Welcome to the Favorite Gutsy Finds page.

Something that I actually enjoy doing is going to all the different major stores throughout the United States and finding things for the Gutsy community.

This can be anything from food to supplements, funny “poop” gadgets and more. 

And here’s the thing. It’s not just fun for me, but it’s also super helpful for you. You have told me so. 

It seems obvious that a place like Whole Foods would have some necessary Gutsy-community things, but what about those of you who live in small-town America like I do? What about Walmart, CVS, and a gas station like Kwik Trip? 

That’s what the Favorite Gutsy Finds series is all about. 

I’ll go to these various stores, as I can, and put together a jumbo list of all the Gutsy things you might find there.

Favorite Gutsy Finds: Criteria

There is a certain criteria I will use when seeking out items to place on the various lists. 

Similar to the Certified Gutsy products, criteria is important so you know what you’re getting into. 

For the Favorite Gutsy Finds, here is the criteria:

  1. In store

    Each item contained on the store list will be items I actually found in store. There are a lot of stores that also have large online stores in addition to their brick and mortar. For now, I’m only focusing on things I physically found in store. In the future, I might expand to an online version as well.

  2. Use

    The products I feature are products I either have used or would use during both a gut health and gut healing phase. Because of this, the list of items will not be as robust as you might think. 

  3. Edible and not

    Each store is likely to contain both edible and non-edible items. 

  4. Special notes

    Sometimes, I’ll have special notes included on various items for anything I think you might need to know.

Favorite Gutsy Finds

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Favorite Gutsy Finds agutsygirl.com #guthealth #gut #healthyliving #store

  1. 99 cent store
  2. Aldi’s
  3. Amazon
  4. Casey’s Gas Station
  5. Costco
  6. Fresh Thyme
  7. Giant Food
  8. Holiday
  9. Jewel-Osco
  10. Kwik Trip
  11. Publix
  12. Sprouts
  13. Target
  14. Trader Joe’s
  15. Walmart Edition Gutsy Finds
  16. Whole Foods

Stay tuned to agutsygirl.com and to this page (might want to bookmark it). As I write about each place, I’ll link to them here on this master page.

Also, please comment below if there is a store you’d like me to feature for the Favorite Gutsy Finds.

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