I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to interview Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum at Natural Foods Expo West this past March.

We talked about many things as they relate to the gut, but then he and I talked about me in particular – my Colitis and other health issues I’ve faced. I learned a lot from him in such a short amount of time, but the thing that has stayed with me the longest were six words he flipped back to me.

It came up while we were talking about the Probiotic I take. He said it was a quality Probiotic, but then simply turned it back to me….

Well, Sarah, let me ask you,

How is that working for you?

I said, “Great.”

He replied, “Then there is your answer.

I sure have been busy since he brought those six words into my life, and they are making all the difference.

How is That Working for You?

Those words are also making a difference in others’ lives, as I am sharing them when people ask me for my thoughts, opinion and advice on various things.

Too many times we make a situation more complicated than it really needs to be. We let our options fill far too much space in our thoughts, when the reality is that, deep down, the answer is right there.

While I am not saying that everything and every decision is black and white, I do believe that most of the things we contemplate are far too colorful.

Decisions, in all places of my life, are suddenly becoming much easier to make.

I am simply sitting back, looking at the decision or situation at hand and asking myself,

Well, how is this working for me currently?

Try it for your own life: relationships, health, career, money, etc. Start where you are today, ask yourself this same question and get ready for several little light bulbs to go off.

If not, well, then there’s always coffee 🙂 Yes, coffee. 

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Thank you, Dr. Jacob.

p.s. Want more practical applications for this? Check out my Minimalist Approach to Gut Healing Supplements.


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  1. Love it! Thanks for the reminder that each of us is an expert on ourselves, if we just remember to check in.

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  3. Wow, this is really good. i’m glad i read your post this morning because i was making problems out of nothing in my head and now i can stop. thanks!

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