Your printable SIBO diet (and then some!) is here!

Reasonable SIBO cover printable SIBO diet #SIBO

Reasonable SIBO is finally here!

Note: If you arrived here from the QR Code (in Reasonable SIBO 2.0), all sources and resources have been linked at the bottom of this post.

SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) in the most simplistic terms is a condition where there is more bacteria in the small intestine than should be.

Despite the arguments over “good” vs “bad” bacteria, it’s not really either.

It’s simply that more bacteria is in the small intestine than should be and thus causes everything from digestive symptoms like gas, bloating and diarrhea to gut-related symptoms like brain fog, headaches, skin issues, respiratory symptoms, a compromised immune system, nutritional deficiencies, and more.

What we want is more bacteria in the large intestine; not small. This is how we flourish.

SIBO: been there, done that, healed it

I was diagnosed with SIBO in 2014, but it took until 2018 to heal for good from it.

I relapsed 5 times, and went through the ringer with it, if you want my full truth.

If you want to listen to my SIBO story; getting the diagnosis, relapsing, and then healing, I have recorded a short podcast episode on the topic.

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I’m often asked about symptoms, what exact symptoms I had. And I’ve shared them many times, but here were my personal SIBO symptoms:

  • GI symptoms like bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation
  • undigested food in stool
  • pain
  • B12 deficiency
  • rashes
  • fatigue
  • food sensitivities
  • dark circles around eyes
  • hypersensitivity
  • headaches
  • acne
  • overall rotten, stinky gut
  • punch in the stomach feeling and abdominal pain in general

Note: I did not experience weight loss (actually weight gain), but losing weight is very common in those with SIBO.

And here’s the deal – all of this was long term for me because I didn’t understand it.

In fact, back then, barely anyone understood it.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Yes, SIBO does fall under the IBS umbrella, but if your practitioner has slapped the old “It’s just IBS” sticker on your chart without investigating SIBO, you might live with all of the above symptoms (and then some) forever.

And I do NOT want this for you.

Because if it’s not “just IBS,” then returning to a normal diet and living out your very best life is not likely to happen in the near future.

I know, I know – but it’s tough love. The kind of tough love I could only have WISHED someone gave to me and presented me with when I FIRST got sick during my Freshman year of college (now I’m dating myself)!

Diets, Diets, and More Diets

During my time in SIBO hell, I tried every single out there.

Here were the main ones:

  1. Low FODMAP diet
  2. GAPS diet
  3. SCD diet
  4. Elimination diet plan

(See my full list HERE.)

All of these are examples of a restrictive diet, but I thought more restriction = quicker healing.

I was wrong.

Diet was, of course, part of the healing process, but a specific diet conducive to and for me and what I needed was the “right” one. And from personal experience, it’s the one YOU need as well.

In fact, it’s why I created my main book, “A Gutsy Girl’s Bible: a 21-day approach to healing the gut…..” because I desire to help and teach women to create their own path for their own, unique circumstances.

But even still….with SIBO, there are many nuances to learn and have engraved so that you are fully capable of having the confidence to do all of this.

Enter: Reasonable SIBO.

Printable SIBO Diet (Reasonable SIBO, Heal Your SIBO)

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Printable SIBO Diet (Reasonable SIBO, Heal Your SIBO) #SIBO #FODMAP

Reasonable SIBO 1.0 was published in early April, 2019. At that time, I was about 3/4 a year in with zero SIBO relapses. I definitely knew what I was doing and what I shared was working.

And then Reasonable SIBO 2.0 was published 2+ years in with zero SIBO relapses and a life lived healthy, well, and vibrant! And this was in late 2020.

But now it’s time for yet another, far more robust, version to release.

I’ve kept the 2.0 attached to it, but the information has been highly elevated and includes extremely comprehensive and thorough information for my SIBO friends.

Here is what you’re getting in this guide:

  1. What is the low-FODMAP diet?
  2. How I healed long term
  3. SIBO treatment; All about SIBO antibiotics, herbal protocols, and more
  4. Why lifestyle matters (hint: MORE than you think)
  5. Hydrogen, methane, and hydrogen sulfide SIBO
  6. General gut health and cellular function
  7. Biofilm
  8. Fasting
  9. What are high FODMAP foods?
  10. Is almond milk low FODMAP?
  11. How do you do the SIBO breath test, and where can you get?
  12. Full graphics created from expert Monash University information
  13. Other ways to improve overall gut health
  14. Can a plant-based and/or Vegan diet work when you have SIBO? What about animal proteins? Which are okay?
  15. What is a list of low FODMAP vegetables?
  16. What are symptoms of SIBO?
  17. Is feta cheese okay? How about other forms of dairy?
  18. What are some high FODMAP ingredients?
  19. My thoughts on long term dietary restrictions
  20. Graphics so you can visualize your favorite foods and their FODMAP status

FODMAP Stands For

FODMAP is an acronym for; Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols.

They aren’t so much “food groups” as they are classifications of foods.

For example, cow’s milk falls under “dairy,” but contains lactose, which will ultimately make it a high-FODMAP food on the FODMAPs diet.

Lactose is a milk sugar which is a disaccharide (see above).

So confusing, right?

And that’s just for ONE food. Clearly we eat hundreds of different foods during any length of time.

For you with a digestive system that is seemingly “off,” these foods are causing digestive issues which lead to pain; both physical and emotional.

Remember, I’ve been there; done that.

Low FODMAP Food List

So I took it upon myself to create not only a way for discovering both low FODMAPS foods, but also breaking down foods so you understand the extent to which you can eat any given food (regardless of its FODMAP status).

