If gluten is on your mind, you won’t want to miss this highly-valuable information about Just Thrive Gluten Away.

As a gut health advocate, researcher, and journalist, despite what some might think, I do look at things with an objective eye.

And though I don’t need to in order to make a living, I spend hundreds (thousands) of hours studying, researching, planning, questioning, etc. things. Many of these tasks you don’t see, not even in the slightest. I do them because I want to be and provide the best I can – for you – for the Gutsy community.

Top 100 Responsible Health & Wellness Influencers of 2020

So when I saw that I was named a Top 100 Responsible Health and Wellness Influencer yesterday, I felt a deep sense of pride.

I must be doing something right. Go look at the list I share space with.

Incredible and talented individuals (mostly women)!

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Now you’re thinking, “Okay great. But what does this have to do with the Just Thrive Gluten Away?”

Just Thrive came out with a new product called Gluten Away HERE.

I am an affiliate for Just Thrive which means that when you buy from them using my link and code , I make a small percentage.

This comes at zero cost to you, and in return, it allows me to keep giving you 95% of the information contained within A Gutsy Girl for free. By the way, when you use the code AGUTSYGIRL at checkout, you also save 15% on your entire order.

Yes, it’s a win-win.

But again, I do make a small percentage when you buy so the reality is that I could fib and make up whatever I wanted in order to sell.

And this is why I take so (dang) much pride in the fact that the Top 100 list is for health and wellness influencers who are responsible

I don’t need brand money in order to survive; I do this out of love for you. 

Supplements I Would NOT Take

Before I dig into all the Just Thrive Gluten Away goods for today, I want to share one, quick story.

There is a company I have worked with on my website in the recent-ish past. Said company wanted to continue working with me, but they wanted me to be taking their product(s) on a very consistent basis. 

While I believe in the product they have produced for the market (or I wouldn’t have talked about them at all), I would not take it at this stage of my journey on a daily basis. And for that reason, they were not interested in working with me any longer.

I could have said I would take the supplements and/or even lied about it.

But no. I enjoy maintaining the highest integrity. So I left the money on the table, and said if they wanted to work with me strictly from a research basis to connect again.

And it was a good chunk of money, by the way. 

Again, I don’t need it. I need you to heal your gut so that you heal your life. 

Let’s move on.

Just Thrive Gluten Away

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Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan Weighs in on Gluten Intolerance

All information in this section was taken from THIS Soundcloud bite, and you can save these sound bites to your Pinterest gut-healing information HERE.

Just Thrive Gluten Away Kiran Krishnan agutsygirl.com
  • We have been eating gluten for years so why all the sudden is it a major inflammatory? The types of wheat have changed over the past decades, and Glyphosate (the pesticide in Roundup, a toxin that destroys the gut).
  • Leaky Gut is the biggest driver of mortality in the modern world. But what drives a leaky gut? Gluten is a huge factor, even for those who do not have Celiac disease. 
  • Only 1 in 8 people have GI (gastrointestinal) symptoms after consuming gluten. The other 7 will have other symptoms like brain fog, muscular pain, eye issues, etc.
  • Is the solution to just not eat gluten? Not necessarily because a study confirmed that even in “gluten-free” foods (5,000+ foods were tested in this study), up to 50% of the foods contained gluten (even in small quantities).
  • So Just Thrive Health came up with this product, Gluten Away.
  • Which brings me to….

Just Thrive Education Meeting

All information below was taken from a private quarterly meeting Just Thrive Health (via Kiran Krishnan, Just Thrive Health’s Chief Science Officer) puts on.

I was not able to attend the live meeting, but I listened to the full hour+ recording afterwards.

Here are the things I wanted to share with you.

  • The gut microbiome is the cutting edge in the health industry.
  • We focus on solutions that provide a significant need, gluten is one of those areas.
  • Kiran has concluded (based on in-depth research) that everyone should avoid gluten. There are three categories of people: Celiacs, the gluten intolerant, and everyone else. 100% of people get transient permeability; the intestinal lining opens up in the presence of gluten. The result can be symptomatic (to the GI system, 1 in 8 people per the above) or asymptomatic (“other” symptoms people wouldn’t normally correlate to gluten intolerance).
  • Everyone needs protection against gluten.
  • The human body cannot digest and break down proline-rich peptides; gluten and gliadin proteins are proline-rich.
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Just Thrive Gluten Away

Gluten Away = a unique blend of powerful digestive enzymes and probiotics designed to:

  • Enhance optimal gluten digestion,
  • Protect against hidden sources of gluten, and
  • Support the complete digestion of gluten and other inflammatory wheat-derived peptides within 60 to 90 minutes.

