Big organizations like the FDA, USDA, AHA, AMA and ADA all struggle under real limitations and conflicts of interest. Know and understand them.

Day 50 of 101 days of blogging is about questioning.

This is about more than questioning the authority today.

It’s about questioning ourselves – after all, it is Motivation Monday.

Think about the area(s) in your life where you lack the most motivation:

  • “diet?”
  • lifestyle?
  • fitness?
  • drowning out old habits?
  • overall health?
  • relationships?
  • career path?
  • doing vs. saying?

How often do you question yourself on these things?

You are the authority in your own life. 

It’s easy to question the authority when it’s in the form of someone else: FDA, doctors, USDA, etc.

It’s not as easy to take a step back to question ourselves. Just like we need to know and understand other forms of the authority, so are we required to know and understand ourselves.

Today’s challenge: question yourself, question your motivations.

This is how you will create real change.

Tomorrow is day 51. Topic:

Face the Facts

Love your guts,

{Join in the 101 Days of Blogging at any point}

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  1. gasp… one “question myself” question at a time… 🙂
    I’m already thinking “how am I going to be able to train this hard for the next three months?” I can’t handle anything else. Ok, maybe one more. Great share.

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