This episode is dedicated to the healing Paleo diet, and the idea that with a proper diet in place, you can heal.

The Paleo diet focuses on lean meats and fish, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables. On the diet, dairy, sugar, legumes and grains are avoided.

This diet was the basis for how my guest today healed, and she’s ready to share how she went from massive symptoms to feeling fantastic and creating a company from it all.

Autumn Fladmo Smith is today’s guest!

Question: Do you ever “meet” (it’s like ” ” because I only met Autumn via the podcast) someone and think, “Where have they been all my life?”

This happened while I was recording this episode with Autumn Smith, the co-founder of Paleovalley.

We had an instant connection, and it’s going to be very apparent as you listen to the show today.

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Who is Autumn Smith?

Before I share more on today’s episode, here is a little more on Autumn:

Autumn Fladmo Smith is the co-founder of Paleovalley and Wild Pastures, holds a Masters in Holistic Nutrition, a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, and a Certified FDN Practitioner.

Her passion for health began with her own struggles with IBS and anxiety: despite a career as a professional dancer and celebrity fitness trainer, Autumn’s own health was in shambles.

Desperate for a cure, she and her husband Chas stumbled upon the paleo diet in 2011 and within a month of beginning it, her health was completely transformed.

Autumn then made it her mission to share the information she had learned with as many people as possible: she is the co-founder of Paleovalley, an organic whole-food supplement and paleo snack food company that prioritizes nutrient density and food quality.

In 2018, she took things a step further and launched her second business with her husband: Wild Pastures, a regenerative pasture-based meat delivery service.

Wild Pastures makes supporting sustainable agriculture and local, small farms easy for consumers. She lives in Boulder, CO with her husband and their son, Maverick.

Paleovalley is one of my favorite brands to work with. Because they are a favorite, whenever you purchase from them, simply use code AGUTSYGIRL at checkout to save 15%. Click HERE to get started.

Healing Paleo Diet {Episode 27 with Paleovalley Co-Founder, Autumn Smith}

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Healing Paleo Diet {Episode 27 with Paleovalley Co-Founder, Autumn Smith} #paleodiet #paleovalley #wellnesspodcast

Resources Mentioned

  1. Highly Sensitive Person
  2. NutriSense
  3. igE vs igG
  4. How to Food Journal to Identify Food Intolerances
  5. Paleovalley
  6. Grass-Fed Beef Sticks (FYI: the Summer Sausage does not contain garlic.)
  7. Pasture-Raised Turkey Sticks (AIP friendly)
  8. Organ Complex
  9. Essential C Complex
  10. Apple Cider Vinegar (Does Apple Cider Vinegar Make Me Poop?)
  11. Supergreens
  12. Superfood Bars (Apple Cinnamon is my current favorite)
  13. Mushroom Complex
  14. Kiss the Ground
  15. Paleovalley + Autumn’s Instagram

Don’t Miss These Thoughts

  1. Autumn’s story
  2. Symptoms Autumn presented with and her diagnosis; different healing things she tried
  3. Her experience with alcohol, drugs, and an eating disorder as a coping method
  4. “I was fit but not well.” – Autumn
  5. “Smiling through the suffering.”
  6. The top 3 things Autumn did to heal and get well along the way
  7. What Autumn learned about garlic for her body in particular
  8. Blood sugar testing, and what it did for Autumn and her journey
  9. What is Paleovalley, and why is it called Paleovalley?
  10. What is encapsulated citric acid and why is it not used in the Paleovalley beef sticks?
  11. The new Superfood Bar flavor (and all other products) they are coming out with!
  12. “The soil is like the microbiome of the planet.”
  13. Autumn’s 3 convictions around gut health and gut healing.
Symptoms are messages paleovalley #symptoms #ibs #irritablebowelsyndrome

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Wrap Up

Time to wrap this up. As always, a huge goal for this show is to connect with even more people. Feel free to send an email to our team at We want to hear questions, comments, show ideas, etc.

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Healing Paleo Diet {Episode 27 with Paleovalley Co-Founder, Autumn Smith} #ibs #wellnesspodcast #paleo

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