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Rated-G email club

First things first. Consider joining the 'Rated-G' email club.

Yeah, I know who needs yet another email?

But this isn't your average email club. This is one that's going to help you heal your gut, and heal your life.

It's also free of charge because I love the darling Rated-G'ers and there is no fluff or spam emails because, well, I simply don't have the bandwidth to just send you junk.

Master Gutsy Spreadsheet

This is a free spreadsheet every Gutsy girl needs.

With this spreadsheet, you'll gain instant (and 24/7) access to the following tabs with hundreds of recommendations (+ coupon codes and discounts):

  • Top Savings!
  • Supplements
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  • Purely for Gutsy Fun

90-Day Gut Healing Journal

This is actually the number 1 tool I offer that I whole-heartedly believe will make the biggest difference on your journey.

The reason it's below the Master Gutsy Spreadsheet is because, if you have access to the spreadsheet, there is a coupon code on it for this journal!

Regardless, the SINGLE BEST thing you can do ASAP is to grab your copy of Healing Blooms from Within, your 90-day gut healing journal. It's my exclusive system for helping you find answers in a fraction of the time it took me (a decade+). If you want a PDF version of the 90-day journal, you can download it immediately HERE.

90-Day Gut Healing Journal

What Resource is Right for Me?

Click HERE for the full PDF with clickable links.

The Ultimate AGG Product and Services Guide #guthealth #healthcoaching #digestivewellness e-book and books start here
The Ultimate AGG Product and Services Guide #guthealth #healthcoaching #digestivewellness e-courses start
The Ultimate AGG Product and Services Guide #guthealth #healthcoaching #digestivewellness health coaching

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