SIBO is real.

I can’t tell you how many times people have questioned or asked me, “But you can’t eat garlic? Or avocado? Why can’t you have an onion? Or apple? What the what?!”

SIBO is Real

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SIBO is Real

SIBO is alive and well, and each day more and more people are being diagnosed with it.

On a weekly basis, someone I know personally or a reader (new or old) reaches out to me, “Oh my gosh….I think I have SIBO,” or “I was just diagnosed with SIBO, so now I get you.”

And just yesterday a friend reached out and said, “I always knew gluten was bad for me but I would still have it occasionally. I never thought it was SIBO stuff until doc brought it up yesterday. I thought….good thing I know the ultimate expert.”

Yes, it is real, but I am so, so, so, so happy and grateful to report that it’s not very real for me anymore. 

I’m eating all the FODMAPs. (TMI, but you need to know this) I go to the bathroom 1-3 times every single day, like clockwork (and for those of you with SIBO IBS-C, you’ll know the huge feat in that alone).

I don’t feel ravenous for everything in sight anymore. My B12 levels are better (still not optimal, so I still have to supplement) than before. I have the energy to make it to bedtime (a few weeks ago that was challenged, but more on that for a different day). 


Do I think I’ll never relapse again? No. I won’t be that confident because SIBO is a tricky brat, but I definitely have the overgrowth figured out so I can remedy should it happen. 

My goal now is simply to help as many women who think they might have SIBO, who are newly diagnosed with SIBO or who have been on the healing path for quite some time and are still struggling.

The final version of my main e-book, The Gutsy Girl’s Bible (the 3.0 version) includes every single thing I’ve ever written about SIBO and healing from it. 

Because guys…’s real. And it’s a real pain in the a#$. It’s really not fun to have to avoid apples, garlic, onion, and asparagus. And it’s definitely not a made up condition by any stretch of the imagination. 

I get it.

I get you.

p.s. I’ve totally been digging my blogging hiatus. It’s been so good for the soul, and for healing SIBO even further. These past few weeks has been my best yet, health-wise. 

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  1. Hi Sarah!

    I love all of the work you’re publishing on SIBO.It’s been immensely helpful in my journey, to read about others going through the same thing. It’s easy to feel like you’re the “only one” going through something, when it’s not talked about and everyone in your close circle can eat whenever they want.

    While you were in the midst of your SIBO struggle and ON antibiotics, herbs etc. did you follow any sort of eating protocol/style like the SIBO Bi-Phasic or low-fodmap? I’ve taken antibiotics and herbs many times, but per the recommendation of my naturopath, was eating “all of the thing” to bring SIBO out of hiding. However, this time, (actually today is my first dose of antibiotics), my newer naturopath wants me to follow the SIBO Bi-Phasic (essentially a NO/LOW fodmap diet… it’s prettyyyy restrictive), during and after antibiotics until I can kill the SIBO 100%, and then we will work on bringing things in slowly.

    I don’t know that I’ve ever read about your journey from this particular point of view? Just curious – It’s always good to learn about how others are doing things as well.

    Thank you for spreading so much knowledge into the universe. Just know you’re helping people from your blog posts and Instagram posts. For the love of garlic!! xoxoxoxo

    1. Hi, Kayla!

      The first time I did the antibiotic, I wasn’t eating FODMAPs. The second 2 times I did. I come from the camp that says you need to be eating FODMAPs while on the antibiotic(s), at least a little bit (to whatever you can handle). I believe that the bacteria go into hiding when we’re not eating them, and thus the antibiotic or other herbals cannot attack. I’ll be interested to see if your new approach works. Actually, it DID work for me, but I relapsed really quickly:)

      1. Thanks Sarah! I will be sure to report back. Given that I’ve been on 3ish rounds of antibiotics before (last summer, before relapse), I anticipate that I will be on at least hat many this time around, but probably more. I will totally keep you updated with these approaches in the blog comments. Thank you for writing this series, and keeping it going, even after you’ve healed. It’s incredibly inspirational for those of us in the thick of it! <3

  2. Hey Sarah, how did you and your Dr distinguish between what gluten does to you versus what sibo does? How does the 2 interact if anything? I have been dealing with digestive issues for some time now as well and cutting out gluten definitely has helped. I’m also curious about the possibility of SIBO though and how that dominates sometimes because i take probiotics. So i alternate between sometimes getting glutenized and sometimes SIBO and i wish there was a better way other than trial and error to get the right probiotics strains and food + lifestyle….

    1. Hi! We never really made the distinguishment. We just knew. After giving up gluten for so long with no stomach relief, we knew there must be more to the story. And there was….SIBO. But now that I know it’s SIBO, I’ll still never eat gluten again.

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