While we aren’t even through the current one, if a pandemic strikes again, let’s be far more prepared.

I believe that because you religiously read this blog, you’re already on the path for properly setting yourself up.

The word pandemic should not be taken lightly. In fact, rarely does a pandemic occur. However, experts are saying that even this current pandemic could have a second wave coming.

And even if the current virus does not see a second wave, another illness (or worldwide dominating event) is sure to surface, changing lives instantly.

It’s been about three months since all of this happened. And during this time, here are 7 things I know for sure if a pandemic strikes again.

If a Pandemic Strikes Again

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If a Pandemic Strikes Again agutsygirl.com #guthealth #immunesystem #sidehustle 7 thins to know

  1. Optimal gut health reigns supreme

    Know this to be the absolute truth: You can fight a virus by protecting your gut because 80%+ of the immune cells are in the gut. While I’ve been talking s#$% over here since 2012 (fun pun indeed!), the world has heavily caught up and backed this talk up these past few months. The gut holds a key which unlocks most everything optimal-health related. And this is mostly because….

  2. You’ve only got one immune system

    It’s true. You only have one immune system, and most of its cells lie within the gut. Hear this very loud and clear: there are many science-backed ways to boost the immune system. Do not make the mistake of only caring about your immune system once ‘cold and flu season’ hits. You absolutely, positively, 1-million percent must care about it 24/7, 365 days a year. Your goal is to remain proactive to reduce or avoid the amount of reactivity needed should illness hit.

  3. Work

    Did you know that what you choose for work and a career is part of the primary (not secondary) food category? This is because we spend a lot of time at work. Loving what you do is critical for overall health. If you are terribly unhappy, your health will suffer. When the SIP happened, and I had time to reflect on my daily work and career, realizing that starting A Gutsy Girl full-time was my best decision! No part of it left. And, in fact, having A Gutsy Girl provided me with daily inspiration and opportunity to be of service to those who need it most. Make sure you’re aligned up the same way in case a pandemic strikes again. But it was also about having security….

  4. Side hustle is job security

    Right now, you can look inside yourself and decide, “Is what I’m doing what I love? Am I serving the purpose I desire? When I wake up each day am I excited and inspired? Is there security in my position?” If these are hard questions for you to answer, that’s okay. You can do something about it. Start today and drill down to the place that’s more serving to you. And, it might not even be taking a full leap away from your current career. Maybe it’s a side hustle that you can start right away. You never know what potential and opportunities might come your way. In fact, A Gutsy Girl was just that – a side hustle – for years. It all turned into something much bigger than I ever imagined. And because of it, I have no fears for the future because of the systems and work I can put into place today. You can prepare all the same! If a Pandemic Strikes Again Side Hustle agutsygirl.com #sidehustle #mompreneur

  5. The way we deal with circumstances is unique only to us

    If a pandemic strikes again, you can be certain that the way you deal with and react to it is a-ok. The SIP orders were a time for getting all the things done and accomplished for some people. And for others? It was challenging, depressing, and hard to make it through. You don’t need to look sideways at how other’s are reacting. The way you deal with huge life situations depends on your own circumstances. 

  6. Germ Theory of Disease

    While the SIP order was effective, I was studying via the Gut Health Course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (still am, actually). Anyways, purely by coincidence we studied both the Germ Theory of Disease and the Hygiene Hypothesis. I think both are very interesting and relevant as they related to the pandemic (and many in the future as well). Here are what they both mean, but what’s important to note if a pandemic strikes again is how you choose to view each. Do your research, and critically think about them both. 

    1. Germ Theory of Disease

      It was presented in the 1860s by Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch. The theory says that disease is caused by bacteria or microorganisms in the body. And the theory led to soap becoming a necessity and large focus on antibiotics to eradicate bacteria. 

    2. Hygiene Hypothesis

      This was presented in the 1980s. It stated that a lack of exposure to germs might suppress the immune system. 

  7. Ducks in a row

    Wherever your ducks were not in a row these past few months, consider a refresh of your life. Most people will not argue the fact that health became the king of wealth during this time period. Consider starting today to avoid playing catch up. The reason? It comes back to one of the most dangerous health factors on the planet – too much stress. No matter what it might have pertained to, if those ducks were not in a row, you were stressed. While I might not have had massive stress over things on this list, I did have stress. During this reflective period, I’m already making the changes (mentally and physically) to prepare for if a pandemic strikes again.

If a Pandemic Strikes Again 7 things for your health agutsygirl.com #healthyliving #immunesystem #guthealth

No Fear

Though I have shared 7 things I know for sure if a pandemic strikes again, here is what I am also confident in: do not live with fear.  


Constant fear puts your body into a constant sympathetic state. And what that includes are these three main things:

  1. Always in your fight or flight state.
  2. Digestion slows down.
  3. Stress activates.

Read those three things, then go back through the list of 7. While I believe you should be proactive and prepare, I do not believe you should go into it solely based on fear. 

The trickle effect from preparedness to debilitating fear will leave you worse off than before. 

Do what you can, with what you have, however you might implement it all slowly and steadily.

And also take deep breaths.

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