Back to the milk example.

Let’s say you choose a lactose-free milk, well then, in that case you are in the clear; there are no FODMAPs detected from the lactose-free food label.

And this is great news because your goal should always be — MORE food, not LESS; MORE variety, not LESS.

Dietary Changes

With your printable SIBO diet in full detail, you will feel far more confident with the day-to-day SIBO healing.

While this guide is not filled with a ton of recipes, though there are a few, it IS filled with about 200 graphics of individual foods so you can customize your own snacks and meals for whatever YOU need.

Are you ready to get started? Are you ready to download this massive guide all about SIBO to help you understand all things SIBO (and then some!) today?

It’s ready and waiting.

FoodMarble Device + Testing Kit

It is NOT required by any means, but there IS a tool that accompanies this guide perfectly; the FoodMarble AIRE device + testing kit.

FoodMarble helps those suffering from chronic gut issues including IBS, IBD, chronic constipation, and SIBO/IMO.

They initially created a device to help people find the foods that best suit their unique digestion.

This is achieved by tracking how their hydrogen levels change in response to the food they ate.

You can also get a FODMAP intolerance kit that can help you figure out your tolerance to some of the most common FODMAP sugars (lactose, fructose, inulin and sorbitol).

The device pairs with a handy app that records all your data so over time, you can see the trends.

If you want to bypass some of the SIBO testing and opt for an at-home option, I would 100% recommend the FoodMarble Aire.

This is a small portable device that is able to provide real time results of your fermentation level after eating.

It is great for anyone suffering with SIBO, as it can provide exact methane and hydrogen levels post-meal.

FoodMarble AIRE device SIBO #foodmarble #SIBO

Use code ‘GUTSYG‘ at checkout to save an automatic 15% off the device +/or FODMAP program.


To use this device, you first need to breath in to measure your baseline hydrogen and methane levels. You can then use this starting number as a base to compare different adjustments and protocols.

For example, you can try a supplement and see how your breath levels compare before and after treatment. You can also try removing certain foods to see the way in which they are impacting both your symptoms and your actual numbers.

This is a great way to assess your SIBO without having to do breath test after breath test. It allows you to see easy and quick results and to make changes that YOU can visually see the results of.


One of my favorite aspects of this product is the app that comes with it.

This app gives you a place to track and monitor your symptoms, record your breath levels, monitor your food intake, and include you supplement and treatment protocols. It also has information about the FODMAP levels of different foods, which is a GREAT tool for SIBO.

As you know, I absolutely swear by journaling for gut health and this app is the perfect way to do it. It keeps all of your information readily accessible in one place, which is great for doctor’s visits and keeping track of your personal progress.

FoodMarble Aire is helpful across several different avenues. It includes all of the following benefits:

1. Validated

This product is based on existing healthcare models and supported by research. It has also been run under several clinical tests, all which point to its validity.

2. Personalized

Breath tests and values are all PERSONAL to your own digestion and help you find the foods and supplements that work for your gut. This can be a great way to forgo some of the stricter diet and find concrete lab data for foods that digest well in your own body.

My advice is to use FODMAP as a loose guide, but to experiment with different foods an serving sizes. Write these values down and measure your symptoms and gas levels after eating. This can be a great way to avoid cutting unnecessary foods out of your diet.

3. Convenient

This allows you to have more control of your own protocol, as well as have constant access to your lab values. As we know, the more data you can collect, the better. This allows you to have 24/7 access to your own SIBO levels rather than depending on a doctor. It also gives you more control over your own health, which I absolutely love

It may seem a bit pricey, but for all of its benefits I truly find this device to be worth it. As you know, I would never promote a product I did not 100% swear by and use in my own life.

If you want an extra 15% off on your purchase, use code GUTSYG at checkout.

Food Intolerance Kit

The Food Intolerance Kit, consisting of four FODMAP test packs (lactose, fructose, sorbitol, and inulin), enables you to find out how your body digests different foods.

And this pairs perfectly with all the various food graphics we put together in the guide.

Questions? Feel free to ask them below in the comments.

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Sources and Resources from Reasonable SIBO 2.0

If you arrived her from the guide’s QR code, here are all the sources and resources mentioned.

  1. Chronic Illness Root Cause Analysis
  2. Healing Blooms from Within, a 90-day gut healing journey journal
  3. Just Thrive
  4. Master Gutsy Spreadsheet
  5. SIBO Q&A
  6. The Elimination Diet
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  8. A Gutsy Girl’s Bible: a 21-day approach to healing the gut
  9. Best Supplements for SIBO {based off experience + research}
  10. What is Methane Dominant SIBO
  11. Best Supplements for SIBO {based off experience + research}
  12. Do You Smell Like Rotten Eggs
  13. FoodMarble AIRE device
  14. Rotten Gut Bacteria, Starving and Weight Gain
  15. Buyer’s Guide to SIBO Tests
  16. How to Do the SIBO Breath Test
  17. 13 Natural Antibiotics for SIBO
  18. Dissecting Dysbiocide
  19. Should I Take a Probiotic with SIBO
  21. SIBO Diet Recipes – A Gutsy Girl Way
  22. Fasting to Cure SIBO {thoughts on Intermittent Fasting for SIBO} {Episode 53, AGG Bites #8}
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  35. Perfect Plant Protein
  36. Naked Pea Protein
  37. Does Atrantil Work?
  38. Resources
  39. Shop
  40. Heal your gut


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