Cold and flu season is upon us so I want to give you my free e-book for Slow-Cooked Chicken to Bone Broth.

You can stop reading this very second and download it now if you choose to do so. Otherwise, read on for more information.

Free e-book for Slow-Cooked Chicken to Bone Broth

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Free e-book for Slow-Cooked Chicken to Bone Broth #guthealth #bonebroth #bonebrothheals #healthyliving

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I wrote this e-book quite some time ago, and now it’s yours – for FREE. (Click HERE to download.)

….But Slow-Cooked Chicken?

Yes, this is what makes this e-book for bone broth different than ones. 

I enjoy using all the parts and pieces of a whole chicken.

My secret to organic chicken is that you can save money by purchasing a whole, organic chicken.

In case you haven’t noticed, most people want “boneless, skinless” chicken. Therefore, they drive the prices up. Furthermore, if you want boneless, skinless, and organic chicken, it’s going to cost a pretty penny.

Skip all of that. 

Just go for the whole, organic chicken. 

With this e-book, I’m going to teach you how to make incredibly delicious slow-cooked chicken and then turn it into bone broth. 

You just need: one chicken, and one slow cooker.

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Free e-book for Slow-Cooked Chicken to Bone Broth #bonebroth #ibs #SIBO #ebook #free

Free e-book for Slow-Cooked Chicken to Bone Broth download 20-page e-book for free via #ebook #free #bonebroth

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    1. Hi Pam – Yes, I have gotten this question so many times. And guess what?! I’m coming out with another FREE e-book on how to do it! My VA is currently on vacation, and I need to shoot the images, but then I’ll have it. In my opinion, IP is the way to go with it now 🙂 Xox

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