Epsom salt is magical. Did you know that?

My body is still detoxing from all the nasty drugs these past few months. How do I know this? Because I am back to eating exactly as I should be – the exact way that works for my body. And yet somehow I still find myself with the uncomfortable lower bloat more often than I should….daily.

[p.s. Updated in 2019 to add: that was likely do to undiagnosed SIBO.]

So I’ve been feeling like Queen of my workouts. At the same time, I’m screaming inside, wishing for my stomach to return to its “pre-drugged-up” state. I think I’ve nailed down what happened and what’s going on. 

[Also updated in 2019 to add: I should not have been working out like a champ back then because gut healing and intense workouts just don’t mingle.]

For now, I am getting by because Epsom salt is magical. Yes, it truly is.

Epsom Salt is Magical

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Epsom Salt is Magical agutsygirl.com gut health digestion #guthealing #epsomsalt #stressfree


To start with, here are 3 great Epsom bath salts to consider:

  1. Stress Relief, Eucalyptus & Spearmint
  2. Detox, Ginger & Lemon
  3. Turmeric, Turmeric

Top 3 Reasons I Love Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt is Magical agutsygirl.com #epsomsalt #digestion #ibs #menstrualcramps


  1. Digestion. Epsom salt baths are great for digestion. It’s actually magnesium sulfate. Magnesium sulfate is a hydrating agent which causes the intestines to hold more water within, softening the stool. Magnesium sulfate is the saline type of a hydrating agent. Another saline type is Milk of magnesia, which I have also had to resort to at times for extreme bloat. The bottom line is that salines, Epsom Salts, relax the muscles, help stimulate the digestion of fat and protein and ultimately provide relief for the digestive system.Who knew?! A bubble bath is a great natural cure!
  2. Muscle Aches. I have entered my 3rd week of back-to-normal workouts. I’m feeling awesome, but because I haven’t lifted in so long, I’ve had many days of the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Don’t get me wrong, I will not complain about this. I LIVE for this feeling. But I need to keep going each day, so easing the soreness a little is critical. Epsom salt is great for muscle soreness, as a matter of fact, they say these baths are even used for people with joint pain, migraines, and even fibromyalgia. The magnesium helps to expel the lactic acid from muscles, allowing the body to release pain.
  3. Menstrual Cramps. Yes, this is real. You can read all about it HERE.

Note: Have a lot of diarrhea and loose stools? The Epsom Salt bath is probably not for you right now.

On Repeat

I have baths on repeat in my life currently. For me, it’s not even an indulgence. It’s relief. Sometimes the simple pleasures in life, like a bath, become more of a necessity than a pleasure. And instead of complaining about the fact that we need it, we should just embrace the fact that we need it.

Don’t have a bloated stomach or sore muscles? Good! Then just enjoy the simple pleasure in a bath.

See….we are not so different after all.


IG Epsom Salt is Magical agutsygirl.com gut health digestion #guthealing #epsomsalt #stressfree

Epsom Salt is Magical sarahkayhoffman.com

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    1. It sure is…trust me, I’ve been in misery for about a week now. It’s one of the only things helping. I’m off to get some mega Probiotics today!

  1. After a good workout, there is nothing like an epsom salt soak to keep away the DOMS.

    On a related note, magnesium oil has a similar effect and works wonders on peripheral neuralgia as well

    1. I’m needing the Epsom Salt for the DOMS today, too! Thanks for the tip on magnesium oil! Most appreciated, Doug!

  2. I love DOMS, but I know what you mean about needed a little R&R from them. I totally forgot about using Epsom Salts for this. Thank you for the reminder. And with Lavendar?? awesome. Means you will sleep better to – lavender is a great aromatherapy sleep aid.

    1. Yes…lavender rocks for some zzzz’s:) Actually, lavender, in and of itself, is also great for digestion. Double, triple, quadruple whammy!

  3. Miss SKH,
    I am enjoying your posts!!! I love taking Epsom salt baths for my excema which is caused by allergies from parabens etc… Only on my hands, weird huh? Anyways, keep the great info coming!

    1. Hi Natalie!! Yes, kind of “weird,” but not really. Things happen in the strangest places for the strangest reasons. I love me my Epsom…magical:)

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