Another year, another list: A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2020 Gut Wish List is here.

And darling, do I have the goods ready for you today.

Before we even get started, I must tell you this.

Hopefully you’re already part of the Rated-G Email Club. From today (when this list launches) through the holiday season, I’m going to be hosting giveaways to the Rated-G Email Club only. If you’re not yet on the list, click HERE to get on it ASAP. If you are on the list, be sure to add my email to your address book so the emails don’t go to “spam/junk.”

Now then….

The gut wish list (or any wish list)

I created some materials that might be helpful for you this holiday season.

Click on each image above to view larger and/or to save and print for yourself.

  1. Year-end wish list (for you, duh)
  2. Your Christmas Wishes list (for you again, duh!) This one is so that I can help you. Feel free to mark it up with what you want and write out who I should contact for ordering. Then, send it to our team by clicking HERE and we’ll take care of the rest for you.
  3. Gifts to buy for other people
  4. Your ‘Good Girl’ Holiday Wish List (again, for you, just in a different format)

This Year’s Gut Health Wish List

What the A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2020 Gut Wish List comes down to is the following:

  1. Supporting more small business owners (vs sending you to for everything)
  2. Stocking stuffers and too big for the stocking items (+ 4 random, miscellaneous items)
  3. Falls under at least one of my three pillars to ultimate gut healing (diagnosis, diet, lifestyle)

Not interested in wasting anymore time!

Let’s dive into the items.


  1. If you purchase from some of these, I’ll make a small amount from that sale (at no cost to you). Beneath each item, I’ll drop my code or any other special savings/deals for you (or the person buying for your) to take advantage of.
  2. Beneath each item, I’ll also let you know which pillar(s) the item falls under (diagnosis, diet, lifestyle). You know, in case you care to keep track.

A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2020 Gut Wish List

Click HERE to save the A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2020 Gut Wish List for later.

A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2020 Gut Wish List #holidaywishlist #wishlist #newyear

Stocking Stuffers

Click HERE to save these 10 stocking stuffer ideas for later.

A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2020 Gut Wish List 10 stocking stuffers #holidaywishlist #wishlist #newyear #stockingstufferideas
  1. My 30-Day Gut Reset course

    This is the first program ever that I am offering a huge, online course that was professionally produced with Clean Eating Magazine. You’re finally going to get to make bone broth (and many other things) with me on video!

  2. Essential oils

    Oils are tiny little bits of happiness so they can easily fit in a stocking. I use doTerra; love it. So what I’ve done for this holiday list is give a few different packages I’ve already put together that you might enjoy. This falls under lifestyle, obviously.

    1. Calming Sleep Set
    2. Healthy Home Kit
  3. The Better Blender

    Build, blend, and buff. The triple-threat makeup sponge gives you a flawless finish from every angle.

    1. Forward me your receipt for any Beautycounter order $150+ (not including S&H) and I’ll send you one of my journals for free! (If you are outside the United States, I’ll send you the PDF version.)
    2. lifestyle
  4. Mantra Band

    I think I now own about 5 of these. And I love them. A lot. Short mantras that you wear for visibility 24/7. I have rose gold, gold, and silver. Rose gold is my favorite. Get inspired with some gut healing mantras HERE. Then, find one from the Mantra Band website HERE that you connect to most and enjoy.

    1. Use code ‘AGUTSYGIRL’ at checkout to save an automatic 10% for your inspirational Mantra Band.
    2. lifestyle
  5. Thrive Market Membership

    The gift that keeps on giving. Well, many of the items on this list fall under that, but this one is a buy once enjoy all year gift. Once your membership has been purchased, you’ll have access to natural and organic items that are almost always cheaper than anywhere else. Plus, they will ship direct to your house.

    1. diet and lifestyle
  6. Soul Perch

    Whether we like it or not, being fully stocked on face masks is a current necessity. The reusable ones save resources and money. But even still, I wasn’t finding anything remotely cute…..until Soul Perch. Full disclosure: the company is owned by a dear friend in California.

    1. lifestyle
  7. Wellnesse

    I have, use and love the hand sanitizer, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste. I’m wanting the dry shampoo next. I’ve never met a Wellnesse product I didn’t like. 

