Are you interested in peeking inside my Supplement and Medication Healing Tool Box today?

People are always asking me about the supplements and medications I take, so I thought I’d put together all my current ones in one place today. 

I call this my Supplement and Medication Healing Tool Box because they are a part of tools which have been helping me heal.

Please know, though, that so many more things go into this box than just supplements and medications, but I know, without a doubt, that without these things, I would not be where I am today. 

I ran a half marathon on Sunday, so I figured this week my gut would be a mess. But alas, nope! In fact, my digestive system has been working the very best it has in months. I am giving credit to 3 main things for that (meal spacing, HCl, and Cod Liver Oil). 

{Note: I am ready to share with you, but please do keep in mind that you need to consult with your doctor about supplements and medications. I share these so that if there are some you think could help you, you can bring them to your doctor’s attention and/or do more research on your own. I am not a doctor and I don’t play one here or anywhere. These are never prescriptions for you.}

Supplement and Medication Healing Tool Box

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Gut healing supplement and medication tool box

1. Atrantil

Atrantíl is a new nutraceutical that relieves bloating and abdominal discomfort (with or without constipation or diarrhea) caused by gas in the gut. Developed by a gastroenterologist, Atrantíl works differently than probiotics or any other remedy. It attacks problem bacteria and the gas they produce at the source. Atrantíl’s three natural botanicals work together to produce long-term relief for these difficult-to-treat digestive symptoms while promoting a healthy gut. Don’t let bloating and abdominal discomfort keep you from enjoying life. The problem isn’t all in your head, it’s in your gut—and Atrantíl can help.”

My doctor had me take this right after I finished Rifaximin last time.

Because the SIBO is almost gone we are using it (primarily, in combination with a couple other things) in place of Rifaximin to try to completely eradicate SIBO.

He has me taking 2 caps, 3 times per day at the beginning of meals for one month. Then I’ll lower to a maintenance level. 

2. Move Now Magnesium

“Easy on the stomach AND helps me sleep better!” 

Tess G.

This magnesium has a dual-purpose: it helps promote relaxation (aka – get more sleep!) and have better bowel movements the following morning.

I swear by it!

Move Now magnesium

✔ Regulates muscle contraction

✔ Helps to relax and unwind from daily stressors.

✔ Helps aid sleep and emotional balance

3. Just Thrive Probiotic

Everyone is always looking for the “right” probiotic, and thankfully I’ve found mine — the Just Thrive Probiotic.

You can learn all about the Just Thrive Probiotic HERE.

When you’re ready to try it, feel free to use my code AGUTSYGIRL at checkout [HERE] to save 15%.

4. B12

“Hydroxo B12 by Seeking Health provides 2,000 mcg of hydroxocobalamin in an easy-to-deliver lozenge form. Not only does hydroxocobalamin easily convert to methylcobalamin (a coenzyme form of B12 utilized within the body), but it is also well tolerated by individuals who have trouble taking “pre-methylated” B vitamins. It may also have the unique benefit of helping to support healthy cellular detoxification. This makes it a great option for individuals who are looking for a non-methylated alternative to the more common cyanocobalamin form of B12.*”

A B12 supplement is not for everyone. I’ve had levels checked, and because of the bizarre mouth issues that still pop up from time-to-time, he has me supplementing with B12. (The jury is still out with this supplement as it relates to my skin – aka Perioral Dermatitis, though.)

I will take this 1 time a day, 15-minutes before the first meal of the day.

5. Dr. Shade’s Bitters #9

My doctor is having me use 2-3 pumps in water or directly into the mouth 2 – 3 times daily for added support with SIBO healing.

Bitters are incredible for digestion, and I have an entire article all about them HERE.

6. Beta-TCP

This one is used to help boost gallbladder function.

I take 1-2 pills with each meal (up to 5-6, depending on what feels optimal to me.)

7. Increase Now HCl

Of all the things I might be doing, I feel that this could be the most critical.

I began this supplement almost a week ago, taking 4 pills per (protein-dominant) meal (so 2-3 meals per day for me).

If you use code AGUTSYGIRL [HERE], you’ll save 15% on our HCl.

Increase Now Betaine HCl highlights

8. NutraPro Cod Liver Oil

You know how most Cod Liver Oils you’ve ever had taste fishy, and you need a chaser of some sort immediately? Not this one. Not at all.

My doctor recommended the Peppermint flavor. I love it, and am taking 1/2 teaspoon per day with the fattiest meal of the day.

9. LDN

LDN stands for Low Dose Naltrexone.

I am still taking this medication (1 pill at night before bed) to help with motility (as a prokinetic).

