Recently, someone asked me on Instagram if I would do a post of all my current eats in a day, so I figured I would just do it here. This is my thriving gut current eats edition of what I ate in a day.

Ever since I gave you the 2017 SIBO status update, I have continued feeling even better. I have zero upper fermenting, zero SIBO bloat, and I am going to the bathroom like a normal person. 

I credit my current supplement regimen, meal spacing, lower stress with going back to work full time and staying consistent with it all.

The best part? Eating again without the constant fear of how my body will respond. 

Thriving Gut Current Eats

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Thriving Gut Current Eats

Breakfast: It has been big lately because I have been working out 5-6 days a week at 5:30 am, so by 8 am, I am really hungry (also because I stopped eating for the day on Monday night at 6 pm). Protein Pancakes (I mentioned these and how to make them in My Favorites Issue 2) were the bulk of the meal, but I also had 1/2 a banana, coffee, Almond Milk, a few bites of Ryan’s eggs, and a couple mini breakfast sausages. I was done eating then until lunch, except for a lot of water and a bottle of Humm Kombucha (duh).

Lunch: Not one but two of these bowls. I call it my Kitchen Sink Leftover Lunch. It was made of purple organic cabbage sauteed in Nutiva’s coconut oil, funky organic mushrooms from my farm box (by the way, if you are in the Bay Area, this service is awesome! + you can get $15 off your first delivery of organic fruits & veggies delivered to your door by using code SARA7874 HERE), Lotus Foods Basmati rice, ground turkey, and coconut aminos. I could eat that every single day. 

Thriving Gut Current Eats Kitchen Sink Lunch Leftovers

Snack: It’s not that I was all that hungry, but I’ve just been obsessed with my Paleo bars, so I had one. I have been doing this daily for a couple weeks.

Dinner: Another jumbo bowl of randomness. I roasted organic chicken drummies in one pan, and a mixed vegetable concoction in another (carrots, beets, Brussels sprouts) (both doused in coconut oil). I still had more leftover purple cabbage so that filled the bottom of my bowl, then a little rice, 2 chicken drummies, and some of the mixed veggies. I sprinkled it all with coconut aminos, salt, and pepper. 

Thriving Gut Current Eats Beet Bowl

Dessert: We ate dinner at 5 pm, and because I always want to be done eating no later than 6-6:30 pm, dessert, if I want it (which obv I always do) happens right away. I had a few bites of chia pudding, full-fat yogurt (Organic Valley Strawberry), raspberries and then, even though I was actually really full, some of Nikki’s Vanilla Cake Batter Coconut Butter because my taste buds told me so. And these days, I just listen.

There are so many things about yesterday’s eats that I would have never been able to do a year (or even several months) ago.

I know that some people will look at this list and think, “But dairy and grains? You do have an autoimmune condition still.” 

To that I say, “Yes, but this works for me and the longer I’ve been in the trenches, the more I am able to see how food restriction can actually lead to feeling even worse.” 

The truth is that I know food heals or hurts, but I also know (because I’ve practiced and lived it) that so many other factors go into healing. Did you make note that I never mentioned food in the above?

I credit my current supplement regimen, meal spacing, lower stress with going back to work full time and staying consistent with it all.

Woke up this morning after all those eats yesterday feeling, yet again, incredible and ready to start the day!

Anything else you’re interested in knowing about this stage (or getting to) of the healing journey?!


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  1. Wow! You can eat cabbage, mushrooms, rice ??? Now that’s healing! It’s been a long journey for you. Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

  2. I just stumbled upon your website last evening. I love it! I have been reading more about meal spacing though eating dinner at 6 PM is pretty much impossible for me as I am not home from the office until after 6 PM and have to sometimes get in my workout and deal with kiddo stuff. But I would assume the 12 hours is just about the 12 hours, regardless of the timing? How would you handle a big workout the following day which begins very early? Example, I am likely riding about 50 miles Sat morning and will want to start by 7 AM. However, I will not be home from work Friday until after 6 PM so dinner will probably be about 7/7:30. Just curious. Again, I love the website!

    1. Hi, Janice! First….I think you should not overthink it too much, *especially* if you are working out that much. But for the basics, 12 hours is just 12 hours and actually….the fast overnight is probably okay at 10 hours:) For me, I think the 3-4 hour break during the day has been most critical. Thanks for stopping by! xox

  3. Love the balance you’re finding! As someone with Endometriosis, pelvic floor dysfunction and gut issues after having Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth I’m on a gut rebuilding diet and have to do a boatload of PT exercises. It’s so important to realize that some days you just can’t do everything and you may eat some damn skittles. Beating yourself up puts yourself in a mindset that is opposite of what you need for healing. Keep up the great work and content!

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