For me, “Lifestyle” sort of coincides with “Wellness,” but nonetheless, today I put together a list o f 36 Lifestyle Holiday Gift Ideas.

This is my third of five Holiday Gift Guides. Click HERE to be taken to the main list from Monday.

Today’s guide is filled with various “lifestyle” items I found, love, and some that I already use on a regular basis. Hope you find several things you love as well! 

 36 Lifestyle Holiday Gift Ideas

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36 Lifestyle Holiday Gift Ideas #holiday #gifts #lifestyle #healthyliving

  1. PACT Chemise. Ceci and I recently got some new slippers, and mine match this perfectly. This chemise is 100% organic cotton, has adjustable straps that are reinforced to prevent stretching, lovely lace trim, is super soft and stretchy, and the side vent slits at the bottom for mobility. 36 Lifestyle Holiday Gift Ideas PACT Chemises
  2. Copper and concrete air plant holder. Adorable.
  3. iPad Mini 4. Wanted.
  4. Apple Watch. Plus I love this color.
  5. PurseN Travel Pillow Organizer. I’m all about function meets comfort when I travel. This holds smart phones, eyeglasses, passports, credit cards and much more when traveling.
  6. All Organic Eye Pillow with Insert and Washable Cover. This would be perfect for a night of zen after a long day filled with chaos.
  7. Case Art Plus Credit Card Secure Holder Stick on Wallet. Again, function meets fashion. I love how sleek this is. The light teal is my favorite. Yours?
  8. iPhone Personalized Docking Station. I’d love one of these for Ryan and I. “R” (heart) “SKH.” 
  9. Leather Card Case. I need a better system for keeping all my cards in one place. I love this one. The “Halo” color is my favorite.
  10. Embossing Rolling Pin – Pineapple. Seriously. Just adorable. Now, to grab a few of the baking books from HERE and pair with this!
  11. PotteryLodge. Anything from here! 
  12. PACT Light Weight Hoodie. Did you know that I wear a hoodie and/or sweatshirt approximately 362 days per year? This one made a great addition to the collection! I have it in black but want the striped one next. The bonus for me is that it has the sleeve thumb holes, which I love, especially for running. 36 Lifestyle Holiday Gift Ideas PACT Lightweight Hoodie
  13. Organic Light French Terry Sweatpants. I just want to cozy up in a pair of these stat.
  14. Indoor Hanging Succulent Planter. Succulents and Orchids are my favorite, which really should be no surprise to anyone, as they require very minimal maintenance. 
  15. Mama Bear Mug. Obviously. With or without coffee, all the things go in coffee mugs around here.
  16. The Bar Ring. So pretty and classy!
  17. iPad Air Sleeve. I just love this, and it would come in quite handy for when I get my new iPad.
  18. Ceramic Coffee Mug. I used to buy my coffee mugs in sets, until I realized how boring that is. I like having all different mugs, that mean different things to me, and that help fill a “mood,” whatever that mood might be each time I pick it up. This one screams “zen” to me.
  19. Pink Bag. I’m not even a fan of pink, but I love this shade of it, and I love how big it is!
  20. I Am Freaking Cold. Because yes, yes, I always am cold. Well, usually.
  21. Wedding Vows Pillow. What a cool idea! I want to get one for our house.
  22. Erin Condren Planner. I would never solely rely on my phone calendar for planning purposes. I will always be old school. A girl can never have too many planners. 
  23. Oh Kale Yeah. With California’s new law passing, I’ll need more reusable bags. Might as well leave at least 5 in my vehicle at all times.
  24. Wedderspoon Manuka Essentials Gift Set. Wedderspoon has the best honey ever! “Manuka honey, produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush, is one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the world.” 36 Lifestyle Holiday Gift Ideas Wedderspoon Manuka Honey
  25. Fingerless Gloves. I love these so much. I have had many pairs in the past, and somehow I always lose one glove. Bring on another!
  26. Dutch Oven. I still need one of these. 
  27. Cast Iron Muffin Pan. We love muffins, but I go through a lot of pans because most of them are junk. Cast iron, on the other hand, is not.
  28. RBT Decanter. Have a wine enthusiast you’re buying for? This one is beautiful!
  29. iPhone 7 Leather Wallet. Yes, yes, yes! All-in-one and perfect.
  30. Maya Angelou Book Set. Yes, Amiya might have something to do with this one, but man, I am really craving writing and reading poetry again. 
  31. Tumi Travel Tote. I have loved Ryan’s Tumi since he got it. They last forever, and they have the absolute best customer service. This would be perfect for our 2017 travels.
  32. Wusthof Gourmet 10 Piece Knife Block Set. Best knives ever! 
  33. Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets. I found these while in San Francisco one day. I felt them, and have wanted a set ever since.  
  34. KitchenAid Mixer. I already have one, and I love it. If you’ve never had one, now is the time to put it on your list. Besides, I used this when making THIS frosting!
  35. Cuisinart 12-Cup Coffee Maker. We have a very basic coffee maker. It’s been fine, but I’d love to kick it up a notch since coffee is such a huge part of our lives. But no, no I have not had more than 1/2 cup of coffee a day since I wrote Cup Half Full
  36. Amazon Gift Card. Listen, at the end of the day, an Amazon Gift Card will brighten anyone’s day.

Your turn! What “lifestyle” items would you add?

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36 Lifestyle Holiday Gift Ideas

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