There are many reasons why I believe in gelatin for gut healing.

…because I whole-heartedly do believe in gelatin for gut healing.

Perfect Supplements

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Gelatin vs Collagen

The main difference between gelatin and collagen is that you can think of gelatin as a thickening agent; collagen will mostly dissolve.

The health benefits are the same, the way they perform in liquids is not.

I have a full guide to collagen vs gelatin HERE.

Bone Broth

Have you ever made a batch of my incredible bone broth? Of course you have. But here is a common question/complaint I get,

After I made your bone broth, I put it in the fridge because there was so much leftover. When I woke up in the morning to make a cup, I was so grossed out. There was a huge layer of fat sitting on top. Is that normal?

The answer is this: Yes, it’s normal. Yes, you should use it. And yes, this is the broth “magic.” (Also, vegetable broth does not have this, which is – in my opinion – 99% why it lacks flavor. Fat = flavor, mmmmmkay?) The only caveat to this is if you are not using super high-quality meat and bones because then the (new-ish) fear is that your broth could be hurting you more than helping. 

Anyways, back to that layer. That layer is the gelatin.

According to the Townsend Letter (which is highly respected), 

It (gelatin) is usually encountered in powdered form, but gelatin also describes the collagen extracted into broth. Properly prepared broth will gel, just like Jell-O, when cooled, because collagen is rubbery and flexible. Webster’s Dictionary defines gelatin as “the…substance extracted by boiling bones, hoofs, and animal tissues.” Since collagen is present in both bone and cartilage, it can be extracted from either of the two connective tissues and be labeled as gelatin.

Why I Believe in Gelatin for Gut Healing gut #gelatin #guthealth #collagen #supplements

Gelatin History

In Gelatin in Nutrition and Medicine, Dr. Gotthoffer displays the findings of several gelatin surveys from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. According to that same article via Townsend Letter,

….one general area of health prescription clearly comes to the fore, and that is digestion. Most notably, he refers to over 30 years of research on gelatin’s ability to improve the digestion of milk. In the early 1900s gelatin was therefore recommended as an ingredient in infant formula, to decrease allergic reactions, colic and respiratory ailments. Gelatin was also reported to increase the digestibility of beans and meat (which gives credence to the practice of serving meat with gravy). It was also found that gelatin increased the utilization of the protein in wheat, oats and barley, all gluten containing grains.

Other things Gotthoffer found it beneficial for were:

  • hyper- and hypo-stomach acidity
  • broth is healing and coating to the gastrointestinal lining
  • its ability to calm and soothe
  • improve body weight as well as bone mineral density in states of protein undernutrition
  • help cancer patients who have lost weight

Why I Believe in Gelatin for Gut Healing

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Why I Believe in Gelatin for Gut Healing #healing #guthealth #gelatin #perfectsupplements

The Townsend Letter article concluded on gelatin with this,

Gelatin (broth) can be considered for use in the following conditions: food allergies, dairy maldigestion, colic, bean maldigestion, meat maldigestion, grain maldigestion, hypochlorhydria, hyperacidity (gastroesophageal reflux, gastritis, ulcer, hiatal hernia) inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, malnutrition, weight loss, muscle wasting, cancer, osteoporosis, calcium deficiency and anemia.

Quite honestly, there is nothing else profound I can add for why I believe in gelatin for gut healing. 

All of those reasons, in summation, are why I believe in it.

Many are reasons you would believe in it, too….as you live with one or several of the conditions listed above. 

Where to Buy Gelatin

These days, you can go into almost any grocery store and find gelatin. 

However, the gelatin you will find 8 times out of 10 will be the Knox gelatin brand.

Also make note that most grocery stores only carry collagen, not gelatin. If you’re using gelatin for a specific reason, you’ll need to ensure what you are purchasing is actually gelatin and not collagen.

Knox Gelatin

I do not recommend Knox gelatin, as they don’t have nearly the standards other brands have. While it is an unflavored gelatin, Knox gelatin has no known accolades or standards for the animals used in creating their gelatin.

If you were able to watch the entire video from above (under gelatin vs collagen), I mention how important it is to use a high-quality gelatin (otherwise, none at all).

So, then, if I don’t use Knox gelatin (which is the most common at the grocery-store level), then what do I use?

The answer is Perfect Supplements gelatin.