    1. lifestyle
  8. Just Thrive® Gut 4-tify

    Brand new Just Thrive product. And by now, we have been friends for long enough that you know how much I love and trust Just Thrive. The Gut 4-tify has the ability to foster your immune effectiveness*, alm your digestive tract*, and encourage healthy mucosal barrier function*. It contains 4 key amino acids (L-proline, L-serine, L-cysteine, and L-Threonine). Heading into these uncertain times, this could be super helpful.

    1. Use code ‘AGUTSYGIRL’ at checkout to save 15%.
    2. lifestyle
  9. Eucalyptus Farms subscription

    Trinity, part of my lovely Gutsy team, got one of these for her birthday. She posted it on her Instagram stories and I fell in love immediately. Here is what the company says of their service, “Subscribe to receive one bouquet of California-grown eucalyptus every month! Trimmed from our trees then shipped securely right to your door, we make sure to send our best seasonal eucalyptus, like our Baby Blue, Willow, or Silver Dollar varieties, or a mix. Each bouquet is ready to add some natural beauty to your space!” Just thinking about this being delivered monthly to me makes me happy. 

  10. Grove Collaborative

    This is another Thrive Market concept that I love. Here’s what they say, “At Grove, we take the guesswork out of which products are good for you and your home. Every product meets strict standards for being nontoxic, effective, sustainable, and cruelty-free. Once you find products you love, we ship to your home on a flexible, monthly schedule.” If you’re looking to update and upgrade your non-toxic life in the New Year, ask to help getting started with Grove.

    1. lifestyle

Too Big for the Stocking

Click HERE to save these items for later.

A Gutsy Girl Holiday 2020 Gut Wish List 10 too big for the stocking #holidaywishlist #wishlist #newyear
  1. Healing Blooms from Within, 90-day gut healing journal.

    Now, I’m not actually certain if this one is too big for the stocking. But likely. Anyways, it’s in the number one position on this list intentionally. I always love giving and getting gifts that help me get excited for the upcoming year. This is exactly that. About this time of year, I always get the next year’s daily planner. And guess what? My journal is an all-in-one. You’ll be able to customize your days and what you record however you want.

    1. Use code ALL10 at checkout to save 10% on the physical or e-version journal. 
  2. Bedtime Set

    There are three adorable sets like this one that someone on our Beautycounter team put together (Bedtime Set, Eye See You, and At Home Spa). They aren’t just adorable, but super practical. From the image, here are the links to my favorites: personalized sleep mask, satin pillow cover, polish and protect lip duo, sassy pajamas (see below number 9), Countertime Radiant Skin Set, and the Countertime Collection.

    1. Forward me your receipt for any Beautycounter order $150+ (not including S&H) and I’ll send you one of my journals for free! (If you are outside the United States, I’ll send you the PDF version.)
    2. lifestyle
  3. Hikari Diffuser with Holiday Peace®

    This is a beautiful diffuser to grab as your first household diffuser (or 24th-ish like mine!). Hikari, the Japanese word for “light,” is the name of the new doTERRA, custom-designed, nature-inspired, ultrasonic diffuser. In addition to the diffuser, you’ll get a holiday scent with it. And if you click HERE, I have already put together a gift; the diffuser, Holiday Peace and Peppermint Oil (which is both festive + on my gut health essential oils list; you can remove it easily, if desired).

    1. lifestyle
  4. Eye See You

    Here is the second set the Beautycounter team put together. From the image, here are the links to my favorites: blue light glasses, luminous lids cream shadows, Eye Revive Cooling Mask, and Eye Rescue Cream. Honestly? It’s not the Beautycounter item, but the blue light glasses are my FAVE!

    1. Forward me your receipt for any Beautycounter order $150+ (not including S&H) and I’ll send you one of my journals for free! (If you are outside the United States, I’ll send you the PDF version.)
    2. lifestyle
  5. Bidet

    Is it weird to put this on your holiday list? Maybe. But do you care? Nah. In case you don’t know what a bidet is, here is the general overview: it sprays your bum after going poo in order to fully clean the tush. Then, instead of using a ton of toilet paper to wipe, you simply just use a little bit to pat yourself dry. And that’s it. Check out the Luxe Bidet Neo 120 or the Tushy.

