I guess I’m up today. This is my story, Colitis, and why I am a Gutsy girl.

A client recently asked me,

What do you do when you have a setback?

My answer: When I have a setback, I first recognize that I’ve been set back.

And then, because I feel so miserable, my mind tells me that I need a reset. This reset comes in the form of my bubble. I cut everything “cold turkey.”

I get back to the basics, and don’t veer from what I know to be my tried, trusted and true course of action.

When you have a setback, there is no “half-assing” it to get yourself back on track. In this case, we cannot settle for mediocrity or we’ll never get on our path again.

If you are driving somewhere and get off path, do you kind-of sort-of get back on the correct path? No, you get out your Mapquest app and you make for dang certain that you are headed in the right direction.

Otherwise, you lose time, you become stressed and you likely never reach your destination.

If you are an awful driver like me, you do get lost, but you never accept getting lost as your final destination.

My Story: Why I am a Gutsy Girl sarahkayhoffman.com

I am gutsy because I have never accepted getting lost as my final destination.

My Story, Colitis, and Why I am a Gutsy Girl

Gutsy is not having Colitis. It is not struggling with infertility. Nor is Gutsy being intolerant to so many foods.

Colitis, infertility and food intolerance are just the problems – the roads we find ourselves lost on.

Gutsy is the way in which I’ve dealt with these problems. 

It is the fact that I am not afraid to tell anyone exactly the way it is, why I believe the things I do, and why I can’t agree with so much of what society and mainstream media and medicine tells us.

Gutsy is pulling out my Mapquest app when the truth is that it would have been so much easier to continue on being lost.

Ready for my full story? 

My name is Sarah Kay Hoffman.

I am a Gutsy girl now. 

But I have not always been this way.

HERE is my full story.

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  1. Such a great analogy. I found myself nodding my head throughout your “getting lost” story. So applicable to everyone in many scenarios. And it was interesting to read your gutsy story. I think we were going through our health awakening about the same time. What really resonated with me was that you mentioned being exhausted all the time. I was ALWAYS exhausted in college and at the beginning of my pro-dance career, and I ate like total crap. I noticed a huge difference when I cut out gluten and really got committed to reducing my sugar intake. Your blog makes me want to revisit cutting out gluten. baby steps 😉

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