.

Don’t let a miserable gut keep you from living life fully. There is no way to be vibrant and thriving on a daily basis with active IBS and/or IBD.

2. You’re tired of all the extra issues

You might not be constantly running to the bathroom, but maybe the acne you experience is uncontrollable? Or maybe you’re constantly anxious? How about holding on to weight, even when you’re “doing all the right things?”

Perhaps you’re fatigued and desire sleeping all day? Or maybe it’s that you can’t sleep and struggle with insomnia?

Yes, the challenges you might be facing extend far beyond the bathroom.

3. They need you

Seemingly, everyone needs you, right?

The dog, kids, your husband, mother, boss, and sisters-friends-third-cousin. Yes, I get it. And while I’m in no way, shape, or form an advocate of bending over backwards for everyone if and when your own health is suffering, I also know that you are needed.

Furthermore, you desire to and love being needed.

These are the people you care most about in your life (I mean, except for the sisters-friends-third-cousin!), but you can’t give your all to them if you are sick.

4. Live your life

Have you ever not taken that trip because you didn’t know if a bathroom would always be nearby?

Or how about those dinners with girlfriends you’ve missed because you were afraid of the questions and comments about what you’re eating (or not eating)?

Listen, yes, you can just not care about any of it – go on the trip and dine out with the ladies – but I know your reality is not that.

Instead, if you want to live your life again, heal your gut.

Life is too short for avoiding connection and experiences.

5. Bigger problems

I debated sharing this one with you because scaring you isn’t what I want. But I have to be perfectly transparent.

You choose to not do that Colonoscopy because you’re afraid of the process and potential outcome. Also, with a family, work, and personal life, where and how will you find the time to be “out” for a day?!

Figure it out. Seriously. Figure. It. Out. If you don’t know what’s actually wrong with you, then you can’t truly heal your gut. And if what’s actually wrong with you is something bigger than you expected, you’re headed down a dangerous road.

I’m not speaking from theory. Instead, I share this with you from a place of heartbreak.

My dad passed away August 13, 2019. He had Colon Cancer; up until his diagnosis I don’t think he had ever had a Colonoscopy (even though it was recommended for years).

But How Can I Heal My Gut?

Those are my 5 reasons to heal your gut. 

But how?

Right now, you’re saying,

How on Earth do I heal my gut? Must be nice for you to say that, now that you’re healed.

First, never tell someone “must be nice.” 🙂

And second, it is dang nice being on this end.

But it took me ten – yes TEN+ years. And now, I have devoted the rest of my life to making sure that no woman ever sloshes through the mud for that long.

Tough Love

I know the feeling of trying to start your gut healing journey. You’re doing things but NOTHING is moving the needle. You’ve tried…

  • Giving up dairy
  • Giving up gluten
  • Working out more
  • Researching every last symptom online

But nothing. is. happening.

In fact, you now find that not only are you not getting better, but things seem to be getting WORSE due to the time you’re spending on it all.

So here are 3 things you’re probably doing that are preventing you from feeling better.

1. You aren’t even sure where you’re at today.

We can’t get to where we’re going if we don’t know where we are starting from. I engaged with starting and stopping for years because “nothing worked.”

The truth? It’s not that they didn’t work, but that I didn’t even know what I was working with.

See the difference?

A generalized and immediate self diagnosis does not equal your starting place. Instead, it simply equals time that you’re losing from getting a true start.

And yes, I’ll teach you how to start the right way.

2. Mindset.

This week someone asked me, “How are you able to eat anything you want? And have a drink here and there?”

Well, I’ll tell you how because it’s super simple: I healed my gut.

BUT, I could not heal it for good, forever, until my mindset was right. There were a few elements that I was missing. They were:

  • True commitment. Yes, I needed to make a TRUE commitment to healing.
  • Belief. The belief that I could and would heal. Stopping the constant negative, “I’ll never heal,” thoughts.
  • Journey not a sprint. I had to realize that I didn’t get sick overnight (or even in a few months). It took a long time for all the illnesses to show up, so I needed to accept that it might also take a long time to heal.

3. Simplification + Customization

I haphazardly gave up entire food groups, tons of foods, and followed templated diet after templated diet.

What did that lead to?

That’s right. MORE food groups being eliminated and stricter templated diets being followed.

Food fear set in and before I knew it, I was in a dark hole. Want to know a secret, though?


  • You can suppress symptoms for a minute, but the moment you eat anything “normal,” they will all return and then…..
  • Symptoms will return with a vengeance and new ones will appear.

Let your reason be stronger than your excuse.

I was in your exact spot at one point; I’m on the other side now.

It can be done, and you will see it done.

Gut healing elevated

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