Another guest post that I’m so excited to share with you…..this is Why Lisa aka Fit in the Midwest is a Gutsy Girl.

Hi, I am Lisa from Lisa Living Well. I am honored to be included in Sarah’s gutsy girl series. Thanks Sarah!

Why Lisa aka Fit in the Midwest is a Gutsy Girl

Why Lisa aka Fit in the Midwest is a Gutsy Girl

Looking back on my 20’s, I would definitely say I made some gutsy girl moves:

  • I was in an unhappy relationship and canceled my wedding 4 days before it was to happen and never looked back.
  • I moved across the country from Wisconsin to California for graduate school.
  • I ran 2 half-marathons through the hills of San Francisco. I was a sprinter and hurdler in high school track and loathed long distances, yet I found that running was a sort of meditation for me. It made me feel strong, mentally and physically.
  • I battled gut problems while in graduate school and tried to find out what was going on with my body. I made sure to take lots of notes on what made me feel worse or better. I also learned how to advocate for my health at this time.
  • I moved to Switzerland all by myself for 6 months and didn’t know anyone there at first. I tried to learn Italian, ate new foods, enjoyed my solitude and loved traveling to places I always wanted to see. I traveled by myself in Germany, England, Italy and France and gained a new confidence I never knew I had that I still use today when traveling.

Why Lisa aka Fit in the Midwest is a Gutsy Girl

  • I quit an awful job in California and decided it was best to move back to Wisconsin and settle back here, where friends and family were.
Now that I am 32, I honestly don’t feel as gutsy. I live a pretty typical life—I am married and we have two cats, I work full-time, go to the gym, spend time with friends, blog, etc.
I need to listen to my gut and take some chances again. I am still trying to figure out my career goals and hope to pursue a job that aligns more with my passion for nutrition, wellness and fitness. I find myself doing research on how to pursue this goal, but nothing has clicked yet. Like Sarah, I also want to help others who have battled gut problems. I hope to be more courageous soon, but I know that finding the right path for a career change takes time.
Over the last 8 years, I have been courageous with battling Irritable Bowel Disease. At first, doctors thought I had Crohns disease and others thought it might be microscopic colitis. I learned to speak up when at the doctor’s office and ask a lot of questions. Over the years, I found that a low-fat, vegetarian diet and regular exercise really works for me to control my intestinal issues. As of a month ago, my doctor took me off most medicine and I feel great! I hope that my healthy lifestyle has helped me become well again.
Thanks for reading my gutsy girl story!
SKH Note: I am always so excited to e-meet amazing people like Lisa, especially when they are from the Midwest. I have a soft spot for the Midwest gutsy women! What I appreciated most about Lisa’s story is that she is a “low-fat, vegetarian.” If you know me, you know that that diet would destroy my stomach even more. And this is the beauty about what I do with my clients and why I love what I do so much -> I respect and appreciate that we are all so different. What works for me, will not work for you; and vice versa. And I will say that it is because of this very reason that my 21-Day New Year-New You Program will have a “meat and fish” option and a non-meat and fish option.  Thank you, Lisa! Lisa Living Well can be found on twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


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