An enzyme deficiency is rarely talked about, but it’s super important for overall health.

Because I talk a lot about digestive enzymes, I get questions about them frequently.

Way back when, Dr. Oz had a show topic on low enzymes. The show was about “Gut Instincts,” but towards the end of the hour he had on a digestive doctor.

She made reference that, “Medication, stress and bad foods are damaging the gut and immune system.” (Sure sounds a lot like my 3 pillars to healing 🙂 )

I guess now that a doctor on Dr. Oz says so, I’m more legit.

Anyways, right after that, Dr. Oz went over his “Low-Enzyme” Test. 

I’ll share it, but first, a little more on enzymes in general.

Enzyme Deficiency {Dr. Oz Low Enzyme Test} #enzymes #digestiveenzymes

In General Enzymes are What Kinds of Molecules

Enzymes are proteins. They work by reducing energy of activation.

However, there are different types of enzymes, all of which serve a different purpose.

The body naturally produces enzymes, but with age and health issues they decrease.

Some of these common health issues include:

  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Chronic pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas)
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Celiac disease
  • Pancreatic cancer

Especially in those cases, having the necessary amount of enzymes is critical. They help break down the foods eaten into nutrients, which will become absorbed by the body. (This is essential because most key nutritional components are too complex for immediate absorption.)

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Enzyme Deficiency

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Enzyme Deficiency {Dr. Oz Low Enzyme Test} #enzymes #digestiveenzyme #droz

So how can you check for an enzyme deficiency?

According to Oz,

Three symptoms are normal, but six or more may be concerning.

He then asked the audience to stand if they had three symptoms. Nearly the entire audience was standing. He told those who had six or more symptoms to continue standing. Overwhelming, but not surprising, many people were still standing.

I made note: most of them were women. Again, not surprising.

Dr. Oz Low Enzyme Test

Take a look at Dr. Oz’s low-enzyme test.

Enzyme Deficiency {Dr. Oz Low Enzyme Test} #enzymes #digestiveenzyme

Here are 5 more to accompany the above:

  1. Food intolerances
  2. Poor nutrient absorption
  3. Weight gain and obesity
  4. Weaker immune system
  5. Anxiety and depression

Now, be in the moment, think about the above. Be honest with yourself.

How many of those symptoms are you showing?

The Best Digestive Enzyme

Throughout my entire gut-healing journey, I took a digestive enzyme every single day.

And they work!

The biggest relief I got from taking them is far less gas and bloat and if you, too, deal with that on the daily you know what a pain it truly is.

Even today, after healing, I take them to support optimal gut health.

I am never bloated and miserable anymore.

I take Break Down, and we named it as such because that’s a digestive enzyme’s job….to BREAK your food DOWN so that you aren’t bloated, gassy, and miserable.

Break Down digestive enzyme #digestiveenzyme

Break Down is a comprehensive formula designed to support optimal digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. This unique formula contains a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes and betaine hydrochloride (HCl) to support the breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Break Down also contains lactase to break down lactose in dairy products. If you struggle with gas, bloating, constipation or feeling full after only a small meal, Break Down is the perfect choice for you.

Still Frustrated with Bloat?

Frustrated trying to figure out food and lifestyle correlated with symptoms and issues?

Grab yourself my 90-day gut healing journey journal for more self awareness and clarity.

If you’d rather download the journal yourself, click HERE to get it now.

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