I am a real food mama, and if you desire the same, then I want to meet you where you are at today – wherever that might be.

Whenever Samarah and I are together at an event or outing, it never fails, a mother will say to me,

I wish I could get my child to eat like that.

I always reply, “You can.” They typically laugh it off or say, “Never.”

A Real Food Mama

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Ryan and I have never force fed Samarah. She is the way she is because she watches us. (I already talked a little about this in, “How to get your baby to drink bone broth.”)

Kids do as they see. They want to be like mama and daddy. Real food is the only thing I know these days, and if you think I was always like this, you would be incorrect.

But this post isn’t about Samarah. It’s also not about how up until about 4-5 years ago, I really had no idea how to cook or bake nor did I know what it meant to be a real food mama.

This is about you, on your own journey, wherever you might be.

I know that there is a lot of mom-judging everywhere. We all do it, and we all have our pre-judgements. But what I’ve learned from talking to other mothers is that they all want the same things for themselves and their children as I do…..

Optimal health.

How to Start with Real Food

And usually, they ask me, “How can I start?”

How to be a real food mama greens sarahkayhoffman.com

Helping women along their gut healing journey is a passion. I think it always will be because it’s something that I can empathize with and that I will have a deep connection with forever.

But now that I have a child, I have a deep passion for helping other women start on their own real food journeys – for themselves, their babies, toddlers and children in general.

The journey to becoming a real food mama is a process, there is a learning curve, no matter what anyone says.

Like everything else in life, not easy – worth it.

There is no judgement.

Let’s just start wherever you are today, in this moment, on this beautiful day.

Also, get a journal for the both of you to share 🙂


You must absolutely believe me that making even one little change can be life changing. It can be the start of something really incredible

To get started, you might enjoy The Real Food Shopping Guide for Costco.

p.s.s. This post was updated in late 2018. We now have 3 children, and I’m still a real food mama, only now I have even less dogmatic ways…..if that makes sense?! 75% real food; 25% let’s-just-get-by food 🙂

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How to be a real food mama sarahkayhoffman.com #eatrealfood #guthealth #healthyliving #toddlers

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