I’m sharing 8 stress management tactics to try.

With the 23 stress symptoms I shared, you clearly realize just how stressed you’ve been. Don’t panic (seriously, it will only cause even more stress). You have the power to take control today in managing that stress. 

8 Stress Management Tactics agutsygirl.com #stress #ibs #healthyliving #guthealth

Listen, I’ve had a crazy amount of stress over the years even when I thought I was under zero stress. And you have, too. 

Let’s return to some forms of stress you may have not even considered before.

28 Ways to Reduce Stress agutsygirl.com forms of stress #stress #guthealth #healthyliving

You need to be very honest with yourself. Which/how many forms of stress do you easily fall under? It’s important because the longer you sit with that stress, the longer it will be until you can truly heal your gut. 

In addition to these 28 ways to reduce stress, here are 8 more.

8 Stress Management Tactics

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8 Stress Management Tactics digestive digestion agutsygirl.com #stress #healthyliving #guthealth

  1. Diffuse

    I recently started diffusing essential oils at bedtime (sometimes in my office during the day, too). We have several of the Bamboo diffusers from NOW Foods, and I love it so much.

    Some of my favorite calming essential oils to diffuse include: Lavender, Jasmine, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, and Clary Sage.

  2. Quit

    Start paying attention to things that no longer bring you joy and/or are weighing you down. Know when it’s quittin’ time. Job? Relationship? Habit? Activity? You might just need to quit.  

  3. Feel it

    With stress, how often do we try to just cover it up with something else or by doing something else? Many times, that something else isn’t helping the stress levels anymore. Instead of trying to mask the stress, sit with it and feel it.

    Though it’s super uncomfortable, feeling it might help you better deal with it. And when you deal with it, stress has less power over you.

  4. Get grounded

    One day at a massage, my masseuse said, “Do you feel grounded?” To be honest, I had no idea what that even meant at that time. So I told her to explain. She said, “You know, are you firmly planted on the ground or do you find yourself in your head too often?” I’m sure you know my answer; totally in my head.

    I started focusing on how I could be grounded more. As often as I can, I get the thoughts out of my head; the longer they stay there, the more stress you’ll find you have.

  5. Plan

    Don’t over plan. If you want to minimize overall stress, I believe that you must have a plan for most things; how your days will be structured, what you do in case of xyz, etc. That said, I have also learned that when I over plan, stress is also heightened.

    This is because when we over plan and something is thrown off, it sends a shock to the nervous system just as it would with no plan and staying stagnant. It’s not easy, especially if you are highly Type A like I am, but it is a critical component to managing stress.

  6. Apps

    No, not like the kind before a meal (though those are delish!). I’m talking about phone apps. There are so many apps to address stress (and reducing it) these days.

    Two of my favorites are Headspace and Calm.

  7. Therapy

    Probably never going to stop talking about this one because it changed my life. When you have an un-biased person to talk to about anything and everything, it can and does change the amount of stress you feel on a daily basis.

    If you’re interested in learning more about this one, check out podcast episode 3, Emotional Healing HERE.

  8. Turn to something new

    Is there something you always find yourself doing when you’re stressed? And be honest with yourself – is that something less than desirable? Mine was. And I’ve lived through it, currently coming out on the other side. For me what worked was turning to #3 “feeling it.” For you, it could be something else.

    It could be coloring, singing, walking, or deep breathing. But do attempt to turn to something new if what you’re currently doing is not working.

8 Stress Management Tactics digestive digestion agutsygirl.com #stress #healthyliving #guthealth healthy living tips


Do you have any to add to these 8 stress management tactics? 

I promise with everything I have that when you manage your stress, it becomes so much easier to heal the gut (or keep the gut thriving).

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  1. Wow, this article was super helpful! Some tools there for me to put to good use. So glad you’ve ‘lived it’ & therefore ‘get it’. Thank you from Australia! 🙂

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