I believe this medication has been crucial for my healing.

It has been referred to as, “Low Dose Naltrexone for seemingly everything.” 

10. WP Thyroid

“WP Thyroid, the purest hypothyroid medication available, and Nature-Throid, trusted by patients and doctors for more than 75 years, are two of the best ways to treat hypothyroidism naturally. It contains only two all-natural inactive ingredients and is available in 8 strengths. Nature-Throid is hypoallergenic and available in 13 strengths.”

I take this daily for a low-functioning Thyroid. And I will say that I started taking this right after I wrote Mommy Spoonie, and it’s been life changing for energy levels. 


For more supplements I recommend (and have used in the past at one point or another for one reason or another), click HERE to grab them. 

It’s really incredible, isn’t it? My Supplement and Medication Healing Tool Box has grown over the years. When I was diagnosed with Colitis in 2008 the only thing they told me to do was take Canasa. I stayed so miserable

Today I’m healing like never before, and while all of the above might seem like a part-time job (and yes, it seems that way to me sometimes, too), it’s been so worth it

I can never explain to anyone what a difference my Supplement and Medication Healing Tool Box makes in my life. But it totally rocks!

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  1. I LOVED reading this post. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

    I experience the same issues with my SIBO symptoms – I can’t tolerate probiotics (in all forms that I’ve tried). I’ve taken 3 rounds of antibiotics and every time, the SIBO comes back. I have a feeling it’s because I can’t tolerate probiotics at all, so I haven’t been able to add them in. I get SUPER bloated and constipated, and i have to stop taking them because of the abdominal pain and chronic constipation. Ugh, super frustrating!

    I’m glad that you have found some that work for you! Have you noticed that you are able to tolerate probiotics better, the more times you’ve taken antibiotics (ie. slowly and progressively killed the SIBO?)

  2. How did you test for your SIBO? I was told from my functional practitioner that I have SIBO, results shown in the Organic Acids Test. I have never taken medications for it but just supplement with oregano oil, Gastromend, Olive leaf extract and GI Regulator. He never suggested to me to take medications but has suggested previously to remove the high FODMAP foods. I am just beginning the road more seriously as often times I feel a slight burning in my stomach area and feel as if so many foods bother me. I do have Hashimoto’s and MTHFR and adrenal fatigue with high inflammation. So frustrating at times. Thanks for your blog. Love reading about your journey. God Bless You. Cindy

    1. Hi, Cindy! If you search “SIBO” on my blog, you’ll find all posts relating to it, and you will learn all about the breath test I took. If I were you, I’d look into having that done and if you do indeed have SIBO, you might consider the antibiotic. I tried the herbals for a very long time but ultimately needed the antibiotic. Hope you feel better! Xox

  3. Dear Sarah,

    I’m so glad one of us has finally found a way to get out of this nightmare, congratulations from all my heart!
    I would like to ask you though, was it the rifaximin+neomycin that finally made a difference for you? Cause this is the only thing i haven’t tried (apart from 1 week rifaximin like 4 years ago and tones of other prescriptions..) . However I’m on my 5th day past 16 days of Elemental, following SCD and taking Atrantil, 1.5 mg LDN, Selene,and Interfase the biofilm disruptor. Just 1 slice of bacon which is SCD legal made me totally crash and here I’m again with all my symptoms… but I cannot stay on bone broth forever..
    What would you advice me to do, any idea or small suggestion would be so welcome!! You know how it feels when nothing helps…

  4. Your blog gives me hope! I started suffering from similar issues, including constant unbearable hunger, after taking a med that reduces stomach acid. I am beginning my journey to normality and pray I end up like you, as I can’t live like this.

  5. What is your LDN dosage? I used to be on LDN for my Hashimoto’s Thryroiditis. My doctor had said 4.5 mg is the maximum for it to work for Hashimoto’s, but we’ve been trying 5.0 mg for my SIBO since that’s what Dr. Siebecker recommends for methane dominant SIBO, which I know you have as well. The constipation has not improved so I’m considering going back down to a lower dosage.

    Thank you.

  6. I am in love with your blog! I have recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and ibs. I was given a prescription called dicyclomine for IBS, a probiotic, and told to follow low fodmap, and remove a ton of my intolerant foods as well. I am just worried the medication is going to just cause further damage. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi! Thank you so much. Okay, so I think you’re already doing a lot of great things. When it comes to the medication, I never give thoughts or advice because I am not a doctor. Here is what I tell people – take it and CONTINUOUSLY ask yourself, “Is this helping me?” If it’s not, then go back to your doctor and tell him/her it’s not working. Hugs. Xox

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