The best thing about these 25 stocking stuffer gift ideas is that they are small, won’t break the bank, and can be gifted as stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, colleague exchanges, small and sentimental “niceties,” and more. 

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25 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

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25 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

  1. Sierra Moutains Relaxation Pillow. Pure calm.
  2. Mother-and-Father-in-Law Card. I know my MIL will read this, so I’m not going to get it for her, but you totally should get it for yours. And by the way, Judy, if you are reading this…..THANK YOU for raising the man of my dreams! 25 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas Card
  3. Wool Headwrap. I’ve always loved these. The perfect gift heading into the colder season.
  4. Pucker Up Gift Set. Wedderspoon has my favorite chapstick ever! All 3 of these flavors are fantastic, and the ingredients are organic. I know several women who would love these, and for $11.99, you can’t beat it! 25 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas Chaptick Wedderspoon
  5. Pocket Notebooks. Perfect for the person who loves to put a small notepad in her purse for when ideas spark! I do it daily.
  6. Cold Weather Crochet Hat. So cute! I love hats, and I need to wear them more.
  7. Toasted Cinnamon Coconut Chips: At just 3oz and $3.99, these make the perfect stocking stuffer or piece to a foodie hostess gift. They are made with real Vietnamese cinnamon and a kiss of pure maple syrup and share the warmth of homemade French toast, cinnamon buns, and Snickerdoodle cookies. 25 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas Made in Nature Organic Snacks
  8. Standard Bullet Journal. I love the idea of a Bullet Journal. This would also be perfect for the Gut Healing Bullet Journal.
  9. Owl iPhone Case. Know someone who loves owls?!
  10. Brightside Skincare. Brightside Skincare is a line of affordable, natural, ‘free-from’ skincare products that provide an alternative to the harmful skincare options available in today’s US market. The Rooibos and Olive Eye Cream is a great stocking stuffer for men and women of all ages! SAVE NOW thru 11/30/16Get 10% off with code QUCYVBKS on Amazon by clicking HERE25 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas Brightside Skincare
  11. Groovebook. We have used Groovebook since we got Samarah, and have loved it. For just $2.99 a month you get 100 printed photos sent to you in a perforated book. All images are uploaded from your camera to the app, and then automatically printed and sent each month to you. We got this gift for both our parent’s last year and they have loved it. 
  12. MiniFlex Book Light. Ryan has one, and I really love it. I know I shouldn’t read with light in bed, but I enjoy it when all the babies are sleeping.
  13. Gaiam Grippy Toeless Yoga Socks. I have these! They are really fantastic.
  14. Aqua Notes. Obviously. Do you even know how many times people get great ideas in the shower?!
  15. Meat and Veggie Bars. Shopping for a Paleo enthusiast? If they have never had a Wild Zora bar, they are going to love these. My favorite is the Mediterranean Lamb Bar with Spinach and Turmeric. I talk about Wild Zora a ton here! 25 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas Wild Zora Lamb Bars
  16. Josephine’s Feast 6 Piece NO SALT Spice Rub Collection. These days I’m all about salt, salt, and more Himalayan salt, but these look fantastic. 
  17. Organic Waffle Weave Dish Cloth. Such a beautiful hostess gift. 
  18. Gold Foil Pineapple Matches. Light those candles in style!
  19. Foodie Dice. A fun new way to shake up your cooking routine, Foodie Dice provides inspiration for creating simple, seasonal meals. Simply select the five primary dice, add a seasonal veggie die and roll. Then shop, cook, and eat! Over 186,000 possible meal combinations to inspire creativity in the kitchen. 
  20. Herb Garden Markers. Have a gardener your shopping for this Holiday season? These are such a cute, small gift.
  21. Bicycle Journal with Baker’s Twine. I die at how cute this is! Help someone start their New Year off with a journaling practice.
  22. Hot Lil’ Hand Pepper Spray – Jogger. Every single female runner needs one of these. I absolutely love mine, and I just bought one now that I’m beginning to run longer again. (Also, the Sock It To Me!)
  23. Restore. “Restore before” you indulge this holiday season to maximize digestive support. Ate too much last night? More Restore today! The new travel size minis are perfect stocking stuffers. (Learn more about Restore.) 25 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas Restore Travel Size
  24. XO Mismatched Stud Earrings. I have a version of these, and I think they are just adorable.
  25. PACT Chemises. I have this in Charcoal color, and it’s super pretty! I featured the PACT Chemises on my Lifestyle post, too, but because they can be rolled into a little ball (and under $30), I think they make for a wonderful Stocking Stuffer. 25 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas PACT Chemises

p.s. And one more, not on the list, but something everyone always needs during the holiday season -> Bee Well Gift Set. Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Drops are organic gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and GMO-free! The Ginger is my absolute favorite, and I’ve had a few each day for about a week with the cold that Samarah so kindly passed along. 25 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas Wedderspoon Cough Drops

What is the best Stocking Stuffer you ever received?

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