Bringing you 14 things to stock up on that will actually make a difference.

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And though this is a list for the Gutsy girl, toilet paper is not our star item. Don’t worry. It’s still on the list because…..essentials – with or without a pandemic.

One can never be too prepared

What the 2020 Pandemic taught us is that one can never be too prepared.

Whether or not a mass shutdown happens again (God willing not in this lifetime!), the reality is that the way we approach life has changed.

I’m not saying it has changed for the better, but from what I have seen and read, this is what I know to be true:

  1. People want to be prepared if it happens
  2. More people are paying attention to proactive vs reactive health

USA Today came out with a list of 24 products that were selling out online during the pandemic. These items included everything from the standard toilet paper to board games and Nintendo Switches.

I have no clue what you do or don’t need, but I do have a list of 14 things to stock up on that will actually make a difference. Spoiler alert, the Nintendo Switches do not make the list.

14 Things to Stock Up on That Will Actually Make a Difference

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14 Things to Stock Up On That Will Actually Make a Difference #guthealth #immuneboost #stockingup

Now this is a list curated and crafted for you, my Gutsy friend.

  1. Toilet paper

    Good old toilet paper. The pandemic made toilet paper a hot topic. But you were already privy to the idea that toilet paper is essential. This items is nothing new, but I will say that you will need far less of it if you have a….

  2. Bidet

    Yes! A bidet is something to grab right now. After a friend raved about her Luxe Bidet Neo 120, I also bought one. In case you don’t know what a bidet is, here is the general overview: it sprays your bum after going poo in order to fully clean the tush. Then, instead of using a ton of toilet paper to wipe, you simply just use a little bit to pat yourself dry. And that’s it.

    Alternatively, check out the Tushy. I want to get this one, too, and then do a Luxe vs Tushy bidet review. 

  3. Hand sanitizer

    This stuff flew off shelves; continues to be a harder-to-find item. First things first. You do not need to stock up on sanitizer in bulk, hoarding every last bottle. Use it practically. And then, make sure it’s not filled with ingredients that are negating the benefits. I have a whole post you can read on hand sanitizers and your gut HERE.

  4. Cleaning spray

    Luckily for all of us, this one and the next (number 5) can be the same thing. At least that’s how I do it at our house so I’m always stocked. As long as I have a bottle of Branch Basics Concentrate on hand, I’m good to go. 

  5. Hand soap

    Yes, you just need the Concentrate to make hand soap, too. For both the spray and soap, add the necessary water, Concentrate, and then if you want a scent, a few droplets of your favorite essential oil (how about my essential oils for gut health?!). And that’s it.

    It’s so easy to keep a bottle or two of the Concentrate on hand to use as needed. You can grab the Concentration as part of your Branch Basics Starter Kit HERE (you’ll save 15% when you enter in code AGUTSYGIRL). Or, you can click HERE to save $10 off any purchase from them (minus the trial kit). Healthy Cleaning for a Healthy Gut #nontoxicliving #nontoxiccleaning #healthyliving #DIY Branch Basics foaming hand soap

  6. Thermometer

    Obviously you should always have one of these on hand. According to Amazon, you have over 28,000 options. 

  7. Tissues

    Is there anything worse than needing to blow your nose and you don’t have a soft tissue on hand? And no, a random paper towel will not do. It’s like sandpaper sweeping the nostrils. If you have a Thrive Market Membership (another great thing to have on hand at all times!), check out the Bamboo Hybrid Facial Tissues.

  8. Water filters

    Quick access to purified water. Yes, this is actually important and yes hydration is key. HERE are many eco-friendly water filters to peruse.

  9. Cozy loungewear

    Make sure you are set and stocked with the coziest of loungewear. This one is important because there is nothing quite like comfort and coziness. I want that for you, darling.

  10. My journal

    When daily activities are scarce, having my journal will not only give you comfort, but also allow you to take control over your own health and situation. The journal contains over 90 quotes, and there is a page for each day so you can keep track of everything from bowel movements to healing mantras. A full FAQ on the journal can be found HERE. Digestion and Women Healing Blooms from Within 90-day gut healing journal with A Gutsy Girl #journal #guthealth #chronicillness

  11. Pantry and shelf-stable items

    There are many you’ll want to have on hand. Number 14 below is one (it deserved its own line). I have an entire list of 31 gut healing and shelf stable foods HERE.

  12. Immune-boosting kit

    Now listen, there are so many things I could list out here. I’m choosing to feature just two here. You’ll find many more linked below.

    1. Just Thrive Ultimate IGG. I’m always fully stocked on this, no matter what. My Just Thrive code to use at checkout is AGUTSYGIRL to save 15%. Learn all about the product HERE.
    2. Multi-organ glandulars. This is a brand new product from Perfect Supplements. It even includes thymus, which supports many aspects of immune function. My code for Perfect Supplements is GUTSY10 to save 10% at checkout.
  13. Bone broth

    Well, of course you can make your bone broth at home. And you should! But if you want to be extra prepared, always have a box or two on hand, just in case. And not just any broth will do. You’ll need the best. Get your Kettle & Fire Broth HERE and use my code AGUTSYGIRL at checkout to save 10%. Also, while I realize adding a broth to the list might seem odd, it’s definitely not.

    On most illness and immune-boosting lists, you’ll find soup. This just isn’t your traditional Campbell’s Chicken Soup. This is actual soup for the soul (aka gut).

14 Things to Stock Up On That Will Actually Make a Difference #guthealth #immuneboost #stockingup list

And there you go. What do you think must be added to my list of 14 things to stock up on that will actually make a difference?

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