    1. lifestyle
  6. Heated Blanket

    Whether or not you live in a frozen tundra state like Minnesota is not the point. A heated blanket even if the temperature falls to 50 degrees can be cozy and calming. Also, for those of you who get body aches and/or cramps, these are invaluable.

    1. lifestyle
  7. Bamboo sleepwear

    Sleep and gut healing are best friends. I promise this. I’m asking for a new set or two of comfy, cozy sleepwear this year. And I love the Bamboo sleepwear from Cariloha (we already have their bed sheets; incredible!) I’m personally loving the Blush Floral Bamboo Sleep Button Front, but anything from their sleepwear line would be lovely.

    1. lifestyle
  8. Non-Toxic Cookware

    Okay, THIS non-toxic cookware, Our Place, is beautiful. I don’t have any of it, but the non-toxic makeup and hair artist I worked with in Colorado recommended it to me. And I love and trust Beth so much! It’s beautiful and non-toxic. Plus, the colors are the Boho Farmhouse style I adore. You, too?!

    1. lifestyle
  9. At Home Spa

    And here is the last set the Beautycounter team put together that I wanted to feature on my holiday list. From the image, here are the links to my favorites: Ultimate Renewal Bath/Shower set, lavender sprigs, personalized wine tumbler, fresh eucalyptus (see number 10 from the Stocking Stuffers above), clean burn candle (honestly? skip this and go for the essential oils and diffuser on this list), reusable basket, bottle of wine.

    1. Forward me your receipt for any Beautycounter order $150+ (not including S&H) and I’ll send you one of my journals for free! (If you are outside the United States, I’ll send you the PDF version.)
    2. lifestyle
  10. Branch Basics Starter Kit

    I cannot even begin tell you how much I’ve loved my Branch Basics. THIS Starter Kit was my first “go” with the brand, and I’ve been hooked ever since. My next purchase Branch Basics purchase will be the Premium Glass Bottle Kit (trying to continue my quest for minimal plastic in our house). If you want to purchase something other than the Starter Kit, then use THIS LINK to get $10 off your total purchase (not including trial size items).

    1. Use code ‘AGUTSYGIRL’ for 15% off all Starter Kits.
    2. lifestyle
  11. Daily Harvest Gift

    Daily Harvest is no secret. You’ve likely seen them around. They offer everything from smoothies to oat bowls, chia bowls to lattes. Talk about your daily boost of fiber! All the pieces to create your concoction delivered straight to your house. Healthy convenience to start your New Year at its finest.

    1. Use code ‘AGUTSYGIRL’ to save $25 off your first order. 
    2. diet

Top 4 Miscellaneous Gifts

  1. Trust Your Gut Tote

    Found on Etsy, and I need this in my life stat. How adorable is this? I actually think I’d use it as my purse. I’m not a fan of the standard purse anymore. In fact, my goal is to get rid of all but 1-2 of them.

  2. Timberlands

    Yes, this is uber-random, but again – miscellaneous. I am wanting a pair of Womens Timberland 6″ Metallic Collar Premium Boot – Gray / White and/or a pair of the pink waterproof boots. 

  3. Magic Spoon

    But actually, who am I even that I’m putting a cereal on my holiday wish list? Okay, here’s why. First, this is unlike any cereal you’ve ever had. And second, it’s not cheap so maybe someone else could gift you it?! We loved the Variety Pack, which includes flavors: fruity, frosted, cocoa, and blueberry. The cereal does contain milk, but it’s free from all other things and includes: 3g net carbs, 11g complete protein, 110 calories, and nothing artificial. But mostly, it’s just so incredibly good!

  4. Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

    I love listening to podcasts every chance I get. But I don’t listen to them very often while I’m working because I can’t effectively do both at the same time. That leaves me to the car, workouts, and shower. So here’s the solution for adding in a podcast while showering.

In case you were expecting a list filled with fancy health and fitness items, sorry – this wasn’t it. Honestly? I love the practicality of gifts, while also supporting other small business owners as often as possible.

Let me know. What else is on your wish list this year?!

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