Life Unprocessed. Can one word change your life?

I decided to give it a shot this year, for 2013.

I decided to really focus on a: Life Unprocessed.

I strive to be a better human being daily through what I eat, how I play and by how I love.

So I took some time to think about some of these and to dig deep for how I want to create and live out this Life Unprocessed.

Life Unprocessed

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In a post-it note format, this is what it looks like.

Life Unprocessed

I think this is the only vision board I’ll need for the whole year.

In words:

  • 95% unprocessed food
  • no scale
  • date myself
  • golf balls
  • cleaning out the clutter
  • unprocessed Martha Stewart
  • give more
  • organic
  • intuitive eating, playing and loving
  • yoga and Gaiam
  • work smarter, not longer or harder
  • acupuncture
  • replace all personal care products

How might your life change if you lived it “unprocessed?”

Do any of my post-it notes resonate with you?


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  1. This looks very similar to my vision for 2013. I love it! We’re on a journey to minimalism in this house and the first few weeks have been nothing short of amazing. Going unprocessed has been tougher but just as rewarding!

    1. Yes, I’m already loving it so much. I try to focus more and more daily on it. The simpler we live the more we have to give:)

  2. Great concept and I wholeheartedly agree. I’m working to change all of my personal care products and home cleaning products. Ridding my environment from toxins!

  3. Sarah,
    It reminds me of a Kanban board. Visualization and sharing can do so much to help us reach our full potential. What I mean to say is, I’m a fan!

    Thanks for your thinking and your vision.

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