Nothing changes if nothing changes.

I am back from my hiatus. It was needed. So. Needed.

Did you know that nothing changes if nothing changes?

This hit me like a 500-pound sack of bricks while in Sedona.

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Flirting Vegetarian #vegetarian #guthealth #healthyliving #thekinddiet Nothing changes

Breaking it down

  1. My gut is totally inflamed
  2. Hiking up the Grand Canyon was hard work
  3. Workouts = monotony
  4. I waited too long for my mental break

Here’s that same breakdown and how I’ve been living my life since January and before

  1. Drugs, steroids, antibiotics and a less than optimal focus on the food and supplements that are “colitis critical” (for me)
  2. Barely any cardio (cardio time ended post-Vegas 1/2 marathon)
  3. Same gym, same equipment, same low-intensity workouts
  4. Going, going, going….nearly 7 days a week and definitely “on” 9-10+ hours per day, 5 days per week

See the problem?

I didn’t until I took the time while in Sedona to reflect on my life during these past several months while writing out frustrations, how I’ve been feeling – what’s working and what’s not.

In the end, more things are not working than working. And again….solutions, not problems.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Change is effective today. This isn’t a start-and-stop on my life. It’s not that I haven’t been consistent and eating well, working out and living a healthy lifestyle. It’s that sometimes (especially with certain complexities) we need to take above-and-beyond measures to truly, truly change.

In life, there are no fresh starts, in the way that people typically think about and describe them.

We just keep moving, but sometimes need to shift a major direction.

This week, I’m addressing

  1. Solution: Cleaning Out the Gut (Part I and Part II)
  2. Solution: Workout – Something You’ve Never Done
  3. Solution: Work-Life Balance

I feel happy today. Very happy!

p.s. I’ll try to get some Sedona pictures up later! Here’s just one at the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

p.s. Follow along with more on Natural Healing.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this Sarah! I have recently been feeling frustrated about my diet and lack of working out. I often get frustrated that I’m not miraculously getting energy and feeling healthy. But you are so right. It takes the work and changing habits to change our life style. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in this, and know I will be making changes right along with you 🙂
    Thank you,
    Katie Hoffman

  2. Great points. I don’t think I’ve had a weekend to rest since before Christmas! I’m making a plan to organize and relax start this sunday!

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