So many times we are completely stressed and bent but have no clue. I’m giving you the clues today with 23 stress symptoms.

I was inspired to write this post after spending a weekend in Sedona, Arizona with friends.

It was a totally relaxing, fun, and stress-free few days.

While there, I thought about how people always say, “…..but I’m not stressed.” You might not be; you might also totally be.
23 Stress Symptoms #stress #sedona #healthyliving

Seriously, Sedona was filled with nothing but playing, laughing, exploring, and being.

23 Stress Symptoms #stress #sedona #healthyliving Sedona Devil's Hike Mountain

I have approximately 7,089 pictures like this. Looking at them over-and-over makes me so happy; calms the nervous system.

23 Stress Symptoms #stress #sedona #healthyliving Devil's Mountain Hike Sedona

Like any other signs and symptoms list, do be aware that this list of 23 stress symptoms could also be symptoms of something else.

The reason I’m sharing them as such a compounded list is to show that stress can have far more effects on the body than most people think. And the reason this is so important for you is because stress can and does wreak havoc on the gut; it is also one of the prime reasons people are never able to fully heal.

Identifying and being present to the symptoms is step one. 

Stress Synonym

Stress synonym verb noun symptoms #stresssymptoms #stress #stressed

There are many ways to think and talk about stress.

Stress is both a noun and a verb.

As a noun, stress is the burden on one’s emotional or mental well-being created by demands on one’s time.

And as a verb, stress is experiencing concern or anxiety.

Here are various synonyms for both the noun and verbs:

  • pressure
  • strain
  • tension
  • bother
  • fear
  • fret
  • fuss
  • stew
  • sweat
  • trouble
  • worry

And here are 23 symptoms you might be experiencing stress.

23 Stress Symptoms

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23 Stress Symptoms #stress #sedona #healthyliving #guthealth

  1. Acne. Gut-brain-skin.
  2. Easily agitated. Are you on edge and snapping more than usual?
  3. Feeling overwhelmed.
  4. Having difficulty relaxing and calming/quieting the mind.
  5. Avoiding other people.
  6. Chronic anxiety.
  7. Decreased energy. The effects of too much stress can be draining.
  8. Headaches. Physical pains can and do catch up when we are under too much stress.
  9. Upset stomach. This can include any or all of: diarrhea, constipation, alternating diarrhea and constipation and/or nausea.
  10. Insomnia.
  11. Illness due to a lowered immune system.
  12. Clenched jaw.
  13. Constant worry.
  14. Inability to focus.
  15. Lack of breath. How often do you find yourself without breath? You’re holding it in, not taking deep breaths, and it’s creating even more stress.
  16. Changes in appetite. This could be eating more or less. Some stress eat; others don’t eat at all.
  17. Chronic pain.
  18. Changes in libido.
  19. Rapid heartbeat.
  20. Sweating.
  21. Increased use of drugs and/or alcohol.
  22. Exercising more or less.
  23. Difficulty making decisions.

23 Stress Symptoms #agutsygirl #stress #healthyliving #guthealth #IBS

You can also grab a list of 50 HERE.

Sources: HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Too Blessed to be Stressed

We oftentimes hear this phrase,

I’m too blessed to be stressed.

I want to address this on two different levels.

  1. Don’t stuff it.

    The idea behind the saying is to complain less; be thankful more. And I truly get it. The more we can practice gratitude and be thankful, the better off we are. However, I also believe that we cannot and should not stuff stress down. Feel the things you feel (because it’s OK!). Honor that what you are feeling is real. Address the feelings. And then keep moving on.

  2. Gratitude.

    But I also believe that we should practice, even the slightest amount, of gratitude daily. It’s why there is space at the top of each journal entry page (for 90 days) that states, “Daily Gratitude:” I want you to practice gratitude as often as possible to keep stress at bay; life into as much perspective as possible.


Stress Level Zero

It’s impossible to arrive at a stress level zero. Because remember, even when we think there is zero stress on our lives, it still lingers.

Whether or not you think you are stressed, consider some of these 28 ways to reduce stress

Get out of chronic stress and you’ll be much further on your healing journey.

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Question: How do YOU know if you’re stressed? Any of the above you’ve never thought of as possibly related to stress before?


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  1. My stress shows itself now as sharp pains in the middle of my chest. First time it happened I was in my 20’s but through therapy I’ve learned better techniques to manage my stress/anxiety.

  2. It feels like I’m having a heart attack when I am stressed. My chest pain would be really bad, I’d just clench my fist and catch my breath. I had to go to the doctor to make sure I had no heart problems.

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