I am on a 10-day round of antibiotics. Did you just gasp thinking, “Oh my gosh….what is she thinking?!”

I preach food and lifestyle, not drugs and medication.

But yesterday when I put this status up on Facebook, I have to say I was really disappointed with several of the comments:

You know you’re sick when…..no farmer’s market, doctor on a Saturday, in bed all day, freezing in hot weather, caving in for antibiotics and living on bread with ghee.

Everyone was real quick to jump on: “essential oils” and “you are the last person I would have ever thought to take an antibiotic.”


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Let’s rewind.

A week ago from yesterday, my throat started hurting. I brushed it off. Each day it got worse until Wednesday when I began to lose my voice and could not even sleep at night because the pain down my throat was so intense. That was the first night I even caved into Tylenol. But still, no doctor. I kept on going. I kept doing things my way.

The bumps down the back of my throat became unbearable, my energy levels tanked and I felt worse by the minute. Friday night came, and I thought that by Saturday morning it would magically go away. I mean, after all, it was Sam’s 7-month old celebration day, complete with beautiful weather and the farmer’s market opening. Surely I’d be better – naturally.

I woke up at 5 am with Sam. I brought her downstairs and fed her. Once she fell asleep again, I began to get the chills and the misery escalated. I went upstairs and told Ryan I was now, really sick.

And I was. I started throwing up every hour.

Late in the morning, we went to the doctor.

They told me that what started out as a virus, grew into a ton of bacteria because I waited so long, allowing my throat to become so inflamed.

I got a shot for nausea and a prescription for a 10-day round of antibiotics.

I went home and never threw up again; taking the initial antibiotic doses and sleeping almost 24 hours.

Today I woke up 80% better….like a miracle. Only it’s not  a miracle. I use antibiotics sparingly; when I need them, they work immediately.

There is Nothing Wrong with Intervention

Essential oils are amazing. Living unprocessed in a proactive vs. reactive way is the only way for me. Avoiding drugs and antibiotics each moment we can is ideal.

But all of that is PREVENTION not INTERVENTION.

I live my life based on prevention, and I do a d#$$ good job at it. I have not had to be on antibiotics in years.

All of that said, there is a time and place when intervention is absolutely needed. The truth is that I tried to be strong this past week for far too long. It got me to a place that I should’ve never ended up at.

Listen, I adore the natural-living community. It’s my thing; my jam, my passion. But the dogmatic end-all, be-all that far too many preach is not helping anyone. There, I said it.

Now that I’m on the mend, I’m back to prevention (homemade bone broth, supplements, essential oils, stress management, etc., etc.)

Meanwhile, I’ll finish out these next 9-days of antibiotics because, well, they have been my best form of intervention.

p.s. These antibiotics also saved me! 


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  1. Some people need to think before opening their mouths. These people should have realized that you don’t go to the drugs unless it’s absolutely necessary. Your immune system was already compromised with your colitis coming back so I’m not surprised that you were unfortunately susceptible to a virus going around.
    Keep taking your prescription, get lots of rest and I know you’ll eat right. Get better soon Miss Sarah… that baby girl needs a healthy mama. 🙂

  2. Wow…that’s a shame you got comments about it. I would never think that taking medicine you need to take for an illness would be wrong. When you’re sick you’re sick and sometimes medicine is necessary.
    Glad you’re on the mend!

  3. I saw some of those comments. Eye roll. People are silly. There is a time and a place for ab and it is a good thing you know what to do to get those beneficial bacteria growing again. Glad you are on the Mend! Xox

  4. you know i can relate. Yes, i’ve had these comments. Truth is, sometimes you must do what needed in order to get back to healing and taking care of your family. I try not to judge others, but it bothers the heck out of me when they judge me without knowing the circumstances. I guess we all need more grace. Always.

    Rest up, love ya!

  5. Excellent post!! Many people I know are skeptical of this balance of prevention and intervention. But it’s ridiculous! We humans evolved and by the grace of the universe and the human brain have created antibiotics. And so when we need them, really need them, we should use them!

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