Rotten gut bacteria, starving and weight gain are all real things.

A craving for sweet and starchy foods is typical for all people with abnormal bodily flora, particularly with Candida albicans overgrowth. No matter how finicky, most would accept sugary drinks, biscuits, cakes, sweets, sugar-laden breakfast cereals, chocolates, chips, crisps, pasta and white bread. In fact these are the foods to which many people limit their diet thus feeding the vicious circle of abnormal flora and toxicity in their bodies. (Gut and Psychology Syndrome, p. 157)

When I was in college and the early years thereafter, I ate a lot of fat-free, sugar-free junk.

I didn’t just eat a lot in general, but I ate a ton on a day-to-day basis because I physically felt hungrier than ever before.

It was a rotten gut (I know because of the stench produced), and I was starving, constantly. Nothing ever made me feel full.

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Rotten Gut Bacteria, Starving and Weight Gain

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Rotten Gut Bacteria, Starving, and Weight Gain gut health #guthealth #weightgain #gutbacteria #IBS

I gained weight (not astronomical, and I’m not here to complain about weight).

Fast forward to the beginning of my 101 days of intense gut healing. I didn’t want to show a picture that day because my gut was rotten (again, I knew from the stench around the house 🙂 ), I was starving, and the scale kept up going up-up-up each day.

The vicious cycle does not play games.

We either stop it in its tracks – forever – or it comes back to haunt us.

When I got back to me and really focused on the things that needed to be done to get my gut on the right track again, like some sort of miracle, I instantly dropped 7 pounds.

My secret: It wasn’t a miracle. It was simply scientific facts.

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Rotten Gut Bacteria

You don’t need me to explain this one. You know if you have it or if you don’t.

More people are “getting it” because of the food we eat and lifestyles we live. This is man made.

What’s more is that 95-99% of people don’t want to admit their rotten gut bacteria, so they just keep on doing the same ‘ole, same ‘ole while the rotten gut bacteria multiplies rapidly. But just in case you still aren’t sure, HERE are some signs.


Growing evidence suggests that “bad bacteria boost appetite, which may explain why some people struggle more with weight gain than others.”

(Note: even though I’m talking about the weight gain aspect today, you should absolutely know that for many this can also lead to weight loss.)

When the gut is filled with rotten bacteria, it craves more rotten foods to keep the rotten bacteria satisfied and oftentimes prohibits the absorption of necessary nutrients. This in turn causes us to become even hungrier with even more cravings and the cycle continues, which can cause unwanted weight gain.

According to an article on the Huffington Post, ‘”Bad guy” bacteria may be partly to blame for your junk-food cravings — by, for instance, sending out sugar-and-fat-jonesing signals via the gut-to-brain vagus nerve.”‘

Weight Gain

Science tells us that we tend to gain weight when calories in are greater than calories out and also when junk calories are consumed vs. quality calories. Therefore, with rotten gut bacteria and a hungry appetite, we are up against a never-ending battle.

And there’s another reason we gain weight from a poor gut – Chris Kresser made note that, “someone with bad gut flora could eat the same amount of food as someone with a healthy gut, but extract more calories from it and gain more weight.”

Rotten Gut Bacteria, Starving, and Weight Gain gut health #guthealth #weightgain #gutbacteria #IBS lifestyle

So what am I supposed to do about a rotten gut, starving, and weight gain?

You must begin to eat real food, but you must understand that there is far more to it than just “eat real food” if you have severe IBS and/or IBD.

Yes, you must take ownership over the fact that junk food and junk ingredients leave you miserable, but you also have to know that right now, here in this moment, all your “real food” might be keeping you symptomatic (and smelly).

It did to me.

I have lived through rotten gut bacteria. I’ve lived through feeling famished daily. Neither are the way I want to live my life on a daily basis ever again.

Start now. Start today. The cycle definitely will not end on its own.

HERE is the best first place to start.

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