Here are 3 ways to know your leaky gut is healing.

How often do we share ways to know if something is “off,” you know the signs and symptoms for the things which plague you most?

Just as important is being able to identify when you’re healing.

Knowing that you are healing is inspiring and can help you work even harder towards full healing.

Leaky Gut

If you are an avid A Gutsy Girl reader, the chances that you have a Leaky Gut are fairly high.

There is correlation between almost every single gut dysfunction and a leaky gut.

Though mainstream medical tries to deny it due to terminology, it is real. I am living proof.

Furthermore, if you listen to the podcast episode with Robb Wolf, we have an entire conversation about it. In fact, if you now go search for the term on the NIH website, you will see it talked about more and more often.

If you have never heard the term prior to today, you are in luck because I have written about it so many times I can’t count them anymore. I also have a book on the subject called, The Leaky Gut Meal Plan.

Click this button below if you are still unsure what leaky gut is and what causes it.

3 Ways to Know Your Leaky Gut is Healing

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Top 3 Ways to Know Your Leaky Gut is Healing

You likely know what it is, and you have been working hard towards healing it.

But now you’re wondering,

Am I healing? Is this getting better?

That’s what this post is for… 3 top ways to know your leaky gut is healing.

Food Tolerance (or Food Intolerance)

How are you tolerating food now or how will you tolerate it in the future?

Food that you could not eat before is a good indicator of how your body is changing.

Remember, when I was first diagnosed with everything at the start of my journey, I found out that I was intolerant to 22 foods.

Was I really intolerant to those 22 foods? No! I can now tolerate anything and everything. 

What it told me, though, was that my gut was leaky and I was seemingly reacting to everything if that is what it was telling me.

Look through your gut healing journey journal, and ask yourself:

  • Are there foods I am eating now that I couldn’t in the past?
  • Have I started incorporating more diverse foods when in the past I would have been too afraid for more?
  • Are food reactions becoming infrequent?

And if you still don’t have this journal, then you need one ASAP. I’m serious.

You can get the physical copy HERE, and my team will ship directly to your doorstep.

Or, you can DIY it with my template (exact same as the printed version only you will print it off yourself) by downloading the PDF today:

Bloating, Gas, Constipation, Diarrhea

Almost everyone with a leaky gut issues presents with some sort of stomach issue whether it’s bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, or a combination of any of them.

While all 4 are common and can be normal as part of any random occurrence, none of them are normal on an ongoing basis.

Common and normal are not the same things, and the sooner we all realize this when it comes to gut health, the faster we can all improve.

You should not be living on a daily basis with any (and definitely not all) of the above.

Again, look at your gut healing journey journal.

In my journal there is a key. Are you seeing the key symbols on a regular basis for any/all: bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea?

If your leaky gut is healing then you will:

  • Notice fewer occurrences of any of the above
  • Experience less severe bouts of any of the above
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Clear Skin

Finally, look in the mirror. How is your skin?

I used to suffer cystic back acne, and my face and was covered with various blemishes.

Additionally, I had period dermatitis – rashes all over my nose and chin; painful and itchy, scaly and horrendous.

Finally, semi-skin related, but there were cracks in the corners of my lips, which is known as angular cheilitis.

Yes, all of it was miserable.

If you see yourself in any of that, then your leaky gut is mostly likely still alive and well.

But even if you presented with any one of the above and it’s now gone, you might be healing and your leaky gut might be sealing up.

Take a look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.

Remember, you’re beautiful no matter what, but these visible signs are indicative of your leaky gut status which is all we are concerned with today.

List of Top 3 Ways to Know Your Leaky Gut is Healing

Am I Healing?

If your body is displaying visible symptoms, chances are your leaky gut has not healed.

You almost always know the answers if you are able to get really honest with yourself.

And if you are not healing, then you need to go back to the drawing board. Start by asking — how is this working for me?


Gut Healing: ELEVATED

If it has, and if you want to dig in deeper, I’m inviting you to join Gut Healing: ELEVATED.

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It’s my decade+ – long journey wrapped in one package with everything I learned, how I healed, and the SYSTEM that got me from there to here.

me before bloated, gassy, sick, gut

This was me THEN: bloated, gassy, sick

This is me TODAY: no bloat, healthy, thriving

me today no bloat, healthy, thriving gut healing

My ONE goal with A Gutsy Girl is to make sure YOU, too, heal your gut and heal your life.

And yes, it can get ugly with die off, but you can and WILL heal.

p.s. If the full course seems too overwhelming, just start with the Quick Gut Detox and in 21 days you’ll have way less bloat and feel so much better!

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