The Target Edition Gutsy Finds is next up for the Favorite Gutsy Finds series.

Target is Life

Walmart was first because it’s so practical for much of the United States. 

But Target had to be next because Target is life. 

Dear target is especially important to me because it’s headquartered here in Minnesota. Did you know that? In fact, when I was in college, I started off as a Retail Merchandising major (<- looking back, what a joke for my life!) 

Anyways, the mentor I was assigned to was a head buyer at Target, so I spent several days with her, shadowing. It was actually fascinating. I belonged in a sort of business, just not a corporate setting like that.

I digress.

Overall, Target has a higher price point than Walmart. There are about 5,000 Walmart stores (this number includes Sam’s Clubs, though) and 1,800 Target stores in the United States. (source)

Due to this sheer volume alone, Walmart and Target had to be part of the Gutsy finds series.

Because remember, the goal is to help you and give access to Gutsy products no matter where you live. 

Note: You might live outside the United States. How I would read and navigate these in-store posts is to consider searching the product name via You know, Amazon has everything 🙂

Target Gutsy Finds Notes

Here are some key notes from my shopping trip for the Target Edition Gutsy Finds.

  1. Small store

    Everything found from this first Target shopping trip is from a small store. There are Super Target stores, in which I could find double (maybe even triple) the items. What’s on this list is likely to be found at any Walmart. (If you want the truth, the Target store featured in this post is my least favorite I’ve ever been to. And it’s ultra-small.)

  2. Shorter list

    This list is shorter than the Walmart one. That’s because, like I mentioned, it’s a super small Target closest to me. That said, as I’m planning to do with Walmart and all other stores featured in this series, I will continue adding to it. Let’s be honest, I frequent Target stores nationwide as often as possible.

Target Edition Gutsy Finds

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Target Edition Gutsy Finds #targetfinds #target #guthealth


  1. Quaker Lightly Salted Rice Cakes
  2. Good & Gather, freeze-dried mango, peach, and apple slices
  3. 100-calorie, on-the-go packs of natural almonds, Emerald
  4. Wonderful Pistachios
  5. Equal Exchange chocolates, organic, extra dark
  6. La Croix
  7. LaraBar
  8. Good & Gather Bars
  9. Wild Planet, wild pink salmon
  10. Wild Planet, no salt added albacore wild tuna
  11. Traditional Medicinals organic teas
  12. Simply Balanced organic teas
  13. Birch Benders, Paleo pancake and waffle mix
  14. Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free old fashioned rolled oats
  15. Good & Gather grain-free granola
  16. Nature’s Path organic, grain-free granola
  17. Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth, unsalted chicken
  18. Simple Mills baked goods
  19. Good & Gather organic, unsweetened dried apple rings
  20. Apple Cider Vinegar
  21. Non-Pareil Capers
  22. Simply Balanced organic chicken, frozen
  23. Good & Gather raw & unfiltered North American honey

Supplements and Personal Care

  1. Hello brand (fluoride toothpaste)
  2. Hello brand, hemp seed oil + coconut oil infused floss picks
  3. Garden of Life grass fed collagen peptides
  4. Cora Organic Tampons (one of my top 4 organic tampons), liners, and the cora cup
  5. L. Organic Tampons
  6. Pacifica Dream Sleep Beauty Gummies 
  7. Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Greens
  8. Dr. Teal’s various products
  9. Vital Proteins Collagen Bar, chocolate almond sea salt
  10. Rae Vegan Collagen Boost

Target Edition Gutsy Finds #target #guthealth #targetfinds gut health


  1. Stasher plastic-free reusable storage bags
  2. Pyrex Snapware
  3. Bormioli glass canning jars
  4. Ball canning / mason jars
  5. 100% organic cotton cheese cloth (this one is super beautiful, and I just bought one for the next batch of my Probiotic Vegan Cheese recipe)
  6. Simple Modern premium insulated water bottle
  7. Ninja systems, including the Ninja Air Fryer
  8. Lodge cast iron
  9. GreenPan, “healthy” nonstick ceramic cookware
  10. Cuisinart coffee grinder (added this one to the list because it’s what I use for grinding seed cycling seeds)
  11. Instant Pot
  12. KitchenAid mixer
  13. Journals, regular and bullet

Target Digestive Aisle

This is what the Target digestive-focused aisle looks like.

Target Edition Gutsy Finds #targetfinds #target #guthealth digestive

Target Edition Gutsy Finds #targetfinds #target #guthealth digestive health

It’s similar to the Walmart one, and there isn’t anything new in the Target digestive aisle that I’ve taken (that I didn’t take from the Walmart one).

In other words, just like Walmart, the “digestive-health aisle” isn’t actually healthy at all. Just band-aids.

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