I want to share my budget friendly gut healing tips today.

If you’ve ever been in the position where healing your gut is critical, you know how expensive it can get – quick! From the testing to supplements, medications to food, lifestyle and beyond….it all adds up very quickly.

I’m not going to tell you that you’ll be able to heal on a super tight budget. That would be lying. There are, however, ways to cut corners and get scrappy.

10 Budget Friendly Gut Healing Tips

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10 Budget Friendly Gut Healing Tips agutsygirl.com #budgeting #guthealth #healthyliving #budgetingtips

  1. Testing

    When you do all your tests through a functional practitioner (or any alternative provider), many times testing (and everything else) is out of pocket. One way I started getting around this was to understand which tests could be done through my insurance at a traditional doctor and which could not. The tests that could, I had done through insurance. This option assumes you have insurance, but if you do, absolutely combine both types of doctors. More on this can be found in The Beginner’s Guide to Digestive Health Testing.

  2. The Organic Debate

    Some gut health “experts” are going to tell you that it should be fresh and organic 100% of the time or you won’t make progress. I’m here to tell you that that’s not true. In fact, when we lived in California, I had far more access to high-quality, organic foods. I didn’t fully heal until we moved back to this small-town in Southern Minnesota. Here are my personal rules on organic while gut healing:

    1. As often as possible, choose organic over conventional for the Dirty Dozen. You can look up what they are. Otherwise, there is a full list in The Leaky Gut Meal Plan: 4 Weeks to Detox and Improve Digestive Health.
    2. Meat is 95% of the time organic. If it’s not, I know the farmer and the practices (since not everyone can afford the organic certification).
    3. Whenever and however else I can do organic, great. If not, I’m not letting it stress me out.
  3. Buy in bulk

    Love the bulk bins. Sometimes, those of you with Celiacwill need to be very careful. For the rest, bulk is awesome. Buying in bulk also affords you the opportunity to purchase more organic. For instance, I love buying rice of all colors, quinoa, nuts, beans, and lentils in bulk because I can get them cheaper and organic. Also, shopping like this reduces heavy packaging. You’ll likely need to use a small bag of sorts, but nothing excessive. I transfer bulk products to mason jars.

  4. Find online codes

    For example, I see so many of you purchase the Just Thrive Probiotic through Amazon. Don’t. I can save you 15% instantly on every single Just Thrive Order simply by entering in my code AGUTSYGIRL HERE at checkout. 

  5. Consult with your Gutsy BFF

    That would be me. To go along with the online codes, you must know that I have created a massive Gutsy links spreadsheet for you to devour and SAVE. Yes, seriously. I have been working on and compiling this list for years. And I’m continuously adding to it, reaching out to companies to get special discount codes for you. And it’s FREE. Free Master Gutsy Links Spreadsheet budget supplements agutsygirl.com #budget #supplements #guthealth #healthyliving

  6. Research medication options

    The first time I ever used Rifaximin, I paid full price for it in the United States. It was over $1,000. Yes, that’s insane. Each time after, I was able to source it from a pharmacy in Australia. The point is that if an antibiotic or medication that you need is far too expensive, research other options. I went through the Australian pharmacy with my doctor so I knew it was credible. 

  7. What do you actually need?

    I’ve gone through periods of time when I was taking so many supplements that, truth be told, I had zero clue as to whether or not they were helping. With that, came a lot of extra money. When you take a minimalist approach to gut healing supplements you’ll understand and save more.

  8. Frozen vs. fresh

    You’ve heard it before, but it’s true. Frozen fruits and vegetables are typically much cheaper than fresh. And you are not losing out on essential nutrients. I’ll even stock up on frozen items when I find quality ones. Do not overlook the power of frozen.

  9. Make it a priority

    Can I be honest with you? I hear people say, “I can’t afford that $7 xyz item.” But then, almost within the same sentence they are telling me about going out to eat, having a brand new car payment, purchasing the latest iPhone, buying the 7th pair of shoes this past month, etc. No. I’m not judging. Do whatever you want with your money. All I’m saying is that if you can do all of that, you can afford it. It boils down to priorities. 

  10. Ask!

    Someone messaged me on Instagram, “Hey, I want to buy xyz. Do you, by any chance, have a code for the product?” I didn’t. However, because she asked, I reached out to my contact at the brand to see if I could get one. You never know until you ask.

10 Budget Friendly Gut Healing Tips agutsygirl.com #guthealth #guthealing #budgeting #groceryshopping

I know. It’s not necessarily a picnic to have to spend your hard earned cash on healing your gut. But if you focus on it now, once you’re healed, you’ll have the freedom and space you’ve been desiring.

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