Come along for the second part today of John Robbins & My Own “John Robins” Personal Decision: Part II.

John Robbins walked away from millions of dollars because he didn’t believe in a product (Baskin-Robins).

I made the decision to walk away from several thousands.


Two years ago, I formed a partnership with The Laughing Cow as their Healthy Lifestyle expert.

At the time, I knew deep down that I was borderline allergic to milk. But I loved The Laughing Cow, it was gluten free and the money was very lucrative.

So I dove in, head first. I spent two years creating recipes that included the cheese.

During that time, three main things changed:

  1. I became a Holistic Health Coach.
  2. And I studied a lot about dairy and its effects on those with IBS and IBD.
  3. Finally, I began working with clients who wondered why I had so many dairy recipes.

Healing vs Wholeness writing blogger computer John Robbins & My Own "John Robins" Personal Decision: Part II

And two things never changed:

  1. Dairy continued to wreak havoc on my body.
  2. I felt like a complete hypocrite.

Online blogs have grown immensely. I can’t tell you the number of times I have witnessed the conversations around,

I need to make money from my blog. How quickly can I do this?

So many “healthy lifestyle” bloggers are willing to sell their souls to the devil, if the pay is right. I would argue that it’s almost to the point where I don’t know who to believe anymore; who is legit and who is selling their souls.

I never, ever want to be that.


John Robbins & My Own “John Robins” Personal Decision: Part II

Sarah Kay Hoffman A Gutsy Girl The Book Deal that Almost Was #guthealth #gut #ibs #ibd #author books

And with that, at the end of December, 2012, I made the personal decision to remove myself as the Healthy Lifestyle expert for The Laughing Cow brand.  (It should be noted that I could have never asked to work with a better agency/brand team than the ones they provided. Amazing people; smart, talented and gracious.)

I gave up the only source of income this blog had, the fuel that perhaps kept me up-and-running. But I want both my clients and anyone who stumbles upon my blog to believe that I believe in every single word that is written here.

I have worked too hard to be conflicting.

What does this personal decision mean for my blog?

It means that 95% of my recipes will no longer include dairy, and along with the gluten free tag, I will add a dairy free one as well. Remember, I don’t believe in dairy for healing the gut. If dairy makes its way back, it will be in the form of raw cheeses, homemade yogurts and other completely unprocessed dairy items. (Ghee butter will still be sticking around so don’t you worry!) Dairy is completely out of my life for all of January. It will likely be out for awhile period, as I’m really focusing on my gut.

I am making decisions around my mantra.

I won’t need more: more money, more ingredients, more of anything to thrive and to prove that we can and do thrive without all of these things.

This is my first gutsy move of the year. A huge weight has been lifted.


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  1. Proud of you for making what was a tough but the right decision…I hope that by freeing yourself of what was becoming a burden, you’re now open to even more fabulous opportunities!

    And thanks also for giving the brand credit for being awesome. I’m sure they appreciate your honesty.

  2. Good for you lady! I appreciate your honesty and I agree that it’s easy to get wrapped up in trying to make money through blogging — which really isn’t what blogging should be about at all.

    I’ve worked with Laughing Cow before and I know they are a great brand with great people working there but partnerships only work if the product/brand is the right fit for the blogger.

    1. Exactly because this has NOTHING to do with The Laughing Cow or brand. It has to do with me and what I’m constantly talking about and preaching, which simply don’t co-align anymore with a cheese brand. That said, it’s deliciousness all around:)

  3. Laughing Cow has always been one of my favorites too, but I am doing the Whole30 Challenge for January and found since giving up dairy and grains (already g-f) that I am no longer sniffly every morning and have no tummy pain at all… yikes….

    I applaud your integrity. And appreciate it, a lot!

  4. Good for you! That’s so brave! I’ve often had to make myself step back and really think about the products and opportunities I’m offered bc I never want my readers to ask why I’m eating something if I wouldn’t eat it in real life. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Way to go Sarah! A very difficult decision but you did the right thing. Now you can feel GREAT and GUTSY about everything you are offering on your website and blog. Truly admire your integrity.

  6. I’m sure it was a tough decision for you Sarah. Money is nice AND needed, but you must feel great knowing you’re being true to yourself. Congrats!!

  7. Bravo.

    Integrity is important when it comes to being a blogger, and for some that trait is lacking.

    Personally, I blog because I like to write. I don’t get paid to do it, never have. I am a writer, and blogging is simply an outlet. I have readers, and that’s all I can ask for. I believe I have something interesting/important to say, and that’s the ego talking 🙂

    I know of way too many healthy living bloggers who have “sold their soul” to big food or big pharma. That’s what I am trying to get people away from on my blog. I am grateful you are doing the same. We are already being green-washed, true bloggers will lead us on a real road to health and wellness.

    I am grateful to you. I have IBS, and your honesty and integrity means the world.

  8. THANK YOU for being honest and going with your gut. I like to think of myself as a blogger that only posts about things I truly love and use. I’ve never had to turn down a large sum of money and I like to think that if it came to that I could make the honest choice like you did if it was something I couldn’t support 100%.

    I’m sure this has opened a door/window for you to connect with another partner that’s more inline with your personal beliefs. Good luck!

  9. Good for you! I have turned down opportunities that I don’t believe in, but here it sounds like you evolved over the course of your relationship, and that does make it harder to “break up.”

  10. Good for you, Sarah! Standing up for what you believe in can be so hard, but it’s so important to stay true to yourself. Thank you for your honesty + for being gutsy! 🙂

  11. I was actually just thinking about this the other day. I saw your post on your food allergies–one of the being dairy–and then I remembered you did some work for The Laughing Cow. I didn’t immediately think of you being a hypocrite, but I did wonder how those two pieces fit together. That’s very admirable that you were able to walk away from money because too often money drives people to make very poor decisions.

    1. Yes….that’s why I had to make the decision. You weren’t the only one thinking those things. Thanks, Michelle!

  12. I’m glad to hear it. I often wondered why you were promoting a processed cheese… has never been on my radar for that reason.

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