There is no single solution to anything.

There is No Single Solution Gut Healing

{This post is part of my 101 Days of Blogging series, inspired by Experience Life magazine’s 101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy, authored by Pilar Gerasimo.}

Day 25: Don’t Fall for Fakery

Processed, fake, diet and imitation ingredients burden and inflame your body, contributing to chronic disease. And there’s no clinical proof that artificial sweeteners and fat-free products support weight loss or do any part of you any good. Revolutionary Act #25, powered by Experience Life

If you’ve read The Gutsy Girl’s Bible: an approach to healing the gut, then you know that technically the way I believe we begin healing the gut is with a very specific diet of starving gut bacteria and removing foods which are contributing to gut bloat, pain, and misery.

You also know that I don’t provide a single solution, but instead many different ways, thoughts and ideas for beginning your journey.

Why do I not believe in a single solution for healing the gut or anything in else in life? Because the problem with this is that, in the long run, solutions put into a silo never work.

Ice Hockey

Did you know I played ice hockey all throughout high school? Most people don’t know this, and most people rarely believe me when I tell them, but I did. And I love it! For the most part, I was average-to-below average, except for my Junior year when I was MVP (ha – I digress).

More shocking than the fact that I placed ice hockey perhaps is the fact that for 2.5 years (the 2nd half of my Sophomore year through Senior year), I was the goalie.

Games we lost always felt like my fault. On the flip side, games we won I, I always seemed to get a little extra lovin’ for. But here’s the thing about ice hockey, in order for the puck to make to into goal successfully, it has to get past the center. It has to dodge a right and left-wing teammate. Then, it has to dodge not one, but two defensemen (or women in my case). And finally, it has to get the best of my stick, glove, blocker and/or leg pads before the red score light blinks and the opposing team cheers.

I might have been the final straw, but I never acted alone. Several other opportunities for puck reversal were given long before the puck flew past me.

There is No Single Solution Hockey pucks

Single Solution

You can apply to this to anything in life, but let’s apply it to healing the gut. If diet is the center – the final straw – the one and only, and we fail to put equal emphasis on the other gut-healing pieces (reducing stress, moving more, supplements, maybe medication, sleep, ect.), ultimate healing might never happen.

In fact, I argue that by only focusing on one single solution, we become so dependent that we try to control and thus put more stress on ourselves, causing even more damage to the entire body.

And when our single solution doesn’t work, we give up because we only focused on the center and the goalie instead of the entire team.

Your Solution

Your solution is not just the center and the goalie.

The easy way out to believe what everyone else believes – that there is a single solution for all your wishes, hopes, desires and goals. (Want to be a millionaire? Join this MLM company. Want to heal your gut? Just follow Paleo. Want to start your own food company? Just love food. Want to adopt a baby? Just tell the state to drop one off on Monday.)

Nothing in life that is worth it usually comes easy. And no, not even being an ice hockey goalie.

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  1. I would not have pegged you for a hockey girl. But there you go, you learn something new every day.
    And I agree, searching for a multi-level approach to all things is life, as it never straight forward. And seeking balance is always a beautiful thing

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