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In 2014, after I was first diagnosed with SIBO, I could only have wished a resource like this existed.

I had heard things like, “Blueberries are Low FODMAP,” but then I’d have a cup or more and wondered why I felt miserable. 

Or, “Do not ever eat broccoli, as it’s High FODMAP,” so I avoided it like the plague.  

The FODMAP Diet is not so black-and-white. For you (and what I wish I had known back then) this is great news.  

Your goal should not be to avoid all the things, but instead approach the Low FODMAP diet from the angle, “What is the most I can get by with without feeling miserable?”  

This 2.0 version of Reasonable SIBO has come a very long way since the original version released.

And since that version released, I have remained 100% from a health standpoint.

Because of this, the information I’ve corralled and placed into this e-book is very intentional. It’s also very personalized, but there’s so much information that you will absolutely be able to apply bits and pieces (okay, likely way more than that!) to your own gut-healing journey.

Desiree Fence, Amazon reviewer

Heal your gut. Heal your life. 

A Gutsy Girl's - Reasonable SIBO

....because even when you're healing from SIBO you should aim to eat more, not less.

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