I’m constantly being asked this very important question, “Is my healing protocol working?”

You know what’s not fun? Dwelling over your every move each and every single day. Know what’s also not fun? Spending thousands of dollars while also dwelling daily. 

At some point, you start to get fed up. In those moments, you ask yourself, “….but really, is my healing protocol working?”

I want to help you with this today.

It might save you time, money, and a ton of stress. 

Is My Healing Protocol Working?

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Is My Healing Protocol Working agutsygirl.com #guthealth #immunesystem #gut

5 questions to ask

To help answer, here are 5 questions you can start with and explore:

  1. What am I currently eating?

    If the answer is, “chicken, beef, broth, and arugula” then the answer is probably “no.” Eating the same 4-7 foods for months on end means that something is not working.Did you know that any kind of strict dieting protocol is usually 2 – 4 weeks for most people? If you have an autoimmune condition, it can be up to 6 months to a year, but many of you do not fall there. 

  2. Is the supplement working?

    I can’t tell you the pages upon pages of supplements my health coaching clients share with me. And many times when I ask them if their doctor specifically told them to take said supplement the answer is, “Well, no, not exactly.”In that case, it’s imperative that you truly ask yourself, “Is this supplement working for me?” If not, then three things could be happening:

    1. You’re doing more harm than good.
    2. You don’t exactly know if it’s helping or not.
    3. You’re spending unnecessary money.
  3. Have I seen any improvements?

    If you’ve been on a specific healing protocol for months on end, sit back and ask yourself, “Have I seen any improvements?” While I do realize that oftentimes we are healing even when we can’t see it, it’s just not the case for forever. At some point, you will and should see your health improve. If not, something about the healing protocol is likely not working for you.

  4. Do I know what is working?

    Here is the problem with the healing protocols that have 1,000 rules: it’s hard to know what is or is not working. If you have given up dairy, gluten, nightshades, FODMAPs, soy, corn, and sugar plus you’re now taking 13 different supplements and 4 medications, how are you ever supposed to know what is or is not working?Sure, you can say, “I’m feeling the best I ever have,” but what’s the cost? In other words, what if all you needed was to remove dairy, gluten, and soy plus added in 2 supplements and one medication? You would be doing so much more than is necessary and you wouldn’t even know it. By the way, you’ll have a far better understanding if you’re keeping a food journal like my 90-day gut healing journal.


  5. What are my current days like?

    Remember, your healing protocol is about more than what you can and can’t eat. Give your days a check in.What are they like? Do you have energy? How is your skin? Are you thinking clearly? If the days are all sort of mush, nebulous, and unpleasant, it’s likely that something in your healing protocol is not working.

And do you know what all five boil down to? 

Is My Healing Protocol Working agutsygirl.com #guthealth #immunesystem #healing

Intuition. Seriously.


Sit down with and by yourself and listen to what your gut is telling you.  

We make this super complicated, and while the situation is complicated, your body’s signals aren’t really all that complicated.

What is complicated is that listening to it vs. your mind, the Internet, a doctor, etc. somehow always trumps intuition. 

You are smart. Your body is smart. Take some time for yourself and work through the questions posed in the post. There is nothing wrong with admitting you need a change. My old pastor said this on a recent podcast,

Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be well?

Getting to well means tuning in and listening.

Let me teach you how…..

You’ve got this.

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