And More from the Meeting

  • Tolerase G® is the key component which breaks down the gluten and gliadin proteins. It’s a protease enzyme that starts to work at the stomach pH (prior to reaching the small intestine).
  • Going on a gluten-free diet does not heal the gut lining. If we replace gluten with only fat and protein, more damage might occur. Instead, replace gluten with fermented foods and other fibrous, non-gluten foods. Additionally, pair with these supplements: IgG, prebiotics, and a good probiotic (obviously this one).
  • Kiran takes one-two capsules with each meal for two meals per day. He goes through four capsules per day; two bottles per month. He eats out a lot and says if you’re doing a lot of cooking at home, you can probably just take one per meal. They should be taken prior to eating your meals.
  • You can open up the capsule and sprinkle it over food, but it must be done with caution as the protease enzyme can be irritating to the eyes and skin. The bottle states the product is for 8+ years of age. This is because it’s meant to be swallowed, unless you can be certain of that extreme caution upon opening it up. 
  • Pregnant women can take this product; in fact, no one in particular needs to avoid the product. 
Just Thrive Gluten Away gluten 101 agutsygirl.com

What is Gluten Away? The Facts.

** It’s actually GlutenAway.

Gluten Away is a unique blend of powerful digestive enzymes and probiotics designed to:

  • Enhance optimal gluten digestion,
  • Protect against hidden sources of gluten, and
  • Support the complete digestion of gluten and other inflammatory wheat-derived peptides within 60 to 90 minutes.

New research suggests that the small intestines of up to 60% of adults with celiac disease never completely heal despite following a gluten-free diet. This could be due in part to gluten contamination in many “gluten-free” foods.

While a gluten-free diet can help to prevent further damage, the avoidance of gluten alone is not sufficient for total gut restoration.

GlutenAway contains superior digestive enzymes.

  • DPP-IV and Tolerase G® are specific enzymes that assist in the breakdown of glutenin and gliadin proteins, which can help alleviate symptoms associated with dietary gluten intolerance and sensitivity.
  • Most companies are not using the Tolerase, which is a key component (and an expensive enzyme).

A combination of probiotic spore-based bacteria and yeast can effectively support intestinal health and barrier function.

  • Saccharomyces boulardii is a probiotic yeast that can help support digestive health by producing lactate, B vitamins, and targeted antimicrobials to defend against pathogenic gut infections. S. boulardii has also been shown to be immunoprotective through the upregulation of IgA and IgG secretions in the intestines.
  • Bacillus coagulans and Bacillus subtilis are spore-forming probiotics that are naturally designed to survive digestion, support intestinal barrier function, and enhance the microbial diversity of the gut microbiome.
  • B. coagulans is unique in that it possesses characteristics of both Bacillus and Lactobacillus genera. It functions as a lactic acid-producing bacterium with the protection and survivability of a Bacillus spore.
  • Bacillus subtilis HU58™ provides potent immune modulation and has been shown to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-6 and TNF-¬ and significantly increase the production of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) such as butyrate, acetate, and propionate in the gut. Butyrate is the major energy source for colonocytes and has been studied for its role in nourishing the colonic mucosa.
  • A recent study published in Scientific Reports concluded that microbially-derived byproducts like butyrate and lactate can be used to modulate the epithelial response to gluten by improving barrier function and reducing gliadin-induced cytokine secretion.

Yay! Now I Can Eat All the Gluten

No, not so fast.

Taking this product isn’t a license to consume gluten whenever and wherever.

It’s simply to help with unwanted gluten exposure.

When it comes to facing the dangers of gluten, Gluten Away is here to save the day.

Gluten Away offers complete digestive support, superior protection, and peace of mind concerning gluten.

While GlutenAway is not intended as a treatment for celiac disease, it is designed to provide additional protection against unknown, hidden sources of gluten while also supporting overall digestion.

Who Should Consider Using Gluten Away?

  1. Anyone concerned with cross-contamination and hidden sources of gluten. Read above, that’s almost everyone.
  2. Those with gluten sensitivity or intolerance.
  3. Elders and/or anyone with impaired digestive abilities.
  4. Travelers and restaurant patrons. In fact, no refrigeration is needed, so you can pack them right in your purse.

So yes, yes I am an affiliate for Just Thrive Health, but I absolutely believe in the Just Thrive Health products HERE.

Did you like this information? More questions? Feel free to ask in the comments below.

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