Why I Believe in Gelatin for Gut Healing Vital Proteins beef gelatin #GutHealth #VitalProteins #Gelatin #Paleo

Why Perfect Supplements Gelatin?

With various gelatin brands on the market, why would you (and do I) choose Perfect Supplements Gelatin?

Bovine Gelatin

The Perfect Supplements Gelatin is a collagen protein sourced exclusively from Brazilian pasture raised (and grass fed) cows.

  1. Grass Fed Gelatin

    The Perfect Bovine Gelatin is made from only Brazilian Grass Pastured Cows. The cows spend their life in Brazil free grazing on grass. These cows are untouched by hormones, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides. In case you’re interested in seeing proof, HERE it is. 

  2. Proof of Purity

    The Perfect Bovine Gelatin is the only gelatin to earn the Perfectly Pure Certification. Perfect Supplements is fully transparent with this information and you can see the lab results HERE.

  3. Unflavored Gelatin

    The gelatin is unflavored, which means you can use it in anything for added health benefits without flavor. Additionally, it is 100% all natural collagen protein and free of pesticides, hormones, chemicals, and contaminants. It’s also glyphosate free which is becoming more important. In fact, it is the first and only gelatin to receive the Glyphosate Residue Free Certification.

Gelatin Capsules

You can also get many of the same gelatin benefits from powdered gelatin by trying the Perfect Supplements Desiccated Liver capsules.

These capsules are not just gelatin capsules, but many of the same benefits are crossovers between the two products.

You can get the Desiccated Liver capsules HERE.

So, have I convinced you to give gelatin a try? What questions do you have? Leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Sarah, I would like to thank you for all the information you share in this page and instagram, it is really helpful for me suffering IBS-D for too many years. I am writting you from Barcelona 🙂
    I also do believe in gelatin and I will try Vital protein beef gelatin.
    How do you eat it? Do you add something like fruit juice ? I am fructose intolerance and I am wondering what I can add to the gelatin to make it more tasty. Can you reccomend something?
    Many thanks

  2. I have not tried the gelatin, only the regular collagen, but after reading this I definitely need to. I am trying to heal from issues with GERD and working in more broth is on the top of my list. Thank you for this great information!

  3. I have used this product and have loved it! I noticed such a change in my skin – it was firm, glowing, and hydrated! My nails also got stronger too! I usually mix it in with my coffee so I know I’m going to get this great product in my system everyday. A gem of a product!

  4. I have not tried it, but after reading this post I am definitely going to! For low stomach acid, general soothing/healing and healthy body weight. Also want to try the AIP Bread (even though the sugar in the bananas/plantains scares me, having SIBO and candida).

  5. I have not tried the gelatin-only the collagen but I am super interested in it now after reading this post. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  6. No I have not tried the Gelatin or the collagen, but after reading your posts I really think I need to! Your posts have really encouraged me to really try to improve my gut health as it has been horrible for years and I just want to finally be comfortable!

  7. I have never heard of the importance of gelatin and am so thankful for your wisdom and expertise! Im off to buy the ingredients to make my very first bone broth! Something I’ve read about but never stepped out and tried! Next will be to order some of the Vital Proteins gelatin!

  8. Sarah,
    Thank you so much for all this information. I have never tried the gelatin but I really want to after reading this!! Dealing with SIBO and gut issues for years is no fun! Xoxo <3

  9. I have not tried the gelatin, but am up to try it. I had a stomach ulcer a few months ago and that messed up my gut so i’m In the process of healing. These are great tips and you provided great info!

  10. I use collagen every morning in my ginger tea for healing my gut and joints. Love the travel packs which are so convenient!!

  11. I have only tried the coconut creamer in coffee and it was amazing! I would love to try vital proteins products in all the ways you’ve listed. You havr great recipes and easy guide to add them in. Thanks! Loving all this info!!

  12. I use Vital Proteins collagen peptides in my coffee every day. I originally bought it for my hair, skin and nails and now I’m hoping it it’ll help with my gut health!

  13. I’ve used their collagen and other brands of gelatin but love Vital Protein’s quality. I recently used gelatin in a low carb brownie recipe I found…. trying to heal/eradicate SIBO so I can move forward with fertility treatment with my functional medicine dr.

  14. I have heard great things about gelatin, but I have yet to try it. Your post makes me want to give it a try it! I love Vital’s products so much! Their collagen and matcha are my favorite!!

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